AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

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    AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    First part of the current anonynewz:

    second part and text summary will follow soon
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    For the next video, why don't you end it with a short "how to get involved" and like 5 seconds showing the google wave and how people can submit stuff that ends up in the episodes.
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    (inb4 screaming about pronunciation of "Haiti" ... it's hay-tee)

    Her accent is so perfect except the occasional 'zed', some sh's. It is really fascinating, but reminds me of my friends from Bavaria.
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    good idea actually
  5. Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    Great Job to everyone that was involved
  6. EyeOnSci Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    Very well done.

  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    If I wanted to connect to an RSS feed which only list the AnonyNews materials, where would that be?
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    it is being worked on at the moment.

    first the news team must improve its routine, then we can build up more resources.
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    Actually she pronounced Haiti correctly - Hah-ee-tee not hay-tee
  10. Sponge Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    Looking forward to part 2.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    Francophilia win.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    Suffers a bit from undefined terms. What is a "1099"? I know but only because I've already read the Fowler news? What is "koss"? CoS?
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    Forgot to say: Super win project, by the way.
  14. WagTheWog Member

  15. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    Hamburg has always delivered.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    Great work!
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    Win after win after win after win.
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    Apart from being bloody good work, this is also a very useful roundup of the news! Thanks!
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    Was my audio recording not good enough again? :/
  20. anon0004 Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    second part.

    Sorry for the delay, my fault.
    We still need to practice to get shit done in good quality and within the given timeframe.
    The two parts for this week are already in the encoding queue
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    Awesome as always. One minor quibble, your sound levels for the intro music are too loud or the sound levels for your reporter are too low. It's just a minor quibble.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    Audio is very good to me.
  23. Shinythings Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    Guise, you're getting even better at this! Loved the report! Corset anon is informative and fun!
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

  25. grumpus Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    Good job and getting better each time.

    Also corset.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    in b4 moar, whole set, etc.

  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    I liek what I see.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

  29. Random guy Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    The audio is great. Your pronunciation is without being choppy, and you have a good reading voice. Oh, and the corset!
  30. TypingChimp Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    That's almost 20 mins of broadband not all of us Anons have access to.
    Is there any possibility of English Transcript?
    Labor of Love I know but important...
  32. Lady.Nonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    [SIZE="4"]Make-over for WhyWeProtest frontpage[/SIZE]

    [IMG] has unveiled a temporary frontpage that takes some of the focus off of Chanology and shows a broader view of the initiatives Anonymous has taken part in. and noprorogue.whyweprotest,net are now on equal footing with the anti-scientology

    For those who were unaware, iran.wwp has served the iranian people as a means to get information into and out of their country after allegations of election fraud and severe communication crackdowns. noprorogue.wwp exists to assist Canadians protesting against the premature closure of their parliament.

    [SIZE="4"]foul, fouler, Fowler's investment program[/SIZE]


    Apparently Fowler's employees (actually 1099's) put money into a so called investment fund in the firm. The Company billed clients and paid the 1099's. They worked on a split and got 50% of whatever they made. The company got 40% and 10% went into the investment fund. When a 1099 left, their investment would not be repaid because the contracts included a 6 month bug fix clause. The sources on WWP mentioned that apparently fowler always offered a buyout and the agreements that were signed forfeited the entire investment. On WWP it is beeing assumed that this money went straight to Co$ - possibly as WISE membership contribution - and that Ciancio had discovered that. Stay tuned by reading the thread on WWP.

    [SIZE="4"]Marty Rathbun's blog features email from Bridge Publications. [/SIZE]


    Marty Rathbun posted an email from Bridge Publications on his blog. In it the Scientologists are asking for donations to send "thousands upon thousands" of Scientology booklets into the hands of people of Haiti, which are suffering lack of food, water and shelter. The minimum donation is $500, and is tax deductible. Anonymous notes that this money would be better spent on supplies, and wonders why giving a publishing house money to produce a product for self serving PR is tax deductible.

    [SIZE="4"]Gawker: Live with the Volunteer Ministers. [/SIZE]


    A recent report from features the first hand story of a reporter who hitched a ride with a Scientology charter plane. He reports that the happy, excited VMs were inadequately prepared for the adventure. No food, no soap, no place to stay. Their cunning plan was to buy supplies with donated money when they got to Haiti. The problem is, there are no supplies for sale in Haiti.

    [SIZE="4"]Lost Dianetics Seminar Companion Guide leaked[/SIZE]


    A once thought lost Dianetics Seminar Companion Guide has been released onto the internet. It is over 80 pages of Auditing description, pictures and examples. Now you too can be a trained Scientology Auditor! Train alongside such great individuals as wife beaters and masochists. You can now get your very own pre-clears to share with you their most embarassing and private memories. And if you really want to get into the spirit of Scientology, you can keep precise records of their revelations and use the records to blackmail them later. Isn't regressive-psycho-therapy fun!

    [SIZE="4"]Gold Base under pressure [/SIZE]


    The California Office of the Occupational Safety and Health has agreed to enforce several complaints about the facilities at Gold Base. The formal complaints were from eye-witness accounts of dangers to workers at Gold Base. A total of 10 complaints were filed, which resulted in five alleged conditions that need to be remedied. (Several complaints were combined into an alleged condition.)

    Gold Base management has to respond to OSHA by February 3, 2010.

    One aspect that will be easily verifiable is the removal of the Ultra Barrier spikes and other sharp hazards that decorate the fences around the "detention area". Please do not hesitate to drive by Gold Base after Feb 3, 2010 to see if the spike are still on the fences. This particular item should require very little corrective action time. Failure to remove the spikes after Feb. 3 needs to be reported to OSHA.

    [SIZE="4"]Phoenix Org hauled back to Court [/SIZE]


    The Church of Scientology of Arizona (the Phoenix Org) is being hauled back into court for a Debtor's Examination due to non-payment of the December 2009 judgment against them. The Judge signed off on the paperwork late Friday afternoon when he found out the Church is in contempt for not paying the judgment against them. However, this time, the Judge has ordered the Flag Banking Officer (Jurgen Brock), the ED (Karen Mosher) and one of the Directors of the Corporation (Diane Koel),who’s also the Class 6 Auditor for the Org, to appear in court and answer some very detailed questions and to fully explain the Org's finances, assets, sources of money, and more importantly, to follow the money trail.

    [SIZE="4"]Flashgame: Scientology Term or German Techno Artist?[/SIZE]


    David Israel and Jennifer Byrne discovered the common denominators of Scilon terms and the names of German techno artists. They expressed their findings in a flash game. Players decide whether a strange term is more likely to stem from scilons or from German techno artists. You can find it on

    [SIZE="4"]Twitter Trending Topic Operation[/SIZE]


    On February 1st a new online Operation started, the Twitter Trending topic Operation. The goal was to Enturbulate Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley, who are both active on twitter - especially Kirstie Alley, who is already known for her twitterrage when being trolled, making her an easy target. The second goal was to establish the twitter trending topic hashtag “scientology is a cult”, and making it widely know among the Twitter users.

    To do this, the message "@tomcruise @kirstiealley #scientologyisacult. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us." and a short link was posted repeatedly with multiple accounts throughout the Microblogging service.

    And the reaction came within minutes:

    Live action: Kirstie Alley (kirstiealley) on Twitter the sky is falling

    @VirtualStudios THOUSANDS OF THEM...literally many thousands Since BLOCKING them is not working..somehow they have found a way around blocking...

    The Operation is still going on, and Anonymous has provided a nicely written, platform independent, Java tool to help you tweet your Messages automatically. You can find the download link within the description.

    [SIZE="4"]CofS Exit Survey[/SIZE]


    The survey created in late 2009 still needs people that have been involved with the church of scientology to take the poll. The goal is to analyze the data obtained by the completely Anonymous Survey to find effective not yet discovered ways to fight the Church of Scientology, and find new strategies to reach people in the cult.

    So if you´ve been involved with the Co$, please take this survey.
  33. Lady.Nonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    [SIZE="4"]Who Are 'The Global Pioneers?'[/SIZE]


    "Putting the world in session," is the motto on their website video. 'The Global Pioneers' are clearly another Scientology front group using the trick of establishing a name similar to that of another organization, "Global Pioneers."

    Global Pioneers are Christian missionaries and creationists, spreading the word of God and Intelligent Design. THE Global Pioneers are Scientologists with a similar goal, spreading the word of a dead American science fiction writer.

    The Global Pioneers have teamed up with Scientology front group Narconon in an "adopt an orphanage" project, seeking to supply 20 Haitian orphanages with food, supplies, and L. Ron Hubbard courses, which should serve the orphans well should they wind up as human traffic, slaving in the US for organized Scientology.

    [SIZE="4"]Narconon Newport Beach Scheduled to Close.[/SIZE]


    A controversial drug rehabilitation facility belonging to the Scientology organization is scheduled to close its Newport Beach facility on February 10, 2010. This is in response to new, tough laws regulating drug rehab facilities in Newport Beach following a grass-roots campaign to curtail the expansion of such facilities in the million dollar neighbourhoods of the beach communities.

    While several other large rehab facilities have downsized to comply, the Narconon program "was guaranteed for closure" by the new regulations.

    [SIZE="4"]President Obama Taking Questions On Youtube[/SIZE]


    US President Obama was taking questions on Youtube this week. Anonymous submitted several questions concerning scientologys Tax exempt status and the Business nature of the cult. although these questions were among the top voted, the President did not mention them. This is the second try to approach the president directly, after Anonymous submitted the scientology tax exempt issue in the online briefing book also with a high number of supporting votes on in early 2009.

    [SIZE="4"]US Office of Inspector General has no files on Scientology? [/SIZE]


    Last year, Anonymous made a FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) request to the US Office of Inspector General for any and all records relating to Scientology. According to this document, which was just released last week, there are zero records.

    How can this be, if even Google Search finds results that mention Scientology related investigation by Research specialists of the OIG? Anonymous will further investigate the issue.

    [SIZE="4"]Sydney: Aaron Saxton vs. Bevan Berry[/SIZE]


    After the December 2009 raid, OT V Bevan Berry did what no other Scientologist had yet dared to do. He approached and debated with Anonymous and Aaron Saxton. Aaron had much to say.

    [SIZE="4"]142 million dollars plus given to Super Power Scam[/SIZE]


    According to a report by Patty pienjatz Pieniadz on WWP, it's estimated that Scientologists have donated anywhere from 142 to 200 million dollars for the Super Power Project. Pooks tells that's it's difficult to pinpoint the exact amount because of the way Scientology reports who donates what amount. People who double up on their donations are not reported. Neither is anyone who donates less than 35,000 dollars or anyone who has left the cult and been declared a Suppressive Person.

    Meanwhile in Clearwater, the only construction activity Anons have seen, since they started working on the Super Power Building again, is a lot of outside dirt work with many pieces of equipment left unused. The only time there has been any movement, is when there is a Scientology event across the street at the Ft. Harrison Hotel.

    [SIZE="4"]The Hollywood Megaraid[/SIZE]


    Is planned to be a full three days of pure enturbulation. The megaraid will begin with a brief panel discussion with several ex sea org members who will be talking about what it was like for them to be trapped inside the cult and how difficult it was for them to escape. After that, a two hour road trip to gold base is planned.

    More highlights include the cchr “psychiatry: industry of death” museum, American saint hill org and the lrh life exhibit

    A more detailed schedule can be found in the planning thread on wwp.

    [SIZE="4"]Operation: Underground Press[/SIZE]


    Napa College, in California. A World Religions Forum was being hosted by one of the fraternities. There were representatives from four religions: Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Scientology. Anons had waited patiently for this moment, and the trap was set.

    To catch the speaker off guard, Anons first pretended to simply ask about "space aliens," and let the speaker think that she had gotten off answering a question that she knew how to deny.

    Anons were to then set up another question and pass out forbidden Tech to the unsuspecting audience, and smear mud all over the face of the speaker. The speaker would obviously deny the existence of the materials before realizing that the Anons had planned for this. The Anons had made numerous copies of the materials, and waited until the speaker denied that Scientology believed that the "Industry of Death," aka psychiatry, was responsible for the Nazi Holocaust. That was the signal to pass out the materials, because of course that's precisely what they believe.

    Once the audience had a moment to read over the booklet full of pictures and assumed "historical references" (for example how George Washington was killed by Psychiatry) they looked to the Scientology representative with rage and fury at the lies they are spreading.

    There is no place that Scientology can hide from the legions of Anonymous.

    [SIZE="4"]Anonymous at Pressconference and press preview for new German Scientology Drama[/SIZE]


    The new German TV movie tells the story of a man who lost his wife and child after joining the Church of Scientology. The drama, which is based on a true story, was filmed in secret to prevent the organization from taking legal action against the project.

    Anonymous from Berlin and Hamburg were on site to welcome the well known OSA agents, and the Spokesman of the Hamburg Org Frank Busch, who were not exactly pleased to see Anonymous.

    Delicate fact: The Meridian Hotel where the new Movie was presented, has been used by scientology for the annual IRS Convention, But they forgot to tell the Management who they were. Hamburg Anonymous explained to Hotel Staff and Management who they were dealing with during a flash raid on the event only a few months ago.

    Fun fact: Hamburg Anonymous raided the Set for that movie, mistaking it for a new Dianetics center in Hamburg.

    [SIZE="4"]Quebec Ideal Org raid encountered David Miscavidge[/SIZE]


    Montreal and Quebec Anonymous united theirs forces again to troll deep the opening of Ideal Fail Org. The church of scientology in Quebec city held the opening of their new ideal org on January 30th. The number of scientologists present -1500- was exagerated as usual.

    Local TV crews as well as newspaper reporters covered the event and protest.The opening coinsided with the Quebec city winter Carnaval. David Miscavige attended the opening but curtain tech was used to block the view, as if that was needed. Nevertheless, it was made sure that he was greeted properly during his speech inauguration, using the famous «Carnaval de Québec» trumpet. Aggressive security gards as well as bullbaiters were on the scene, but the Quebec city police did a great job in keeping everybody safe.
  34. Lady.Nonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    [SIZE="4"]Coalition of Scientology Front Groups Target Haiti, Orphans[/SIZE]


    Six Florida-based Scientology front groups have joined forces with possibly naive El Especial newspapers to build an orphanage and school called 'Future of Haiti.' Groups named are Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers, Youth for Human Rights Florida, Clearwater Academy International, Washburn Academy, Delphi Academy of Florida and International Youth Theatre.

    Members of these groups are reportedly collecting supplies and raising funds.While laudable, the Scientologists' motivation is challenged by critics, who allege the cult is establishing Scientology training centers to indoctrinate orphaned children into the controversial organization.

    [SIZE="4"]South Australia Outlaws Anonymous Political Speech[/SIZE]


    The South Australian government enacted a law this February making it illegal to post anonymously.

    This law was passed with support of both Labour and Liberal parties. The law was sponsered by Attorney General Michael Atkinson, who said, "There is no impinging on freedom of speech, people are free to say what they wish as themselves, not as somebody else."

    Protecting anonymous free speech is a critical element to democracy, something both parties here have clearly forgotten.

    But then, a short time later:

    Atkinson has made a "humiliating" backdown and announced he will retrospectively repeal his law censoring internet comment on the state election.

    there was an up and coming generation of young people who had grown up with the right to say "pretty much anything on blog sites'' without constraints and that was a right they were going to cling to very fiercely.

    "It would not be effective to continue to resist them,'' Mr Atkinson said.

    [SIZE="4"]Australian Anonymous Internet Censorship Protest[/SIZE]


    A huge protest against Internet censorship in Australia is being organised in Sydney and trying to get others organised in Adelaide and Melbourne. the Sydney Protest Event will take place on Saturday, March 6th 2010 From 12:00 to three at the Sydney CBD –

    You can learn more about the incoming protests at or in the Freedom of expression section on wwp.

    [SIZE="4"]OpenNet Releases the Internet Censorship Review for 2009[/SIZE]


    The report is released in a very user friendly fashion sorted by Month

    It contains all international Events concerning Internet Censorship by companies or Governments. This is especially interesting for those Anonymous who participated in the campaign to get information out of Iran, or who fought against Internet censorship plans on the net and on the streets in Australia and Germany.

    [SIZE="4"]Anonynews is featured on Tom Newtons Trollblog[/SIZE]


    The infamous cyber-entertainer, suspected multiuser sock and Troll Blogger Tom Newton featured the last Episode of Anonynews in his new cyberhaters Blog. In his latest Articles, Tom rants in his usual manner about Dr. Lilly von Marcab and her recent anouncement to leave chanology. Within one of these Articles he included the Anonynews video talking about Dr. Lilly. This gave the video a decent increase of viewers.

    We thank Tom Newton for showing us so much love and keeping up our image as almighty evil lite hexor (1337 H4xx0r5), so we can spend our resources on important topics.

    [SIZE="4"]Anonymous releases new customized Browser Version[/SIZE]


    the Firekips Firefox customisation has not been updated since version 2 of Firefox, FireLazorz is based on the latest Firefox Version and is highly customized with useful plugins and addons and comes in Anonymous custom design.

    the first Version of Fire Lazorz was released on the /i/nsurgents wiki already in December last year, but could only be downloaded for a short time, before went down. The new version can now be downloaded through several filehosters, a downloadlink can be found in the video description.

    [SIZE="4"]New Developements around 888[/SIZE]


    Last week we already reported about the read only state of 888chan, and the suspended The administrator of both sites r3x, has announced to work on a new project, which he calls VibeSlash.

    this is basically a small community project for about 300 users that has a certain time to live before being renewed, thus addressing the DDoS problem by splitting huge userbases into small decentralized ones. First tech demos in his blog look very interesting and promising, but the concept is very controversial, and is based on r3x´s self proclaimed code of trollshido, which has met a lot of disagreement in the anonymous community since it was published mid 2009.

    [SIZE="4"]Did You Know?[/SIZE]


    49 out of 50 of the staff members from the Saint Hill, UK center that LRH personally ran have been declared suppressive by David Miscavige? According to Hubbard's records, only 2.5% of the population are suppressive people, but according to David Miscavige and Anonymous, 98% of Scientologists are. This remains the only thing to date that David Miscavige and Anonymous have ever agreed on. Well, that and that "Battlefield Earth" was the absolute worst movie - ever.



    Wear comfortable shoes. Hurting feet are one of the biggest complaints of newfags. So to avoid looking like the weakest link, make sure you are wearing comfortable footwear and raid straight through Caturday.

    And remember no matter what the circumstances never even consider high heels.

    [SIZE="4"]The AnonyNEWS team[/SIZE]


    The news Team is still looking for more shoop artists that know how to shot web, and help provide pictures for the news topics

    And don't hesitate to send us an update on your local cell. You can also interview the public at your next Scientology Protest! Send us the most wacky and/or lulzy comments, responses, etc. for our Chanology Birthday Special!
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th)

    very good news show

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