Anonymous! What is Your Profession!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grey Anon, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. anonyblue Member

    Undergrad college freshman here, major as yet undecided.
    Also, from what I can tell, I'm probably my campus's lone Anon (I go to a relatively small all-women's college, so no surprise, really), but I'm hoping to change that.
  2. Tacgnol32 Member

    Student, probably will be a sysadmin somewhere.
  3. Anonymous128 Member

    I am Anonymous and I am absolutely nobody.
  4. Nikanon Member

    I am a bum. Dropped university and have no job at the moment!

    Planning on working in Outdoor Education though, and would like to go back to uni in a few years time to study Anthropology :)
  5. madsuibhne Member

    I am Anonymous and I work in emergency services.
  6. MollyBloom Member

    retired Hippy
    retired Physicist
    active anonymous
  7. enigma Member

    Currently a student who works at a very large software company. I am an EE and Poli Sci major graduating this year and going into IP law next year.
  8. AttackMudkipz Member

    aggregation of info is the killer of Anonymous.

    In this case, I think we're good.

    I'm a Software Engineer.

    I'm the 14 year old cliche hacker that everyone describes Anonymous with. Except I've been it for almost 10 years :twisted:
  9. Aeros Member

    I am Anonymous, and I do "Games and Tricks" for the United States Army. 8)
  10. AnonOfM Member

    I am Anonymous and I am a Modern-Day Renaissance Man.
  11. louisiananon Member

    Family media and commercial products videographer
  12. Anonamour Member


    I just read about you all in the thread about $cilon infiltrators and didn't believe it.

    Um, tards, in case you haven't noticed, we just declared war on a criminal organization that has a huge intelligence arm and tons of cash. Remember all the bad things they have done to people who opposed them? Do want that shit coming down on you?

    They will try to identify you. They are gathering intel and creating files on you right now. If they can cross the protest you were at with your occupation- now they can - they are only a step away from putting your photo, location and occupation together. Ever hear of Facebook?

    Myself, I don't want OSA framing me for the fake anthrax mail-outs. I don't want OSA to have any personal info on me, not even the name of my pet and I don't even have one. I will not be revealing any personal information at all about myself here. Period.

    Anons, you need to be more careful than this. SRS
  13. Apalled Member

  14. Nick McKussik Member

    Who said I told the truth about what I did?
  15. AnonNow Member

    The OSA is VERY good at finding out who people are and getting them FIRED, the have it down to an art.
    I figured this thread was started as a 300 meme, but people (newf*gs) didn't get it.
    This thread is INSANE!!!
    AHOO!, AHOO!, AHOO! (there, I've said it, now STFU for your own saftey)

    Edit: P.S. I hope everyone here was smart enough to use a different Nick (and preferably proxycondom too) to the one they use other places in teh interbuttz, otherwise the paper trail starts here OSA!
  16. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Deleting the topic might be a good thing to do.
  17. I won't use the word "paranoid" (paranoia, after all, is the irrational fear that someone is out to get you; $cientology isn't exactly unknown for attacking critics on multiple levels), but Anonamour and AnonNow seem to believe that Co$ is some massive omniscient and omnipotent entity, against which nothing but completely hiding away from anything not "anomymizing" will work.

    Bluntly, I think that notion is so full of shit that if it were a real person instead of just a thought/idea, its eyes would be brown and its breath would smell like an outhouse.

    Not giving away everything is a very rational plan. Assigning powers to Co$ that require mindreading, administrative access to not only servers but the log servers of every single connection that's ever come in contact with, plus a buttload of other data that it's questionable even the CIA or NSA could get ahold of, inside or outside of the limits of the law, is very much in the opposite direction.

    If people don't want to put anything about themselves in this thread, they don't have to. Those that are comfortable with what they release, though, shouldn't be forced to shut up just because some people are hyperconsciously afraid of Co$.
  18. Sounds like plant-talk to me.

    Seriously though, I agree with you. Giving away something like "I'm a student" or "Doctor" isn't very harmful. It's not like the OSA is everywhere at once, waiting on the slightest sliver of information to be released so WHAM! They can nab someone. If they could do that, what's to say they can't just track you from your forum posts, see where you work and go from there?

    But I agree with some your concerns, though. I think we should be careful, we should be vigilant, and we shouldn't give out too much personal information. They already have a bunch of photos of Anonymous individuals, some without masks.
  19. AnonNow Member

    Somebody hasn't been doing their homework....
    Seriously you need to go read what the OSA is capable of, and willing to do. Read some of the stories from brave critics and ex-scinos who have been on the recieving end of Fair Game. Go visit Tory's website.
    I see that in another thread on here you even spoken about what googleing your username will turn up. Do you really think, if you were to becaome a promanant poster here, a prominant figure at the pickets that the OSA wouldn't target you, and you've already given them everything the need.
    Believe me, the OSA go through this forum with a fine-tooth comb.
    I feels like some new to the cause still think, as I once did, that Co$ is some funny cult that is a bit wierd, they're not, they are a powerful, ritch, ruthless corporation and will do anything against those who, even a tiny bit, threaten their power and ricthes
    Beaking Anonymity is bad for two reasons. 1) Anonymitiy is our power, experianced old school critics have told us this. 2) I really don't fancy Fair Game, I've just found a job I really like!!!
    Something vauge like that you're probably right...but coupled with a username used other places, a AIM or MSN link...

    Anonymitiy is our power.
    Anonymitiy keeps us safe.
  20. Most of us use disposable AIM/MSN accounts specifically for this cause and that reason; I do, at least, and I think it's a good idea. I agree with you that OSA is serious shit, but I think we're being vague enough here as long as you take some precautions, like proxies, disposable IM accounts and whatnot. Giving out your real name after posting your job however, might NOT be a good idea.

    Either way, take care to be vague and stay anonymous.

    Edit: Minus one internet to me for missing a pretty crucial word, there.
  21. AnonNow Member

    I think although I (over?)reacted stronger than you we are both on the same page here.
    Proxies, Disposable IM accounts, Disposable Gmail accounts for this business.
    You're the kind of Anon I have no need to worry about, but those interested in the cause but new to the internet, or those inexperianced at Anonymity may have jumped on this thread as, maybe, a way to bond with forum members or whatnot.
    Not everyone is as safe, or knows how to be as safe, as Anonymous is used to.
    I'm not trying to be an ass, or a clown in a tin-foil hat, or trying to piss all over some kind of bonding thread, I'm genuinely worried for people who don't understand what they are getting in to.
    This may be full of Lulz, but this ain't no joke. Just ask the people who's lives have been ruined.
  22. Burnt2 Member

    My name is Spartacus, I am part of an oar team on a Roman battle-barge
  23. an0n348 Member

    This thread is fail on all fronts. Apart from that some of you are probably more active than others and hence being watched and now something concrete is known about you, why are you allowing them an opportunity to demographically profile us? We're all students apparently. I look forward to Co$ confirming that the next time we're in the press asking to be taken seriously.
  24. El Gato Member

    Of course we're mostly students. What do you think young, discontent people do? They riot... look at what happened in France a couple of years ago.

    This movement just happens to have a bit of common sense behind it.

    BTW... I'm not a student, I just played one on TV.
  25. an0n348 Member

    I've got nothing against students but I don't think we should allow any opportunity for anyone to quantify or define us in any particular way. How seriously do you think the public and press are going to take a movement that professes to be being made up of 'young, discontent people who like to riot'?

  26. saerat Member

    I am Anonymous and I am a knife juggler
  27. That's funny, because we seem to have a lot of people who aren't young, discontent people and the 10th of Feb showed a distinct lack of rioting. Does it matter? I would worry about giving away too much and not taking enough steps to protect yourself (do the basics), but I fail to see how anything in this thread will suddenly make the media not take us seriously.
  28. Little Sister Member

    Graphic Design student at the LEGION School.
  29. an0n348 Member

    You're missing my point completely. Quite obviously we're more than a bunch of disaffected youth and we presented a great face to the world sunday but how much about us has been reported that's accurate? On the one hand we're anonymous and we refuse to define ourselves on principle and then we present a four page thread to anyone interested that pretty much confirms everything that Co$ has been hinting at in the media. Stupid. Feel free to do and say what you like but I know the press and I know how this can be used.
  30. Anonamour Member

    All OSA needs to do is find five incautious people to pin the Anthrax hoax on and we will have a major problem with our "image" in the medias. Not to mention Homeland security, the Feds, CIA, NSA and all thier spooky friends.

    Only one policy works for Win- maintain anonymity, Anonyfags!

    Just pretend that you've really pissed off your local Mafia Don and act accordingly.
  31. Alright, fair enough. Sorry for missing the point.

    But do you think the Media will latch onto this one thread in a sea of others? They haven't been especially prone (for the most part) to do any research this far. Granted, I don't have any media-experience other than some courses (where, ironically, our teacher advised us to never be intervied).
  32. Anonamour Member

    One Ozfag, who also happens to be a namefag, has already lost his job. May not be OSA related, but it seems he was talking shit about his boss on his livejournal which "someone" found and forwarded. Lets a least make them work for their wins Anonyfags.

    It's in the Breaking News forum.
  33. an0n348 Member

    There are two concerns I have with it. First is perception. We are the hard men of the internet. There are people who are posting on here who come across very strong, very capable and then they go and say something like "in reality, I am a puppy wrangler!". Perception of strength, number and force is everything when dealing with a foe who uses the same tactic. The second is no, I don't necessarily believe they'll latch on to any one particular thread but for any sceptical journalist or Co$ mediafag, you've pretty much handed them on a plate, actual quotes about your professions thus making it easy for them to write something dismissive like 'an online collaboration of students' which is immediately contextual in terms of 'cyber terrorist' or 'takes their lead from communist literature' for someone reading it. I think statements like that are very detrimental to our long term objectives. If I were a journalist looking at this thread I'd be impressed if I saw 'academic, doctor, lawyer, economist'. I wouldn't be impressed by 'student'. No offense. I'm probably being ridiculously over-cautious but in my opinion staying anonymous in every sense of the word is our greatest weapon.
  34. chomskyhonk Member

    come on man, relax. dont let their paranoia inducments own you.

    i like this thread because i wish to counter the idea that anons are all anime torrent stealing, computer hacking, living in their parent's basement *tards. (im not using that letter).

    who i am within anonymous is not important at all nor should it be to other anons other than how it can help the cause.

    one of the great things about anon is our sheer numbers - scn has never faced that before. it was really easy for their osa to go after tory and mark and lerma and andreas... let's see how well they can harass all of us.
  35. MarkSherman Member

  36. Grey Anon Member

    First of all you're derailing the thread and secondly you are generalizing about the people who have posted so far. You're missing the point entirely and being overly paranoid in the assumption that some of us being students will be detrimental in some way to Anonymous.

    Unless people say where the live, their names, email and give more details then they've posted so far that will never happen. None of this is accessible through this site so thanks for shitting the thread up.

    This sort of paranoia does NOTHING to help our cause.
    If we're afraid to simply state what we do in our real lives (that is in no way traceable without detailed info I might add) how are we supposed to trust each other to work together towards a common cause?
  37. Grey Anon Member

    Canadian Government Official.
  38. Nikanon Member

    I'll ditto that XD

    I saw somebody put Forensic Anthropology on the first page and I did look into Anthro in the past so if asked I can give basic info about it. I dropped university (though I'm not saying when) and I like the sports they do in Outdoor Ed. As they say, if you are going to lie about something, you have to know it in order for it to be believable =]
  39. I am the ANONYMOUS PRESIDENT of a Blue Chip Corporation :!:
  40. an0n348 Member

    That wasn't what I said and I don't think having an opinion based on concern for everyone's safety and success relative to the discussion is derailing the thread. However, I understand that the consensus is everyone's fine with it so that's fine with me. I am a ninja.

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