Anonymous! What is Your Profession!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grey Anon, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Pitt Anon Member

    never mind
  2. Edge_ Member

    I have the same job as El Gato, as it seems. Hello, my dear colleague. Did you have your paycheck already?

  3. mistegirl Member

    I'm a receptionist.

    Glamorous I know, try to restrain yourself
  4. Game designer by day.

    Freelance writer by night.

    Anonymous all the time.
  5. K_J Member

    Isn't this, you know, a silly idea? Surely if we're 'anonymous' then we shouldn't be giving any non-vague personal stuff out, just in case?

    If I've missed a joke here, forgive me because I'm working and not able to follow the link in the OP.
  6. I Member

    considering how many people there are in each profession, I don't think that saying you are in that profession really identifies you personally in any way.

    I'm a student, but I won't say of what because my field is a small one, and I don't want too much to link me between this and other internet personas which are linked to the real me.
  7. Apalled Member

    took the words right outta my wog mouth.
  8. anonewmous Member

    uni. student/aspiring law enforcement
  9. Rumi Member

    As long as no one gives specifics then I don't see any real issues. As long as we're vague like "Computer Networking", "Law Enforcement", or "Chef" I don' think it's a problem. It's pretty cool to see just how many walks of life Anon does come from. There is a hell of a lot of variety here.
  10. Believe it or not, Geophysicist.
  11. It is a bit silly, maybe, but it's just some lighthearted fun, and reinforcing that, really, Anonymous is Everyone and Everywhere, not just hackers on steroids.

    Agreed! Not a lot of basement dwellers here!
  12. Shadowflare Member

    Onsite tech support for a major computer firm.

    And I'm an aspiring novelist.
  13. rapterj3sus Member

    computer scientist in training

    Yes, I have taken the coveted computer science III
  14. El Gato Member

    Like most I depend on the charitable nature of others to keep myself off of the street at the times when I am not gainfully employed (all too often.) But hey... I picked my poison, and it has yet to kill me. :wink:
  15. Anonymous316 Member

    14 year old basement dweller. :wink:

    Writer, free-thinker, super spy.
  16. Sub-Atomic Member

    I am Anonymous.

    I am a student.

    I am a network tech.
  17. Bumblefuck Member

    I'm an accounting major and (currently) a stay at home dad
  18. WMAnon Member

    fuck you
  19. nymphaea Member

    Sysadmin at major silicon valley company. Statistics say I /am/ reading your emailz.
  20. epicwinman Member

    I am Anonomous, and I am an engineering student.
  21. roadracer Member

  22. Lilanon Member

    I am anonymous as well as a student and free lance PR agent
  23. Venerable Member

    I'm anonymous, and I'm a warehouse assistant.
  24. dmx Member

    I am anonymous and I am a failed academic :(
  25. I am Anonymous

    And I'm keepin it real.
  26. Daywatch Member

    I am a debt recovery specialist!
  27. I am Anonymous. I am everything.
  28. I am anonymous and a forensic / biological anthropologist
  29. anon1001 Member

    graphic designer :D
  30. Nick McKussik Member

    Got a problem? Odds against you?


  31. LordRosemount Member

    I'm a project manager, working for a major retailer in the UK, currently in policy development and communication. I'm also an amateur politician (standing for the city council in May).
  32. EDIT: REMOVED... to much info.
  33. FreePlay Member

    I work for the US Department of Defense.
  34. anonspilz Member

    I am Anonymous and I'm a product developer developer developer developer!
  35. anonymiss76 Member

    Anonymiss76 is a housewife.
    Anonymiss76 makes damn good chili and cornbread.
  36. XenuFanboy Member

    I'm a newfag, a computational chemist and I'm also a Student working on a chemistry degree.
  37. chomskyhonk Member

    I am Anonymous and I am a film director. I have no celebrity nor do I wish for it or believe it is useful. But please do not tell Tom Cruise or Beck about me.

    I guess the strike gave me some time to do other things.
  38. Math major and future high school math teacher

    *dodges bullets*
  39. tigger Member

    In no particular order

    Not willing to give current due to identification (it's a smaller world than we think, sometimes), but I am or have been all of the following:
    College grad, some grad school
    Newspaper editor
    Biz consultant
    Web designer
    Desktop publisher
    Administrative assistant
    PR spokesperson
    Freelance writer
    Full-time stay at home mom
    order entry typist

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