Another death at NN Arrowhead, July 19th 2012

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Jul 19, 2012.

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  4. Intelligence Member

    The Cult is paying $159.00 - $499.00 for EACH PRweb release.
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  5. Intelligence Member

    Canadian Press Release & Media Distribution Service

    Media Release:

    Scientology Being Taught in Public Schools Upsets Parents



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  6. patriot75 Member

    Fantastic David :)
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  7. Intelligence Member

    Tx Colin - - mission accomplished and above them on Google ,..., FOR NOW :)

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  8. The Wrong Guy Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. patriot75 Member

    McAlester News-Capital, McAlester, OK

    March 21, 2013
    Narconon Arrowhead: Five lawsuits filed today allege fraud and deceit and other charges

    By Jeanne LeFlore
    Staff Writer
    McALESTER — Five new lawsuits against Narconon Arrowhead alleging fraud, deceit, breach of contract and civil conspiracy among other allegations were filed today.

    Narconon Arrowhead is a non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Canadian affiliated with the Church of Scientology that has been under investigation after several deaths at the facility.

    The suits were filed in Pittsburg County District Court against Narconon of Oklahoma, Narconon International, Association of Better Living and Education International on behalf of Sue Newman and Dean Shobe, Gina Nelson, Mary Cantu, Lisa Gray and Vicky White.

    All five lawsuits allege false representation, fraud and deceit, non disclosure or concealment, breach of contract and civil conspiracy.

    read a bit more
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  11. patriot75 Member

    Media Release: Narconon Arrowhead et al. Facing 5 More Lawsuits Today

    One court document states: "Furthermore, it is frequently stated that some of the "alleged" counselors provided drugs and alcohol to the students in exchange for sex or other improper consideration, without any oversight or security by the Defendant, to prevent and/or control this on-going and systematic malfeasance"
    BREACH of CONTRACT: Court documents state: "The Plaintiff contracted with and paid the Defendants for services, which the Defendants could not and were not qualified for and did not perform. The Defendants therefore, breached the contractual agreements that they made with the Plaintiff."/snip

    Very well written David! :):)
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  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    I'll add it there.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    The San Francisco Chronicle

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  17. Anonymous Member

    Nice to see the word getting around...
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Narconon Student Stats Crash.jpg
    Narconon Fresh Start Student Quota. This looks like it's from Nov 1 2012, an updated chart sure would be nice.

    NarcononFresh Start Team Award.jpg
    Narconon Fresh Start Team Award
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  21. wolfbane Member

    ^^Delicious leak. Yum!
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  22. It is a whole new ballgame indeed, Mr Miscarriage, step up to the plate, have a seat in the witness stand, please account for all monies sent uplines from Narconon Arrowhead and in fact all Narconons worldwide to various Scientology organisations that you ultimately control for this <ahem> humanitarian non-profit Narconon program that is clearly under the Scientology umbrella.....ella.....ella.........

    Narconon is vastly overpriced 100% medically dangerous Scientology LRH processsing, it does not work. Obviously the LRH 'Tech' of Applied Scholastics does not work either.......
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  23. Random guy Member

    Oh deary fucking me, Colin, is that thing genuine? Please tell us you are not pulling our legs here! That doc is a whooper!
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  24. patriot75 Member

    I shared it from RTTP by 10Oriocookies.
    Here is a KW Withdrawal and Request from Yvonne Rogers ED NN EUSt o Phil Hart:
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  25. moarxenu Member

    Pisscavige signed that letter "Love"? brb spewing
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  26. patriot75 Member

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  27. Random guy Member

    If there were questions on whether the cult runs Narconon or not, that letter from Yvonne Rodgers should in my uneducated opinion prove Narconon is a branch of CoS once and for all. I trust that letter has found it's way into the hand of Mdm McConnell every lawyer who might have use for it?
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  28. patriot75 Member

    YES YES YES #RockCenterNBC will be airing a very powerful piece on April 5th at 10pm EST/9PM CST. There will be a promo during the Rock Centers show tomorrow night. Lucas Catton and Eric Tenorio discuss all things #Scientology #Narconon.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    winner button.png
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Friday on AxXiom For Liberty Live – Lucas Catton, Colin Henderson on Narconon Arrowhead

    Posted on March 28, 2013 by AxXiom | Leave a comment
    Friday March 29th on AxXiom For Liberty with Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen
    6-8 PM Central CALL IN LINE 512-646-1984
    Listen click ‘Listen’ then choose your Internet speed. Logos Radio Network is a listener supported, free speech radio network and your contributions are vital but you do not have to be a subscriber in order to hear the show.
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  35. anon walker Moderator

    When I took a jerb as a boat cook on a sportfishing boat, I had to take a course for safe fud handling. It ain't rocket science, but it is biology, chemistry and physics.

    From what I've read, like their counselors, their cooks are simply untrained staff or inmates assigned the duty. Maybe not all the stomach problems are from the program. Could be food poisoning; how could you tell with similar symptoms?

    Food service in rehab facilities should be handled by people who know what they're doing, and doing it safely. Nobody ever got sick in my galley! (ok, some did but it was because they were on a boat and I threw them out before they could hurl in my salon!)

    Bottom line, food handling is srs bsns.
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  38. patriot75 Member

    SB295 Public Health Committee Amendment
    there is much more: FULLPCS1 DOUG COX-AM.PDF
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  39. patriot75 Member

    The amendment that was filed by Rep. Doug Cox might be of concern.
    (405) 557-7415
    Looks to me as if they are widening the loophole

    Attached Files:

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  40. patriot75 Member

    from RTTP this one is juicy:,12330.msg30759.html#msg30759
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