Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Jul 31, 2011.

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    Reprehensible behavior doesn't mean that the hive mind should take action against it. As mentioned before, it's probably best to let the authorities take care of this one. You should take your little Anonymous Muggle inquisition elsewhere.
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    Pot, meet kettle .
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    just in case:
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    Fuck off with this Alex Jones Illuminati bullshit.
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    Summer has been over bro. It's time to get back to business.
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    lulz anyone can be Anonymous op
    shit I am right naow
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    To the Anonymous Organization
    Hi in first place le me send to you a ¡¡¡Congratulation!!!
    for the "big effort" that people like you.
    I am from Colombia - South America and i want to start an Op
    of DoS aganist a goverment Web Site.
    This web site holds "informatic security contracts for the colombian goverment".
    The colombian gouverment says that this Web site is ¡¡¡full protected!!! and
    is ¡¡¡100% secure!!! aganist any "Anonymous Attacks".
    I don't think so, i believe that is not 100% full secure web site over the world
    and less any goverment ins´t capable to guarantee this.
    I like to the "Anonymous Organization" start an Op to this web site
    in order to tell the colombian goverment that ¡¡¡Nothing is 100% secure for Anonymous!!!,
    PD: The colombian goverment insist in a "law project" code name ¡¡¡"Ley Lleras"!!!, that
    restricts the whole access over the Internet on my country, and i think that this kind of acts
    like attack this ¡¡¡100% secure and unbreakable web site!!!, tell to the goverment that
    ¡¡¡"Anonymous is much more stronger and can't be stoped by any measure of security"!!!
    Thanks and again
    Congratulations from Colombia...
  12. Miranda Member

    WWP does not promote illegal activities, and this includes DDOS.
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    hey only lonely one are you goalkeeper or anything similar. i got t-shirt with on it maybe i am a fan from you but didn``t know yet

    knurri schnurri larifari
  14. why bumpeth this krusty thred?
  15. SOJOA Member

    You need to realize that BEFORE Anonymous, this shit was happening anyway. Anonymous formed, became popular and trendy (hell look at the new member amounts after we made front page of time and were all over the news) and now everyone wants to be part of the club.

    How many examples do you need in many facets of life of this same shit happening? Everyone has a bad apple and you cant control it.

    If you want to spank them then go head.
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    Threads older than three months should be shitcanned. There's no use in necro like this.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Sometimes that is absolutely correct, but we keep everything. Thread hoarders if you will
    I know, right? But the real question is...

    WTF did I just read?
  18. I dunno what you just read either, but it was really the best comment in this entire thread. LMAO

    knurri schnurri larifari
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