Another One Leaves The Cult (in Ireland)

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by pedrofcuk, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. pedrofcuk Member

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  2. Anonymous Member

    I can see why because his manipulation technique is good.
  3. AnonyVix Member

    Oddly I agree with this argument, perception can be skewed by the amplification of one argument such as through YouTube. I've always said most members of the church of scientology are decent people who really do only wish to make a difference, that the problem is they have been convinced by the small number of corrupt and corrupting individuals at the top that the only way to really help is through (selling) scientology in support of the church of scientology. An organisation does not need to be made up predominately of corrupt individuals it just needs for those individuals to be at the top. The lower down and further away you get from the top the less obvious the corruption becomes. No offence but Ireland is a pretty distant outpost and Saint Hill has an effective façade for visitors, as do most scilon hubs. That said I'm sure Gerade Ryan is heavily influenced by the double-think of acceptable truths too.
    Party line of course. Maybe demotion did result in Rinder and Rathbun's defection, sudden discomfort will do that, but it doesn't necessarily negate the evidence they give and the church of scientology's own aggressive actions towards them and others demonstrate what it's all about anyway.
    As a minion Gerard really probably believes this. All Gerard will have seen is the clever obfuscation of the money trails that funnel in to the church of scientology (David Miscavige) coffers. One only needs to look at David Miscavige's lavish life style, he wants for nothing, to know that money is coming from somewhere to support him even if on paper he has barely two beans to rub together.
  4. AnonyVix Member

    Oblique reference to Joseph's multi-coloured dream coat (stolen by his jealous brothers iirc), intriguing. We could and have provided specifics. The Sea Org policy is indeed that a pregnant woman cannot be in the Sea Org. however what is not mentioned is that rather than be giving a comparable desk job or maternity leave as would occur in regular industry by law she is given a choice of being seriously demoted or leaving or....
    Clever, playing to the church of scientology programming that if you have not witnessed it with your own eyes in person (not on YouTube which was subtly discredited earlier) then you cannot believe it.
    Demanding specifics again with the if you haven't seen it argument planted. Claims of violation of human-rights using recent controversy ("hacked" emails) something he should be able to see for himself. Followed by more claims which in substance are no more than the claims made by Rinder and Rathbun, in fact he's not claiming personal attacks rather attacks on others. Disingenuous you may think but Gerard has bolstered his credibility by referring to something that can be confirm - in so much as personal emails are on the web. As far as I'm aware character assassinations have not taken place, characters have been discussed but that's not quite the same thing. I don't believe anyone has tried to destroy a person's reputation by say contacting all their neighbours and asking if they'd seen any crimes or writing defamatory emails or letters to work colleagues of that person. Oh wait, the church of scientology OSA does that all the time. They even get film crews to noisily "investigate" (harass) people, ah but that's YouTube evidence. >.< What to believe?
    The no-one is perfect but the protesters are worse argument couched in soft fluffy light heartedness - it's just a joke, no big deal really. They have no "beingness" with me really.
    I'm sure you do, you really believe you do. The programming is much cleverer though. It's not that you feel repressed it's that you really don't want to ask, look or say anything. Why would you, that way lies insanity and loss of personal salvation and all you hold dear and in that you are content.
    Actually most of them really do and that's the truly sad part. You have to agree with the 2nd part because it's essentially true - it's all about getting them to say "yes" at the end so they implicitly accept all you've just said. (classic sales psychology borrowed by the church of scientology).
    Of course you do, the best being coming back to the fold where you belong, but if you attract the ire of the church of scientology I didn't wish it, you brought it on yourself. No it really isn't if you recognise your "mistakes", agree to realign with the church of scientology and behave like a proper Ronbot we'll gladly sell you more services (including those needed to rehabilitate you) in the belief that we're doing the right thing.
    Gerard Ryan.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Erm...wot? Gerard has always been like this.
  6. AnonLover Member

    I'm not familiar with Gerard's history of how he usually goes about handling other disenchanted members, so perhaps its just me. But in general, the whole tone of that response seemed very soft shoe / tread lightly / kid gloves applied.

    And in particularly, this part of it had my jaw dropped:

    The "denial" factor just seems abnormally downplayed. and rather than a hardline "deny, deny, deny - attack!" i sense some give-and-take I'm not used to seeing... and lo and behold, signs of confront (albeit small ones).
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  7. pedrofcuk Member

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  8. lol very nice ^^
  9. Dietzy Member

    That was great, if you know this guy, tell him, he officially has a fan!!!
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  10. pedrofcuk Member

    Yay, I have a fan!
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  11. hey :( least 2
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  12. pedrofcuk Member

  13. AnonLover Member

    3! <3 U pedro!!!
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  14. SPRTT Member

    Four. Moar than 9000, in truth!

    And on that note, Pedro, MOAR in general.
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  15. Cinqo de pedro......5
  16. Dietzy Member

    I have been inspired, I am writing a letter to my Org back home (which will no doubt be sent to the big Boston one). I will post here as well as any replies, just for fun. I refuse to be a part of this anymore, even if it is only in their twisted minds. They can't hurt me, my family and I have no money or assets to sue, and I haven't done anything to be sued for so why should I be afraid!
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  17. Anonymous Member

    You don't owe them an explanation. Screw them.

    If you are in the mood for writing, consider writing for as wide an audience as possible?
  18. Dietzy Member

    I am already drafting a message to Dr. Bergeron (My old Dean at University) which I hope will have some impact. I was thinking to include whatever response I recieved from the cult in that. I am not sure what the response will be, nice and sweet (honey getting flies) or guilty (abandoning the whole of humankind, for selfish reasons). I just did a You tube channel (which is empty) and I may blog about it. I am thinking of creating a blog about my adventures here in Asia, which would have to include how I got here and why. There are just so many blogs and blog sites I am not sure where to start or even if it is worth to add to that mess.

    Thanks though
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  19. pedrofcuk Member

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  20. AnonyVix Member

    This is great pedro, now we just need an Irish folk band to put together some music and perform it. That would be a cracker.
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  21. Horus Member

    I think it's just his personal way of dealing with an ex-scilon and an attempt to fit Duggan leaving cos into his mental framework...

    Do we know of any instances/ have proof of double bookkeeping? Someone must know the real accounts, otherwise the money cannot get to DM... Would loooove to have a look at those!
  22. AnonyVix Member

    Short answer, no. If we did we'd doubtless go to the authorities. The thing is I doubt it's visible at the local org level they just get hit with tons of charges for expenses that drain the money away. To them all the charges are legit. I expect that down the line you will start to see "padding" such as license fees etc. All of which seems legit.

    My guess is the place to start would be the core to find out how the money soak is justified. Thing is I expect the core isn't really a core but a large group of apparently unconnected, on paper at least, corporate shells in various tax havens around the world that are constantly changing.

    Miscavige doesn't need to be the director listed on paper for any of them to be in control. The classic trick is to be "financial controller" with undated resignations on file for all the "directors". The protection being if they abscond with the money as a director then they are "resigned" the day prior and would be hit for the money back; the other protection is you never leave enough money in one place to make it worth the hassle and you pay your directors a modest amount to balance off any temptation they may have - or in Miscavige's case you scare them with the withdrawal of eternity or the threat of a sound thrashing by his best friend "TC", at least according to the stories.
  23. Horus Member

    If DM is using shell companies, he doesn't even have to list any director, a firm number and a bank account (of course registered in a country with closed bank accounts) is enough... :( I had a couple of very interesting university lectures on how untraceable shell companies are created... was just wondering if any high-level defectors had brought anything with them, but alas no such luck! And the "trickle up" of money due to "charges" sounds like a pretty rational way of getting the money, however a structure like that requires someone to know the overall picture, and DM cannot keep track of everything by himself (even classical pyramid-structure fraudsters need accomplices)... my point is, that somewhere someone knows... but you're right, DM unluckily does have the big "stick" being the chairman.
  24. AnonyVix Member

    The funny thing is he just needs someone to smack him upside the head and take the stick off him. If he doesn't date the resignations, they don't get used he can be removed. This isn't going to happen though. Abduction by aliens though... :D
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  25. Horus Member

    Maybe if we're really lucky a piece of that satellite will smash into his corporate jet and finally give us some peace from all his blabbering! :D
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Ger Ryan is a battered and bruised character - having been through the mills with the major court case in Ireland and the infamous Late Late Show which all but shut the movement down in Ireland. Ger was front and centre in both situations.

    He acknowledges that even though guys like Marty and Mike have been in the 'church' for donkey's years, they can still act bat-shit-crazy. If his other 3 brothers weren't also the main pillars of scio in Ireland, he may have hopped on the indie band wagon many moons ago. He's still solidly in the LRH camp though.

    As opposed to mission-holder Ger Collins (who's already audited out Xenu & the body thetans), who time and time again "cares enough about the individual" to get them to run up massive debts without question. Ger was quoted in the Irish papers as giving this great insight :: "you give them some LRH and they go 'whoa', you give them some more LRH and they go 'whoa".

    Ger Collins is a black & white, full-throttle-Tom-Cruise-style character who'll continue to run the mission with emphasis on Hubbard ethics tech.
    Disasterously, in other words.

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  27. pedrofcuk Member

    "You give them some LRH and they go 'whoa', you give them some more LRH and they go 'whoa".

    Great quote, one of my favourites.
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  28. SPRTT Member

    Pedro...see what you did thar? I love you, man.

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Like fuck he was. Think you will find that was a scifag publication.
  30. Anonymous Member

    That is Gerard all over. Take his classic line of “we ain’t making any money”. Any money the Irish mission makes on selling auditing (they have no mark-up on materials/books/lectures) is used to send someone off to the USA for training, hence the accounts never showing a profit.

    Missions tend to be much less abuse than the orgs, and this is something that Gerard has used time and time again in his responses.
  31. Anonymous Member

    my mistake! thanks for the correction

  32. A more recent video of Peter Mansell verbally assaulting two ladies protesting in Clearwater. What a Tool.

    The Late/Late Show video above was filmed around 1990 with Peter Mansell claiming 8 million members at that time. LOL.

    With all of the incredible expansion proclaimed by "Ecclesiastical" Leader David Miscavige every year since then there should be at least 20 million in 2011 over 20 years later.

    Religious surveys taken in the U.S. put the maximum in this country at 50,000 and as low as 25,000.

    My guess is the number of ex-scientologist Sea-Org members may now outnumber the few left who were 'chosen" after many were called. In reality if anyone answers the call, they are immediately chosen to be dauntless, defiant and resolute Sea-Org recroits for 50 bux a week working about 70 to 80 hours a week.

    Dauntless, Defiant and Resolute describes the never-ending member abuses in the L. Ron Hubbard 'Church' of Scientology being perpetrated daily for 60 years and ongoing.

    No 'Religion' should be above the law. Believe what you want, but abuses should be prosecuted.

    It's always nice to see another one leaving the cult. All the Best to you, Martin Duggin, congratulations.......
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  33. pedrofcuk Member

    Mansell is a cunt.
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  34. Demented LRH Member

    The Scilon quoted at this thread is very eloquent but extremely stupid, which reminds me of Hubbard. Who said that people with above average linguistic abilities cannot be retards at the same time?
  35. xenubarb Member

    Needs fiddles and drums, yes?
  36. AnonyVix Member

    Yeah, different music but in the same style as this, Stuart Wyatt of PlymouthScientology:

    Stu is on the Fiddle BTW
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  37. SPRTT Member

    Here is a polite request for glockenspiel. Barring that, I'll settle for a cover by the Chieftains. We have to be willing to compromise.
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  38. xenubarb Member

    Stu "Beep-Beep" FTW! He's a great musician and enturbulator.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Was LRH a retard?
  40. AnonyVix Member

    No because he convinced a lot of people to give him money. He was a lot of things but he was not a retard. That said he was a lot of things worse than a retard.
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