AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

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  1. Lady.Nonymous Member

    AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    [SIZE="4"]Operation TitStorm[/SIZE]


    Following an unprecedented move by the Australian Government to censor internet access to pornography containing female ejaculation and small breasted women, Anonymous has begun a new OP , entitled Operation Titstorm, a sub-unit of Operation Internet Freedom. Several letters from various members of Anonymous have been received by Australian news outlets, including the Sydney Morning Herald. These letters called out the Government's actions as both discriminatory and "the first step down the slippery slope of internet censorship." As of February 10th, several Australian Government websites were DDoS'd, and offices were spammed with pornographic emails, prank calls, and black faxes. More information can be found at WhyWeProtest.

    [SIZE="4"]Scientology: The Religion of the Stars- oh exploitable[/SIZE]


    Author Ian Halperin goes undercover to reveal never-before-told secrets of the strange, science-fiction inspired church of the stars. Halperin infiltrates the Church of Scientology posing as a gay actor attracted by the church's claim that it can cure homosexuality. Rebuffed until he claims that his uncle is a rich millionaire thinking of joining the church, he is given unprecedented access and allowed to video his entire experience. The results are explosive.

    He already published a few articles about his experiences in the Scientology Org but now it seems he will release a whole Book called "Scientology: The Religions of the Stars" in August this year.

    [SIZE="4"]Celebrity Centre LA to hold Autism fundraiser - Lolwut?[/SIZE]


    It appears that an Autism awareness group - "The Love For Autism Association" is going to be holding a kids' fashion show at the L.A. Celebrity Centre. Kids with Autism aged 5 to 9 will appear, raising money for this charity group. While it remains to be seen if this is a legitimate Association or just another front group, it is strikingly odd that Scientology would allow an event to be held in their Centre for a disease they claim does not exist. Have they changed their ways after the highly-publicized death of Jett Travolta? Are they doing this in response to the negative PR they've received over the last few years? Or are they using another front group in a disgusting display to cheat people out of their money? That remains to be seen.

    [SIZE="4"]Today Tonight and Daily Telegraph report on Aaron Saxton fight against the AVO[/SIZE]


    Today Tonight and the Daily Telegraph have picked up on the story of Sue Hunt’s AVO filed against Aaron Saxton. In the TV broadcast of Today Tonight a lot of insight on Scientology’s Fair Game policy is given and even Senator Xenophon speaks about this Scilon policy. Be sure to take a look at this great report.

    [SIZE="4"]Cardinal warns Catholics against Scientology and asks Government for clearer rules [/SIZE]


    Cardinal Marc Ouellet served a warning against the Church of Scientology inviting Catholics to be cautious and again asking the Quebec government for clear criterias for an organization to be recognized as a religion. The Cardinal mentions the excesses of the Solar Temple and the mass suicides due to other sects, stressing that the vigilance of the State and citizens was necessary to protect the public against abuse of all kinds.

    [SIZE="4"]Exaggerated MSNBC report on “helpful” Volunteer Ministers on Haiti[/SIZE]


    Since the earthquake in Haiti two weeks ago more and more Scientology Volunteer Ministers travel to Haiti to “help” people. The MSNBC joined the Cult missionaries and painted an overly positive picture of the VMs work in Haiti. The clear lack of fact checking by the news team shows either that they are very naïve or that Scientology still has enough money in its pockets.

    [SIZE="4"]Columbus Ideal Org - Scilons to build new 50,000 sq. ft "church"[/SIZE]


    The Church of Scientology wants to build an Org on Dublin Road. They are moving into the old Time Warner customer service centre, which lies in an industrial area. It’s basically on a mini expressway with limited road access and no sidewalks.

    This fits into the reported pattern of constructing new buildings that the local Org will be unable to afford or fill with people. It is financially disastrous to continue buying or building new facilities at the same time that membership is shrinking and contributions are drying up. The ordinary, citizen Scientologists have been bled nearly dry.

    [SIZE="4"]Nostalgia Critic Reviews - Battlefield Earth[/SIZE]


    One of the newest reviews of the Nostalgia Critic brings us the most horrible Sci-Fi movie ever – Battlefield Earth. In this episode he tries not to touch the Scientology topic too much. But as bad as this movie is, he gets near to a nervous breakdown – not only when Terl tries to give him acting lessons. For those who have and have not seen this “movie” yet, it’s definitely a great watch.

    [SIZE="4"]Alarming alliance between Scientology and San Jose local government exposed[/SIZE]


    In a leaked email, Scientology executive and OTVIII John Allender states that the county planned to publish fliers warning residents about the "cyberterrorist" group Anonymous.

    San Jose Scientologists plan to participate in this door-to-door approach on Saturday, February 12th. In his email Mr. Allender seemed to imply that Scientologists would be posing as county workers for the day, provided with ID cards identifying them as such.

    Anonymous plans to be there as well.
    Phone calls have confirmed that this is not a troll.
  2. Lady.Nonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    [SIZE="4"]Project Chanology Raises over $5.000 for Aaron Saxton overnight[/SIZE]


    Aaron Saxton has received another AVO, Apprehended Violence Order, this time from Cyrus Brooks, head of organised Scientology in Melbourne, Australia.

    Recognising that these nuisance suits are wasting Mr. Saxton's time and money, Anons from around the world raised over $5.000 in one night to help him address legal and living costs.

    [SIZE="4"]Australian Senator Nick Xenophon challenges the cult to inquiry [/SIZE]


    ''I challenge the Church of Scientology - if they are so confident of their position, they should welcome a Senate inquiry where they can give evidence,'' Senator Xenophon said yesterday. He has been in discussions with Greens and Coalition senators about an inquiry into the tax-exempt status of the church.

    The church had claimed former members upon whose testimony the senator had relied were linked to Anonymous.

    [SIZE="4"]Los Angeles Org (LA Org) Will Soon Be The Model Ideal Org Of The Planet?[/SIZE]


    According to Scientology propaganda, the Los Angeles Org is so exemplary that it will be announced as the model Ideal Org of Teegeak. All other Orgs planning to become “ideal” will have to reach the same level of standards as in LA.. whatever that might imply for staff.

    [SIZE="4"]Ideal Org Edition Books - Same thing more money![/SIZE]


    That's right! Not only should you be shelling out thousands to get the ideal orgs up, you should also pay for Ideal Org Edition books. But what are these books, you ask? Why, Dianetics of course! Don't you want to pay $500 dollars for a leather bound version of the book you already own seven times?

    Scientology claims that it is a 500 piece limited edition version that only differs through it’s looks and that through buying it more people will make their way onto the bridge.

    [SIZE="4"]Boston Ideal Org - WIN a new 2010 Toyota by donating ?[/SIZE]


    Amber Maher Gilbert posted on Facebook that the Scientology Org in Boston is selling tickets to win a new 2010 Toyota Prius! Each ticket is 500.00$ and there will be 2,000 sold. They say the money will be used to fund the building of their new Ideal Org in Boston.

    Anonymous still needs to investigate if this raffle is even legit.
    Lets hope Tom Cruise can help with that.

    [SIZE="4"]How the cult tries to fair game German broadcaster[/SIZE]


    Scientology isn’t happy about the soon to be published Episode "Until nothing's left" of the Series "Tatort" (Crimescene). They are currently trying to fair game the channel ARD for broadcasting the show and everyone else having worked on this project. Anonymous of course hopes they will be able to withstand the pressure.

    [SIZE="4"]New old OSA trick: impersonate people on Twitter [/SIZE]


    This week, Magoo, Andreas and Aaron Saxton have all been impersonated on Twitter, likely by OSA goons. They usually open an account, subscribed to a couple of critics Twitter and tweet links to Scilons site and/or post nonsense. Last year, a bunch of Facebook and Myspace pages went up with names like Ida Camburn. After contacting her it turned out she did not set up either pages in her name.

    So don’t be fooled. OSA is everywhere.

    [SIZE="4"]Nevada Politicians duped by Cult[/SIZE]


    On February 6th, organized Scientology held the grand opening of their new facility in Los Vegas. David Miscavige, current head of the organization, was present along with a handful of politicians and B-list celebrities.

    Despite the abundance of information online about Scientology's human rights abuses and harassment of critics who speak out about the fraud and human rights violations, Congresswoman Berkley spoke in glowing terms of Scientology's support of human rights.

    The Congresswoman should know that the Scientology organization was recently convicted of fraud and medical malpractice in France. She should also be made aware of three important cases moving through the court system in California. Three ex-members are suing organized Scientology for compensation for years of slave labor and deprivation, working for years at roughly .34 cents an hour. Female ex-members Claire Headley and Laura DeCrescenzo also allege they were coerced into having abortions in order to keep their jobs.

    Mayor Oscar Goodman should also do some research. In his address, he said, "Artistic creativity not only transforms the way a city is perceived, but the way its residents think of themselves. It changes their entire outlook and attitude towards life itself. That is where you play an especially vital role. Therefore as the mayor of the fastest-growing city, I look forward to partnering with you as the fastest-growing religion."

    [SIZE="4"]Face Slashing Scientology Promoter Expelled From Senate[/SIZE]


    He was running for NY State senator. He rammed a broken glass into his girlfriend's face. He was elected. Justice has finally caught up with this scofflaw Scientology supporter, Hiram Monserrate..

    Hiram Monserrate is a staunch supporter of Scientology front groups operating in New York City. He is blaming the victim of his glassy assault, citing illegal drug possession as the justification for ramming a broken drinking glass into his companion's face.

    He claimed the incident was due to an accident, in which he "tripped" and accidentally cut his companion's face with a glass. The woman underwent 20 stitches to treat injuries inflicted by the new New York senator.

    Monserrate is infamous for his support of Scientology front group, New York Rescue Workers' Detoxification Project and other Scientology projects.

    His removal from the New York political arena is a plus for democracy and local human rights issues.

    [SIZE="4"]Internet Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize[/SIZE]


    OSLO—Candidates for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize include a Russian human rights group, a Chinese dissident and an inanimate object theoretical presence that we all know and love: the Internet.

    The Internet was proposed by the Italian version of Wired magazine, which cited its use as a tool to advance "dialogue, debate and consensus through communication" and to promote democracy. Organizers said signatories to its petition backing the nomination include 2003 peace laureate and exiled Iranian activist Shirin Ebadi -- which would make it a legitimate entry.
  3. Lady.Nonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    [SIZE="4"]Will Fry Speaks To Anons Again RE: LA Megaraid [/SIZE]


    TheGoddamnPacman has recorded another interview with Ex-Scientologist Will Fry. Due to the noise of the street it was filmed on, a transcript will be coming soon.

    Will Fry will also visit the LA Megaraid.

    [SIZE="4"]"You Can Dive Off A Bridge" [/SIZE]


    San Diego Anonymous' "Golden Error Productions" recently posted a You Tube video which draws parallels between Scientology's violent rhetorical imagery and real life actions of cult members who finally hit the wall. This video compares Scientology promotional material with the real life actions of high level Scientologists who dove off a bridge and blew their brains out as per Scientology's orientation film.

    [SIZE="4"]Happy Birthday, Chanology![/SIZE]


    On the 10th of February, Anonymous celebrated the 2nd Birthday of Chanology. Let us not forget the glorious day in 2008, on which the legions of Anonymous rose up to battle the evil forces of Scientology. In these past two years, we have seen some of the Co$’s most spectacular fails, and many of our most lulztacular wins.
  4. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    Nice, very nice. Link to youtube video by Golden Error Productions? Searches for "Golden Error Productions" or "Scilooney Toons" give me nothing.
  5. Lady.Nonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    Sry.. little time here right now. Will link all articles to the threads and such tomorrow.
    Here's the video mentioned:

  6. TypingChimp Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    Excellent update. I must admit, though, I'm kinda torn about something. What's hotter? The accent or the corset?
  7. Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    AnonyNews is a brilliant idea for keeping up with the Chanology news flowing fast and furious these days. Over 9000 internets to Hamburg Anons for this brainchild of theirs and all those globally contributing to it.
  8. AnonRivi Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    Go AnonyNews!!

    I have a question, did you guys link to a video trailer invitation to a raid in a previous episode?
    I would very much like to see that vid again, but can't seem to find it.
    It was very cool with some after effects styled text on buildings etc, very professional.

    An(on)yone recall what it was named?
  9. anon0004 Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    this one?

    or the old one?

    or th really old one?

    [ame=""]YouTube- Anonymous vs Scientology - European Megaraid Trailer July 11th - Featuring Anonymous Hamburg[/ame]
  10. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    Great !
  11. JohnB2008 Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    Okay, my browser crashes whenever I watch report #2. The first 3 or 4 mins works just fine, then my computer displays signs of AIDS. Have been using the html5 beta on Youtube. Also seems to fuck up when I use plain old Flash. But it might just be my shitty computer.

    Where is the accent on Vid #2 from, btw?

    (btw, videos are excellent. Thanks to everyone involved. Must take considerable effort!)

    Edit: ignore my fail, I mean #2 of Last week's video, where the European girl was talking about the Kirstie Alley twitter thing. I think this is a brand new week.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    afaik both Femanons are German, but not sure about how the accents for the spoken english comes from. :) Will ask if you really want to know.
  13. JohnB2008 Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    Okay, just seen Video #1 of this week's news. I'm impressed by the really high quality of production.

    In light of this, I would like to make an offer to the female presenters: my penis. In their vaginas.

    Regarding the reporterfag who pretended to be a fag-fag to get defagged by the cult:

    Is the IanUndercover footage available in full? The book sounds interesting, but reading is gay and boring. I would much rather see video footage of the scilons saying 'Yes, we can cure your gay, for a nominal fee'
  14. Mutante Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    Awesome. Awesome awesome:


  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    not hamburg anon

    idea by Reinlaender

    very great support from all over the world
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    Anyone that wants to can contribute the audio/vocals for it, which is why there are a few different voices that've been used so far.
  17. RightOn Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    I found Anony news very helpful in catching up on things when I got back from vacation.
    Everything was in a nutshell and it saved me a lot of time trying to plow through over 20 days of stuff on WWP.
    So big thanks for creating it! <3
  18. AnonRivi Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    Thanks for the help, I finnaly found the one I was searching for:

  19. 0SailorXenu0 Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)
    TL;DR version: Scino's shooped the Olympic torch for their flyers and then at the last minute chickened out and handed out this instead.
    Personally I regard that as epic win.

    Also: there were un-peaceful "protests" from "anarchists". There have been 3 arrests. Vanon has nothing to do with this, but it was maybe newsworthy.
  20. anon0004 Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    Do you have a longer version maybe even pics of this?
  21. 0SailorXenu0 Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    Wow over 5.00 dollars was raised for saxton. That is almost a cup of coffee.

    Also, I would like the chick in the videos to do updates topless.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    Sry, in nazi episode land you write with a point instead of a dot.. it's mixed around.. ^^ But it might be obvious that 5$ are not newsworthy

    About the topless thing.. we'd have to find someone willing :p
    Could offer topless guys, though.
  24. RightOn Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.6 (February 07th - 12th)

    Do want

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