Another death at NN Arrowhead, July 19th 2012

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. Xenu Is Lord Member


    Physician Assistant Advisory Committee
    of the Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision

    July 19, 2012

    NOTE: This meeting will be held at the office of the Board, 101 NE 51st Street, Oklahoma City,

    3:00 P.M. Call to Order

    Approval of the minutes from the April 19, 2012 Committee meeting

    UNSCHEDULED ITEMS - The following will be reviewed, discussed and, if necessary, acted upon:

    1) Applications for licensure, reinstatement of licensure, transfer applications, applications
    for additional positions and additional alternate supervisors
    2) Report on pending disciplinary cases
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  2. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Medical Licensure and Supervision, State Board of
    (59 O.S. § 481; 74 O.S. § 3904)
    Agency Code 450 (IA)
    101 NE 51 Street, Oklahoma City 73105 PO Box 18256, Oklahoma City 73154–0256
    405/962–1400, FAX 405/962–1499

    Mission Statement To promote the health, safety, and well-being of the citizens (patients) of
    Oklahoma by requiring a high level of qualifications, standards, and continuing education for licen-
    sure of medical doctors, physician assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, radiology
    assistants, anesthesiology assistants, respiratory therapists, athletic trainers, dietitians, electrologists,
    orthotists, prosthetists, and pedorthists. To protect the on-going health, safety, and well-being of the
    citizens (patients) of Oklahoma by investigating complaints, conducting public hearings, effectuating,
    and monitoring disciplinary actions against any of the aforementioned licensed professionals, while
    providing the licensee with proper due process and all rights afforded under the law. To provide any
    member of society upon request, a copy of the specific public records and information on any of the
    aforementioned licensed professionals. Re-created until July 1, 2013.

    Administration Lyle R. Kelsey, C.A.E., Executive Director; Reji T. Varghese, Executive Deputy
    Director; Gerald Zumwalt, M.D., Secretary; Eric E. Frische, MD, Medical Director
    Personnel 17 classified, 5 unclassified, 2 temporary
    History and Function The agency was mandated in 1923 to license qualified individuals to
    practice medicine. Since then, other health care professions have been added to the agency’s jurisdic-
    tion and the board has been further charged by the Oklahoma Legislature to enforce laws related to
    medical practice by disciplinary action.
    Advisory Committees
    Athletic Trainer Advisory Committee (59 O.S. § 529)
    Advisory Committee on Dietetic Registration (59 O.S. § 1723)
    Advisory Committee on Registered Electrologists (59 O.S. § 536.5
    Allied Peer Assistance Committee (59 O.S. § 518.1))
    Anesthesiologist Assistants Committee (59 O.S. § 3201–3208)
    Occupational Therapy Advisory Committee (59 O.S. § 888.12)
    Advisory Committee on Orthotics and Prosthetics (59 O.S. § 3005)
    Advisory Committee on Pedorthics (59 O.S. § 2305)
    Physical Therapy Committee (59 O.S. § 887.4)
    Physician Assistant Committee (59 O.S. § 519.3)
    Radiologist Assistant Advisory Committee (59 O.S. § 541.2)
    Therapeutic Recreation Committee (59 O.S. § 540.4)
  3. Anonymous Member

    Bump for Woo'ness
  4. Xenu Is Lord Member

    The director of the Physician Assistant Advisory Committee is:
    Charles E. Womack, MD

    Family Medicine

    Deaconess Family Care - North Portland
    3705 NW 63rd Street, Suite 201
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116 »Directions
    Phone: (405) 946-3373
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  6. RightOn Member

    ok now that I have my dates straight lol

    On Oct 19th, it will be THREE months since Stacy passed away.
    So how many new patients were admitted to NN OK since the 19th? Any way to find out?
    Who is going to be held responsible for any people who get hospitalized or worse now?
  7. Anonymous Member

    The State of Oklahoma!!!!!
  8. The Wrong Guy Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. Intelligence Member

    Isn't this cute off a COS Website I found today:)

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  11. Intelligence Member

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  12. Link please. Perhaps its scn dot org?

    I haven't seen this particular graphic before; a [ code ] link [ /code ] so media can find it might be helpful.
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  13. RightOn Member

    I smell something awful fishy.
    All these deaths and the last one in July and almost 3 months later they are still open and able to accept patients?
    Oklohoma you have some 'spalinin to do!
    At they very LEAST, the state should stop them from admitting any new patients!!! amirite? WTF?
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  14. Anonymous Member

    When various authorities speak of the need for changes to legislation, to close the loopholes as it were, there is a pressing need for laws to enable suspension of business' being investigated for issues relating to dangers to public health.
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  15. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I called about DR Wootan today when I found out he sat on the licensing board. They acted like they never heard of him till I told them he was listed as a member on the meeting minutes and that the address was the same as theirs. Then they said, well he might be a member who is not a member? (WTF) It looks like to me that there is a cover your ass and hide everything attitude that is equal to some bizarre cult indoctrinated mentality that many state officials seem to have. I am not sure that they get, this will not blow over. Sadly the truth is to some point it will, till the next time someone dies but many of us will be riding their coattails the whole way.
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  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. patriot75 Member

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  19. Anonymous Member

    ???? Member and non-member?

    That can't be right. Aren't there some local politicians who would like to look into this?
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  20. JohnnyRUClear Member

    A member who is not a member, representing a church which is not a church, in their front group which is not their front group, doing inpatient detox which is not inpatient detox... what's the problem?
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  21. RightOn Member

    I wonder how many patients remember actually seeing Wootbat
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  22. Anonymous Member

  23. Intelligence Member

    Additional FBI Files include references of the Guardian’s Office and logbook and Narconon:

    “Throughout my period as director of Narconon, I reported to the Guardian's Office. Meetings were held at regular intervals at which the executives of the Guardian's Office determined the affairs of Narconon. All Narconon activities including the disposition of Narconon finances were approved by the Church of Scientology Assistant Guardian for Public Relations and the Assistant Guardian for Finance, Henning Heldt. From the time I became involved until I ultimately resigned, the Guardian Office controlled all directorships of Narconon, although Narconon was held out to be independent of the Church of Scientology.”

    When the agreement itself was drafted, CSI accepted responsibility for Narconon's tax status; the IRS and CSI defined it in the closing agreement as one of a number of "Scientology-related entities":

    “The social benefit and other public benefit entities discussed at pages 1-28 through 1-42 of the June [1992] submission [by CSI] along with all subsidiaries, subordinate chapters, subordinate organizations, or sub-licensees thereof (e.g., organizations that are permitted to use particular names, copyrights, service marks, and/or technologies) are Scientology-related entities. Thus, for example, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, National Commission on Law Enforcement and Social Justice, Scientology Defense Fund Trust, Association for the Better Living and Education, Applied Scholastics Incorporated, Narconon International, The Way to Happiness Foundation, and the Foundation for Religious Freedom are Scientology-related entities.” ["Closing agreement on final determination covering specific matters", U.S. Internal Revenue Service, 1 October 1993].

    Shortly afterwards, CSI published a "Tax Compliance Manual" issued to Scientology missions and churches across the United States to instruct Scientologists on the requirements of the agreement with the IRS. It includes a passage on Narconon and the other "social betterment" organisations:

    “The SCIENTOLOGY charitable and educational institutions that the Internal Revenue Service has recognized as tax-exempt include Association for Better Living and Education, Narconon and Applied Scholastics and all Narconon centers and qualified schools that operate under the authority of Narconon and Applied Scholastics, The Way to Happiness Foundation, as well as the newly formed Hubbard College of Administration and its subordinate colleges. Narconon, Applied Scholastics and Hubbard College of Administration each have the authority to extend tax-exempt status to newly formed subordinate organizations.”
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  24. Intelligence Member

    In a "Normal-World" scenario (outside the COS), a rehab with 3 deaths in 7 months most
    likely would be shut down. The Cult apparently has one BILLION in cash reserves to fight
    with. Even in Quebec we wondered WTF!!! It seemed to take Sooo long and patients were
    still being hospitalized and held against their will.

    IMO, the Oklahoma Mental Health and Senator are making absolutely sure that ALL the "T's"
    are crossed and ALL the "I's" are dotted before stepping in to shut them down. And behind the
    scenes are criminal investigations that are now in the District Attorney's office? Also, the FBI has
    a report and doing their due dilligence as far as we know.

    There are Local, State, and Federal authorities - - all digging into this evil mess right now. If
    another dies before they are shut down, I think all hell will break lose and it would be a mess
    of unprecedented proportions. That said, I expect we will see some action soon? In the MacLean's
    article, it was mentioned that CARF has placed NN AH in some sort of probation mode?

    Not holding my breath, but it wouldn't surprise me to wake up one morning and hear or see

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  25. patriot75 Member

    In times like these keep your head on a swivel.
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  26. JohnnyRUClear Member

    "7 deaths so far... now, we're getting some heat over this. You idiots can stay open for the meantime, but if any more corpses pop up, we're going to have to do something here."
    "Yes sir! We'll be CARFul."
    "And no more bad puns."
    (kicks pebble)
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Apart from the CARF 'Probation' mention in Mcleans, are there any docs to support this available,and what if anything what does the probation limit/allow. Is it simply business as usual, just try not to kill anyone MKAY? Or does it actually represent a substantial attempt by CARF to stop the Narconnon Death program.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ Ignore, found it.

    But am referred to ask narconon themselves what the stipulations are attached to their current accreditation :(

    In my opinion that is ridiculous, as if they would be transparent about the nature of the stipulations attached to their accreditation. Carf needs to pull its head outta its arse, and represent its reasoning for making stipulations on Narconons accreditation on there website. Empty gesture is empty! Aaaaarrrrgh!
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  29. Intelligence Member

    I think CARF should also be named in the Lawsuits. They "Knew" or more importantly
    "Should Have Known" after the first or second death, but waited to do anything at all,
    which is not much, until the third death in seven months!!!

    Look forward to seeing another Lawsuit VERY soon:) :):)

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  30. Anonymous Member

    AS the Carf site currently stands I approached my search, as if a person in the Oklahoma area looking for an accredited facility, The accreditation with stipulation does not in any way announce a warning. this is reprehensible on CARFS part. Lawsuit against them for flagrant disregard to people's safety can't come soon enough
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  31. Intelligence Member

    I don't think we'll see a Lawsuit against them (CARF), but we WILL see another Lawsuit soon. WATCH:)

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  32. patriot75 Member

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  33. Anonymous Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

    Apart from CARF deserving their very own shit storm, I think that discovery in a lawsuit may provide substantial documentory evidence of Narconon's as yet undiscovered misdeeds at all their locations. Not to mention CARFS failures to respond appropriately,if at all,in each instance. One thing begets the other.
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  35. patriot75 Member

    KRMG Morning News with Joe Kelley did a 19min interview with Stacy's father, Murph on Saturday. KRMG will be running various segments of Murph's 19min interview throughout the 3.5hr morning news on 10/11/2012.

    Times are 5:30am - 8:00am CDT:

    It will aslo be airing at the same time on Cox Channel 3
    It looks like this will be a live airing only, but not 100% on that.
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  36. Intelligence Member

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  37. patriot75 Member

    ^^^Text Article is up:
    read moar (Its A Good One):
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Really good.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    What you wanna bet the Narconon front groups will shift to outwardly christian in the midwest and 'new age vegan yoga in the west?
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  40. eddieVroom Member

    "We'd rather have you dead than incapable."
    - L. Ron Hubbard, KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING, 7 February 1965, reissued 27 August 1980
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