Another dumbass blogger

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by AnonymousAleph, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. CZGrey Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    sent this on Lu's open forum, wonder if he/she will agree

    chances are the blogger will simply dismiss it as lies or such.
  2. AnonymousNow Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    Logic dictates that she is OSA and this is a very controlled situation, probably intended to funnel criticism and energy into an area wherein the COS has total control. They may also have access to IP data, so it could be an information farming project.

    Doesn't make much sense in my mind to spend energy over there. Can't get through to people specifically chosen because they do not care about the truth. I don't think you will be able to openly talk with the average non OSA COS members over there-- they would all be plants.
  3. CZGrey Member

    Re: Another dumbass blogger

    people have already done the "post with We Care About You" thing. The reaction is still "Yeah right". Whoever it is is just as skeptical of us as we are of them. Although a big push is being made over there to get Lu to post a thread up for reasonable discussion on Enturbulation... not going so well as they say their main problem is the word Enturbulation means "Harm" in scientology... but apparently would be willing to talk in a ... umm..less uncomfortable?... forum? Any suggestions folks?
  4. Re: Another dumbass blogger

    "Stole a little bit from Nietzsche, a little from Jung, a little from Freud..."

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