Another death at NN Arrowhead, July 19th 2012

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's another new cult press release:

    Measuring the Real-World Impact of Drug Rehab

    System developed at Narconon Arrowhead addresses a demand for rehab centers to monitor their day-to-day results.


    "Survey responses revealed that 73 percent of the graduates contacted had been drug abstinent since they completed their Narconon program and 69 percent had not drunk alcohol to intoxication."
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  2. The Wrong Guy Member

    September 2, 2013 Phone Call to Narconon

    Published by David Love on October 2, 2013

    September 2, 2013: Call to Narconon referral person in Oklahoma, USA, is one of several being processed along with several email communications with Narconons.These Scientology drug rehab centers are dangerous, especially when this referral person insists that patients will be taken off their physician prescribed medications while at Narconon.
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  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    Human Rights Commission cases against Narconon Scientology victims angry

    By David Love

    Earlier today, a formal complaint letter was drafted for delivery Monday morning, October 7, 2013, to Quebec Human Rights Commission president, Mr. Gaétan Cousineau. Three cases involving Narconon Trois-Rivieres and other Scientology entities have been under investigation for nearly 2 years with no confirmed decision.

    One victim said yesterday “this is ridiculous, why do we have to wait so long (years) for justice …”

    The lengthy investigation involving thousands of pages of evidence documents and sworn affidavits from 3 complainants resulted in over 80 pages of factual reports from one investigator. All files and reports have been under review by the Human Rights Commission lawyers for several months now, passing the deadline previously indicated to complainants. Frustration is mounting.

    The 5 cases before the Commission were initiated following grave human rights violations and abuses at the Scientology drug rehab, Narconon Trois-Rivieres. Most importantly, are 3 cases involving a Quebec Charter violation in reference to “disabled persons protected against exploitation” – “Discrimination; Exploitation; Handicap; Dignity; Integrity; Privacy; Sections 1, 4, 5, 10 and 48 of the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

    Although Narconon lawyers from Heenan & Blaikie argued that patients at Narconon were not disabled under the Quebec Human Rights Charter, a Canada Supreme Court decision, following a 7 year battle, decided otherwise. “The Canada Supreme court ruled the SBT and other tribunals most now consider provisions of human rights legislation in rendering all decisions -- alcoholism and drug addiction are disabilities …”

    Continued with open comments at
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  4. Intelligence Member

    Grrrr! I shouldn't even post when I'm this PISSED OFF, but after talking to one NN victim
    last night on the phone, I am LIVID. These *CkSkers* (Carrr and his lying GOONS) are in for
    a whoop-ass, butt-hurt month in October. I've been a wee bit distracted for past month or so following
    the documentary filming in the USA, but back on target now. :)

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  5. Random guy Member

    They're on it again?
  6. RightOn Member

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  7. Intelligence Member

    Without a doubt, media has helped and played a big role in exposing Narconon in the USA
    and Canada. CBC TV in Canada helped shut down NN TR, but we had some serious troubles
    at the beginning with CBC TV Radio Canada after they interviwed me and 2 other victims in other
    Provinces for a show.

    The video footage of the other 2 victims went missing --- disappeared from the TV Station!!!

    So, ^^^ this important expose show never did air.

    NOW, we have a different National TV Producer in Canada interested, and I can not identify
    them just yet. When CBC TV received "leaked dox from Anonymous" in Trois-Rivieres, they
    were all over NN TR.

    I suspect this new TV Producer may also receive "leaked dox" ..... not sure *WINK* :)

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  8. RightOn Member

    very curious. hmm
  9. Anonymous Member

    Such a tease. Can't wait for this one. Go David!
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  10. Intelligence Member

    LOL, ya', such a tease, eh', but hard at work into the wee hours of each morning trying to get
    shit done. Spoke to National TV Producer this morning and something may come of it (WINK) ...
    we'll see in due course.

    I have spoken to many agencies and governments in Canada and we seem to be on the same page ....
    just need to grow some BALLS in certain areas, in my opinion thus far?

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  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    Today the cult issued yet another press release:

    Oklahoma Parents Share Their Experience with Narconon Arrowhead Program

    Approximately 70% of Narconon program graduates have been reported to live drug abstinent lives for time periods ranging from 6 months to several years, based on decades of graduate surveys, reviews, and reports from staff and recent outcome studies.
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  12. Enturbuleak Member

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  13. DeathHamster Member

    I'm surprised that they didn't work in their pay-to-publish paper into their PR.

    (There's a podcast at the bottom of that thread that talks about how crapulant the "peer review" is on most of those journals.)
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  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    That press release begins with "Linda and Lyman S. watched their son struggle with his addiction..."

    Searching turns up many references to Lyman Spurlock.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Amazing coincidences!
  16. RightOn Member

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  17. anonamus Member

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  18. RightOn Member

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  19. Aurora Member

    November 1st fast approaches. Anybody have any ideas on what the new law will accomplish regarding Arrowhead? Timelines they have to comply with, etc?
  20. Anonymous Member

    Toronto Radio Show host, Mark Elliot, invited David Love on his show this evening to talk all things Scientology Narconon ... show begins at 11:05 EST and David will be on about 11:30PM EST. Link to LIVE Show listen in is at top left of website.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    based on the recent dox required, narconon is too profitable for them to want a successful rehab. They want repeat "customers". Its revolting.
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  22. Intelligence Member

    October 26, 2013: Mark Elliot from TalkNews1010 Toronto, interviews David Edgar Love about NarCONon in Canada and elsewhere. Elliot is an Interventionist and Certified Addiction Councellor and hosts a weekly Live Radio show every Saturday

    from 11:05pm til 2 am. Discussion targeted on more openings of NarCONon in Canada and how to stop them. Mark Elliot websites:
    Saturday Radio Show Link Here:

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  23. Quentinanon Member

    Mark Elliot is a great radio host. Thanks for that informative interview, David!
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  24. DeathHamster Member

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  25. RightOn Member

    you rang?
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  26. DeathHamster Member


    1991 is calling. They want Narconon closed!
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  27. Anonymous Member

    11,124,083, total revenue for 2011. That's why they are still open. They make money. As long as they make money, the cult will find a way to keep them open.

    F20 - Substance Abuse Dependency, Prevention & Treatment???????????????

    That's what they are labeled as for their tax status. Has anyone ever looked into the IRS regulations for this? They were awarded this status in 1973. Maybe we missed something here. I am late to the party, so if this has been pursued before, let me know.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Let's see;

    1. State Mental Health recommends denying the certification

    2. Psychiatrist hired by state says Narconon's treatment could be risky.

    3. Narconon's Dr. prescribes Valium and sedatives over the phone without interviewing the patient (is that legal?)

    4. Does not have an on-site doctor

    5. Is not drug free so Narconon lies

    6. Kirstie Alley says not to worry about the details but it works so Narconon should be certified

    7. Dr. Tennant when ask does it work replies " "Beats me. There's no scientific evidence that it does. What's important is they apparently don't hurt." (but it does kill)

    Yea, I can understand why the state can't decide what to do.

    If the state recommends denying the certification and the state hired psychiatrist says the treatment could be risky if they remain open does that open the state for a law suit when the next person dies?
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Sorry didn't notice date of article
  30. DeathHamster Member

    I'll be glad when I've got all the articles indexed, keyworded, and in chronological order. It's tough to make sense of the whole saga when every tenth story is another "Narconon closed ..". It was definitely The Thing That Would Not Die!

    It should also make a nice shift in search engine results.
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  31. BigBeard Member

    And whoever the nurse is that gets hire will be fired the week after they get certification, if they get certification to begin with.

  32. RightOn Member

    I agree. How on earth are they going to hire a "legit" nurse to stay employed after she sees what goes on there?
    Ain't gonna happen. OR they may be able to find a nurse who is willing to be paid off. OR start sending some scilons through nursing school.
    shit, did I just give them an idea?
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  33. DeathHamster Member

    The story was from 1991, but shows how empty their promises are. Decades down the line, Narconon Arrowhead didn't have anyone licensed to hand out medication, none of the others did, and Clark Carr was promising the same damned thing to people in Hockley Valley Ontario.
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  34. BigBeard Member

    Ooops! Missed the story date. But your right DH, it just goes to show the one thing narCONon is consistent at over the years is telling lies.

  35. lulzRus Member

    They'd have to send some of their SO slaves or other second gen scilons. They are not getting many new first gen recruits right now, and old scilons are old.

    Then the question we have to ask is whether any surviving SO slaves or second gen scilons today have a HS degree. Medical coursework does not consist in word clearing and clay demoing - actual thinking, something Study Tech discourages, is involved.

    Also, we have to wonder whether giving them prolonged contact with wogs and marketable skills might not be the best way for them to get out of sciloonery altogether.
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  36. tinfoilhatter Member

    Do second gen scilons have money to begin with? Can they afford to live outside the sea org?

    I wonder, the tax exempt status on narconon is from 1975. So they have been operating for years. Are their any other articles and stats from pre 1991 that we haven't seen yet? I bet there is a consistent 40 year pattern of failure associated with narconon, and if we were to expose that pattern, i bet the state would stop dragging its feet in closing it down. .
  37. Anonymous Member

    Getting into nursing school is not something someone can just do on a whim and a bit of cash. It is a very competitive field and the schools keep pretty strict standards on admissions. When I was working near a bastion of such education, I worked with a girl who was going to school for chemical engineering because she didn't get admitted to nursing school. That narrows the field down to second-gen publics with not only a public school(or accredited private school) education, a stellar 2-to-4 year stint at university , who possess as well some astoundingly good grades and the ability to interact with professional health care people socially including doctors and psychs.

    There might be a few oldies who were nurses before they signed on, but they're probably a rapidly dwindling resource.
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  38. DeathHamster Member

    What, they can't take the tests supervised by Narconon staff and with cheat-sheets like the certification exams? :rolleyes:
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  39. Anonymous Member
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  40. RightOn Member

    "he’s seen no sign that the state is serious about questioning Narconon’s right to exist. “I’m very disheartened by the whole thing."
    "But I’m not giving up,” he said.
    and YES!
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