Another dumbass blogger

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by AnonymousAleph, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Re: Another dumbass blogger

    Curses! I foolishly fell for all those myth filled court documents and video testimonies! Luana1980 is as clammy as they come, just do some goggle-fu, something like 10k+ results.
  2. CyberChrist Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    man, she's messed up.
    Someone better get to her before her beloved institution is reduced to rubble and she has a major ARC Break.
  3. SeaOrg Slut Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    breaking it down so you guys can bust her balls, im bad at multiquoting so forgive if I break some of them >_<

    What criminal activities, can you sight some? Anthrax and Bomb Threats? Oh boy! I hope you can PROVE these accusations, I'd hate to have you spouting unfounded rumors. By the way, tell me about body thetans, purification run-down and Xenu.

    if a death threat was made it's is a felony these people should file charges with their local state/federal agencies instead of talking to an asshole like you who will just aggrandize the entire fucking situation.

    same answer as the above one.

    enjoy having a one star ranking jerkbait.

    Prove it or shut up.

    Correct it is a criminal RICO enterprise used to extort publics like you from ever figuring out that 75,000,000 years ago the Galactic Overlord Xenu to solve overpopulation problems in his sector of the Confederation of Planets called numerous alien populations in for tax inspections where they were injected with etholine glycol by Psychiatrist agents of Xenu and were frozen and taken to TeeGeeack where they were dropped inside a volcano and had an atomic bomb explode killing them and scattering their souls amongst the denizens of the world.

    *citation necessary PROOF OR SHUT UP

    oh shit here comes the Psychiatry angle right?
  4. Anno Nymous Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    People, Obvious Troll is Obvious. The point is: Anon wants attention, scifags don't. There is no thing such as bad publicity. If they start reading this crap, they are going to look for more on the subject.
  5. Re: Another dumbass blogger

    ^ that is not a ANONtroll site at all, ANON is usually for the quick in and out, I don't see an attention hungry ANON going to that much trouble to create an entire data base of CO$ information for the LULZ it might get from any comments.

    If the site is recent, it's likely a honey pot wear condoms if you post.

    It's a bait site if it's new...they want you to respond. :mrgreen: do so, just don't get AIDS.

    If it's older, it's just a poor clam.

    Do as you will.
  6. SeaOrg Slut Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    yay I spent ten minutes writing that for nothing >_<
  7. Anno Nymous Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    Mr Fetch was a attention whore troll who didn't knew he was one. A lot of people are going to attack anon,either by trolling, either by misinformation. If they actually went to a *chan board, he would know our weakness. Violence? Pff, right. Mailed white powder? Yeah,cause we all know scilos wouldn't do it themselves. Houses that people broke in: Sure, cause we all know anon needs money to pay for starfleet maintence.
  8. Re: Another dumbass blogger

    LOL some ANON will likely still use it and post it at the site. I have no doubt that they will quickly know when the site was created and operate from that perspective with extra large condoms pulled down over their TFHs :mrgreen:

    BUT since you are here, I do have a question.

    I keep reading the autorobotic responses from clams that go like this

    Read Dianetics for youself. I did. I had a lot of questions and I found the answers there.

    So what I want to know is what the HELL were the questions, from the perspective of a former clam what questions did you have in your head that were answered by reading Dianetics and other CO$ lit.?

    Thanks cause this one is bothering me, they all say the same dam thing and I want to know WHAT QUESTIONS, WHAT ANSWERS

    (and if anyone can read Dianetics past the first few pages they should be honored with a FREE lifetime membership in the CO$ (IMHO). :mrgreen:

    And Mr. Fetch has issues, it's clear from watching is videos that his cock ring is on too tight. Really.
  9. UTANON Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    I read about half the comments and the main blog.

    I am embarrassed by the authors blatant stupidity. :roll:

    Edit: I should have phrased that differently.
    *points to post below*
  10. Re: Another dumbass blogger

    Author=stupid but links to other sites there on the right (at least on the page I went to)

    stupid author=lots of comments

  11. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    'Don't feed the troll' doesn't seem like the proper advice here...

  12. Re: Another dumbass blogger

    I've seen this user trolling other entries and news articles before. Sock puppet, troll, or OSA, her propaganda is lulzy.
  13. anon13 Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    I'm starting to find it hard to get lulz from people who are so brainwashed. :( It makes me want to fight just that much more harder for them though. Even "Lu" can get saved from the church. She seems intelligent. Just brainwashed to all hell. She has a convenient excuse for everything. "Oh, that happened 30 years ago." "Oh, the church just wants to make sure the e-meters are functioning." :roll:

    Tom Cruise, however, shall always bring me lulz. :tom: :tom: Pompous ass...
  14. SeaOrg Slut Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    Dianetics offers you a way to understand the human mind and the nature of the human being which are ALL common sense but he presents them in such a way as to be believed as being extraordinary. Again the book is all common sense or a mixture of new age and old age religious bullshit and he writes in such a convincing manner you really do believe he's not just a total fucking conartist and a compulsive liar.
  15. Re: Another dumbass blogger

    Actually, SeaOrg Slut, quick question --

    Is there documentation about the whole "Anonymous is backed by Psychiatry and Big Pharmaceuticals" thing? Is there some document, video, sound recording that we could point to and be like "What the fuck is this?"

    Or is it all just garbage that people write in their blogs and on comment boards (which don't amount to proof for shit).
  16. Re: Another dumbass blogger

    dad was in it for a bit, and he said same thing, they use nuggets of wisdom to extract cash, creating confusing bullshit to complete the trap.
  17. Mouser Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    I couldn't get through it, but that's what my Ma said when she read through the whole thing. (Library copy, for teh lulz) It's just a way to trick yourself into believing that you're not guilty for things and control your emotions (in other words, standard self-help stuff) repackaged in gobbeldygook.
  18. seebs Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    Not for "nothing".

    For practice shredding bad arguments, sanity-checking things you're told, and so on.

    It's good practice!
  19. Re: Another dumbass blogger

    OK thanks for that. It is just hard for me to comprehend that people with questions like that would not just start with a simple google search of "why are we all here" or "what's it all mean" or just read I'm OK you're OK..the library is one man holds the all that sage stuff.

    I cannot read his writting past the third page it is so bad, really really bad writting. (this is a professional opinion) and I wonder how often people who have lower reading comprehension scores might be reading that book expecting to be wowed because they were told they would be...and maybe pretended to understand it more than they really did? (insert the Emperor has no Clothes.)?? I think of all the Celebs with barely a highschool education and there are quite a few of them in the CO$. AND TC had dyslexia? If he was dyslexic how could make it past page one? Books on Tape??? And I am not saying the people who claimed to be helped by it were stupid at all, I know PhDs that cannot write a sentence but can build a rocket...but to me it seems so odd that people so willingly get in line behind any other human and set that human above themselves.
  20. CZGrey Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger much...idiocy to deal with otherwise.

    Yeah because we all know there's no way in hell you could take the exact same things and say "HEY! That describes certain members in Scientology
    OH! Is that why they won't talk? because they're afraid Anonymous will threaten or destroy them? And here I thought it was because they've all been ordered not to or brainwashed so they can't!...Oh. Wait.. that's EXACTLY why they don't come out and talk openly about their ideas/"religion"
    Right...all those "I'm not a scientologist but.."'s along with the other plants or trolls were only responding to presumed bigotry...hmmm but wait...there's more to it?
    Ahem... This is Kettle calling Pot...come in Pot..

    and once again I look at that and I have to say... same to you baby...enjoy your cult. I'll enjoy knowing that at least I have the right to say what I think and know that no one above me is going to tell me it makes me an SP... oh wait...I forgot...we still have to deal with all the Politcally Correct's running around...ahhh well it can't all be perfect.
  21. Green Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    This response is absolutely beautiful, and also so powerful that you made her disable comments in defeat. Kudos to whoever posted this.

    It's hard to make someone who perceives you as an enemy try to understand you as anything other than an enemy. Though I still don't think the author of this blog gets Anon and probably never will, this is the most eloquent way of putting it.

    On a further note I think it's pretty insane that they can't grasp the fact that there's no leaders and this entire movement practically materialized out of thin air. They think we're some group with a normal hierarchy that's had it out for Scientology for years.
  22. Re: Another dumbass blogger

    This makes me wonder.

    I wonder if there isn't some sort of inside "task force" that is scaring the Scientologists from the inside? That there are people that are making these calls who work for the church to start their own rumors to keep people in line and in fear.

    I know if I was in a church like this, and a statement was made about a group of bad people, and then one of my "friends" had an experience with it, I would be more apt to believe the propaganda the church is spinning, rather that believe some anonymous person.

    I really do not think there is a limit on how low this organization will stoop to keep their people afraid and controlled. Besides the Marcab story is only good for OT's, they have to do something to keep the PreClears in, don't you think?

    More brain washing, more manipulation.

    Sick, sick, sick.
  23. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    of course there isn't -

    lets make some !!! that can later be revealed as a troll once CoS have repeatedly cited it!!
  24. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    People will construct a reality that is the most comfortable for them. This is hardly unique to lu or scientology.

    If she is told by people she loves and cares about, that it has come down from the head office that anonymous is out to hate, that their expressed tolerance of scientology belief is a lie, that people have been sent death threats, she wont question it.

    When someone she does not know challenges this, the simplest explanation which is the most comfortable is that they are lying. This lays the first brick of what is essentially a substitution of reality. And act, or expression, irregardless of its positiveness, will be spun somewhat unconsciously, to being negative. Her reaction to the expressions of love for example, were instantly taken as being false and threatening, because if they were true, that would mean other assumptions might also be untrue, causing the false reality she had built to preserve her beliefs integrity to crack.

    And you know what, it can be the same for us. Our first reaction on instinct to anything scientology is its a scam. Or a front. But the fact is, those actions if helpful being carried out by low level scientologists who honestly care and think they are doing good. You cant argue them into thinking its bad or wrong. The fact that it is a smokescreen for the top level dealings of the church will be immaterial to them. They will never take our word over theirs initially.

    Even if Lu is osa, she is still a human being. Personally, i think she is either OSA lying through her teeth, or low rank pre OT trying to defend against what she has imagined us to be.

    I also think its fascinating that the picture that the church is painting of us, is more or less a mirror of the picture of them we have built up from court documents etc. Maybe that's why they are so determined that we have a leadership.

    Sadly, the worst part of the substitution of reality with preferred interpretations of reality is that as time passes, the leaps taken to maintain the altered world view become more and more drastic and logic defying. With each passing moment, the effect the destruction of this altered perception will have on the person becomes more and more pronounced, leading to ones 'world falling apart' suddenly in a worst case scenario.

    I don't know when that day will come for lu. But for her, and for people like her, we have to be ready to catch them when they fall.

    She finds the anon position of respecting her beliefs a joke. We can easily respond with the fact we have nothing against freezoners. Her first reaction will be to think that even if this is true, its a ploy to make people / media / potential people leaving the church feel at false ease. She comments on snow white etc being all in the past. Yet a simple browse of this article reveals scientology being caught with their hand in the cookie jar from then till now. ... l_behavior

    She also, mentions the people prosecuted in snow white were misguided and against the spirit of the tech. Does she realise these people were all high ranking, nay top ranking members of scientology, who took the fall, as opposed to the thousands of agents they had actually carry out the deeds? Does this not in itself prove that the leadership of scietology can be corrupted. Could be corrupted? Is corrupt? She will not put much weight on it.

    No fact or court document will ever reach someone like lu.

    All we can do, is dig in for the long haul, be compassionate, and be ready to make the catch.

    And were i to post this to her blog how would she see it. A clever and elaborate facade of kindness. Because lu, and all like her, are just one though away from being free.
  25. nzanon Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    Yeah I think it's best to post replies with compassion and say we care about her and are worried for her than be obstructive and argue with her. If she gets into a conversation with us and realises that we are alright people and she has been lied to, she might begin to question her beliefs.
  26. Re: Another dumbass blogger

    D'oh! Thought so... I guess my caek was a lie after all...
  27. Re: Another dumbass blogger

  28. CandyWaffles Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    Even if Scientology spreads lies about anonymous, it doesn't matter, even if it strengthens the resolve of a few, it will weaken more. In fact, it is probably better if they do think we are evil and attacking them. The more recluse they become, the more restricted they will become, and the more likely people will have an epiphany and go "ok, this is too far". Scientology gets away with it's abuses because they happen slowly, by forcing them to move quickly, people will spot them, especially with so many rumors circling the air. Of course, we don't want them to be more oppressed, we want the opposite, but either way is really a win for us because it will eventually all lead to the same thing. Any wall will break if you hit it for long enough, unfortunately our actions will likely make the lives of scientologists more miserable in an attempt to make them less miserable.
  29. chanson Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    luana1980 is more than the usual dumbass blogger/troll, IMO. Of all the scilons I've run into online, she's one of the few who tries to defend the CoS with some degree of reason and use of evidence. Granted, extremely biased evidence and somewhat blinkered reason, but at least she's willing to talk on 'neutral' ground to an extent. :roll:

    This. I hope she'll be able to break through the walls of her own Truman Show, as Magoo would put it.
  30. Re: Another dumbass blogger

    This isn't breaking news.
  31. Dagon Akujin Member

  32. RandomTexfag Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    Guys what the fuck?

    Don't we have an active downstat campaign?

    All this hippy "ignore her, she's not important" shit gets on my nerves when we use it after we get a REAL opportunity.
  33. chanson Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    Not advocating we ignore her. Many Anons are keeping the questions and counterquestions going at that site, and by all rights we shouldn't be stopping. 8) Join in yourself, but remember this particular playground should be a place for the more solid, logical arguments than pure downstat spammishness. There's plenty of other battlefields on the Internet where that belongs.
  34. Legione Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    I emailed her about the scientology myths thing a while ago, her response was actually pretty intelligent - i was very polite, and she addressed my concerns as (i acted like someone interested in joining, but not sure due to that meany Anonymous) very well - if i didnt know what i know now, id be convinced. I brought up Snow White and Freakout, and her response was that what was done to paulette cooper was horrible, and that she had no control over what some rogue scientology people did. Actually fairly well informed, but also definitely OSA - didnt lie about xenu, just pretended it didnt exist.
  35. chanson Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    Either that, or she's not even at OT III yet and hasn't found out. (I noticed she wouldn't tell what OT level she was. )
  36. CZGrey Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    well currently s/he has closed off the comments. Although they promise to open it again at a later date. now that I've had my chance to vent my spleen here, I feel I must state a few other things.
    I agree that treating Lu with some compassion is far more rewarding than simply hammering her for lulz. Of course the nice thing about this place is you can make a joke, laugh about it, and then get back to being serious. I really don't see that possibility with Lu's site.
    Yes what they think is indeed a darker mirror image of what we see. But I notice that Lu fails to acknowledge that fact at all...instead seeking to cast everyone as "Hypontized" zombie grunts following a few powerful Liars and people with an Axe to grind.. and those are their words not mind. not entirely their words obviously but the main gist is all his/hers, baby.

    Anyone invited Lu here for a REAL discussion? With people who have been in scientology, know what it's like and able to communicate on a roughly similar understanding? I mean it's obvious they won't take any Anon's word for it or believe any site, because every site that's not pro-Scientology is obviously built on lies, untruths, and imagination.

    I feel for Lu, but sympathy for the devil doesn't mean I have to be an idiot and believe what they tell me hook line and Sinker... and I would really LOVE to see Lu try and debate with Wise Beard Man, Artie, Andreas, and Magoo.
  37. anon13 Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    As far as I can tell, she hasn't closed off comment. She's just deleting them. If you have a point, post it. There is no harm. Maybe it'll get through to her eventually.
  38. sudopod Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    Never mind, this is better

    (I'm not cool enough to poast without reading the comments yet, lol)
  39. Anon65 Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    She is the person behind
    At least she is willing to discuss with us, even though she lies all the time.

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