Anonymous! What is Your Profession!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grey Anon, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Retired reg. nurse with a degree in haematology and med. tech with over 25 years in the profession. (Don't know what the equvalent would be called in English though.)

    In later years, and mostly after my retirement, I've done work as a digital artist and web master. It payes the bills. :)
  2. High School Student
  3. NKUAnon Member

    I work in a library, but am a full time college student.
  4. Exploding Dog Member

    I am Anonymous and I am a Security Officer.
  5. smfE Member

    I am anonymous and i'm a schools student.
  6. OSA may have lost some of it's horsepower over the years, but it still retains an effective intelligence capability.

    Miscavige possesses a siege mentality as it is; and if these protests become what they deserve to, he'll quite literally be fighting for everything he's ever known, strived for and achieved.
    Nothing less than he deserves for the misery and abuse he's caused over the years, for sure;

    But pls be careful not to make yourself an easy target either...

    By the way, I am anonymous and I am a researcher.
  7. an om onus Member

    I am anonymous and I am an engineering student.
  8. Flame Member

    I work for the Australian govt in finance
    and still study too

  9. anonAminoacid Member

    I am a Art Major to graduate this semester. I currently work at a large electronic retailer. I am a volunteer. I donate to United Way. And i aspire to be a translator.
  10. its.an0nym0us Member

    I run a video game store. I TEACH YOUR CHILDREN TO KILL.
    I am also a biomedical engineer.
  11. I run a cash register. I mop floors in a government building. But most importantly, I'm a full time student in the University system studying Psychology.
  12. i am anonymous

    I am the guy that misspells guy fawkes. That, and it's an easier handle to get. I am a desktop support and network manager.

    I'm also a member of a small internet church that officially poo-poohs Scientology, and has for some time. No one has come after them, mostly because they just talk it up on their site and don't show up in person. And, the site is kind of... unknown. We actually have a member in Iran, of all places.

    The church has a membership database, but not one that is accessible to the public. The only publicly available info is for the ministers of the church, and none of them have been assaulted by Scifags. The site hasn't been attacked by Scifags.

    I don't know if other members of the church are Anon, but the ministers don't need to be since they already came out against scifags in 2006.

    I guess being "nobody" is a lot easier than being "anonymous" ;-)

    but for me, being anonymous is best.
  13. anonangl Member

    SAHM, Home educator, website design and graphics student, website designer.
  14. Seapoke Member

    Wageslave. I wash dishes.
  15. psynergy Member

    I am Anonymous

    I am a games design student
  16. I am anonymous and I am a concept artist.
  17. Tay Zonday Member

    ohh no, it's PSEUDO-SCIENCE OF DEATH :lol:
  18. psyborgue Member

    I just graduated college (IT and Art). I was once in a cult and am concerned with their spread in this country and elsewhere. I'm here to hopefully offer some useful insight into the psychology/sociology of what goes in in a cult, to offer suggestions, and to participate in action.
  19. J anon man Member

    Don't know if this has been covered, but if any sciplants are around, they could be checking what "state protest" each person posts in, or what protest people have said to have been a part of. They then know your city and profession. Although that's not much to work on, it's still something.

    With that in mind, I'm a bookkeeper.
  20. sorticidal Member

    Currently taking a year out before starting a degree in astrophysics.
  21. dividedbyzero Member

    I am anonymous and I am a grocery bagger, and an aspiring musician.

    I'm going into college to study music education, possibly computer science, and possibly political science.
  22. I work in a TV art dept.
  23. Anonspiker Member

    I'm anonymous, and I work as a welder for a military contracter.
  24. anoncement Member

    I am Anonymous. How I make a living is Irrelevant.

    (On the other hand, much of what I've learned in various occupations is very relevant here, and is and will continue to be put to use.)
  25. nova.anon Member

    DBA by day, internet hacker on steroids and protest organizer by night.
  26. thelolrist Member

    I am Anonymous. I am a third generation activist and the diametric antithesis of a terrorist. I do not forgive; I do not forget.
  27. Anon123456 Member

    ^ nice
    im 28. im an architects assistant
  28. Computer Programmer + Anonymous + Student

    Professional cupcake - Lulz
  29. ElrondHubble Member

    Student, majoring in acting, expert in lulz and a bit of art and writing on the side.
  30. Anonymous29 Member

    I put something here then realized it ruined the whole"Anonymous" think for me.
  31. I am anonymous and I am a college student.
  32. JV Member

    I'm Anonymous, and I'm a Sales Manager and a DJ
  33. Senior at UNM in Mathematics and Pre-Law. Although, I will be attending Columbia University for my J.D./MBA.

  34. I was in conversation with a wise old man once i was told... Every great revolution begins in the youth...
  35. su0myn0nA Member

    College undergrad studying nuclear engineering, and hopefully a future grad student.
  36. Negligible Member

    I am Anonymous and an engineer.
  37. misterwistar Member

    Fleet Service Agent....err, baggage handler for a major airline. Communications major.
  38. Invincible Member

    This could actually be made into a decent chant of sorts at protests. An Anon with a megaphone (or very loud voice) could ask the crowd "Anonymous, what is your profession?" and we could answer back something like "exposing the truth about Scientology!" or something similar.

    Also, student/cook at KFC.
  39. AnonNow Member

  40. Ash Member

    Bless you. Have a hankie ;)

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