Another Scientology Related Death? Tayler Tweed aka Tayler DeBari

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by RightOn, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. RightOn Member

    If this is already out there bork it

    Another freaking suicide.

    "Tayler Tweed: Death of a young Scientologist
    On Friday, January 10, Tayler Tweed killed herself with a gunshot to the head. She was 27.
    On Saturday, a memorial was held for her at Scientology’s Hollywood Celebrity Centre as family and friends gathered to remember the attractive young woman who had been working on a career in music and acting (as Tayler DeBari).
    Before her death, Tayler had begun voicing doubts about Scientology publicly, and complained bitterly about the church’s “disconnection” policy on her Facebook page. She later was convinced to take those posts down. But even just a few weeks before her death, she was telling friends that she was done with Scientology."

    RIP TayIer
    I find this story VERY disturbing. Her scientologist mother says her death had nothing to do with Scientology, I disagree. She has a history of depression? Well, Scientology certainly didn't help her.
    And her mother sounds like an idiot. Sorry

    From Tony's article:
    "We talked yesterday with Tayler’s mother, Cathy Tweed, and she assured us that Tayler’s “upsets” with Scientology had nothing to do with why she took her life."

    Tony agrees with the mother?
    "(The Underground Bunker agrees with her on that point. People kill themselves because they are depressed, and Tayler certainly suffered from depression. We think it’s a mistake to conclude that Tayler’s issues with Scientology had anything to do with why she took her life.)"

    Sorry I disagree with Tony.
    Was she seeing a psychiatrist? Getting any other help than Scientology?
    I guess we don't know for sure, but I have to disagree with Tony that COS had nothing to do with her suicide
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  2. RightOn Member

    also this line from her Mother killed me:
    “She just went into a bedroom and shot herself and that was it,” Cathy says. There was no question that it was suicide, and Cathy says she’s trying to respect her daughter’s choice.
    “We were shocked that she did that,” she says. “But I’m at peace with what happened.”

    Why does she have to say there is no question it was suicide and how can she be at peace with what happened? Yeah I know people are going to say this is not the time to criticize the parent who just lost their child, but you know what? fuck it. It was the way that Tayler was laid to rest and what her mother said that shaped my opinion about this tragedy. I am jaded? Damn straight!
    And I am going to hell for this, but it almost looks like her mother almost sounded relieved that this "PR flap" or PTS is gone. sorry
    The COS wanted people (Scientologists) to think that Tayler was in good standing with the church when she died, even though her Face Book page said otherwise? (Bet yah it is wiped totally CLEAN since she was "convinced" to remove it)
    Poor Tayler's life being controlled even after she died.

    edited: looks like Tayler attended Delphi and Mojave Academy. Nice going. She never had a chance :(
    Also looks like her Mom has been in for 22 years? and thatTayler would have been about 4 years old when her mother got in, if I did the math correctly (not one of my strong points).
    It may be longer, her mother's first COS course started in 1991
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  3. amaX Member

    Blowtega is certainly being quite accommodating to the mother.

    Blowtega reports that Tayler made "bitter" remarks about Scientology's disconnection policy on her facebook page and was "convinced" to take them down. Taylor was also telling friends she was done with Scientology weeks before her death.

    But then Blowtega agrees with Tayler's mom that the cult had nothing to do with her taking her own life? Let me use Blowtega's own words in this very blogpost to explain the horrors of facing disconnection:

    "Scientology’s “disconnection” rips apart families by requiring members to cut off all contact with people who have been excommunicated from the church — even if that means children turning away from parents, or vice versa. It’s one of Scientology’s most toxic policies, and the reason that many longtime members have defected in recent years."

    He writes those words and then writes that he thinks the cult had nothing to do with her death? Unbelievable.

    I agree with RO that Scientology had everything to do with this young woman's suicide. As RO said Tayler didn't stand a chance being born into the cult and schooled at Delphi. She was trying to shed the cult and was most probably being bombarded 24/7 by family and faux cult friends to straighten up and get back in line. She needed some place safe and she needed psychiatric help. Neither are available in the sci-cult world. The pressure must have been intense and surreal.

    Rest in peace, Taylor. There are some people who are truly mourning that you are gone instead of paying big bucks to get the family back in cult good graces and then go get tatted up.
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  4. 289

    RolandRB said:
    The children who were born into Scientology or were forced into it at an early age are pure victims. They never had a choice. They never chose to be Scientologists therefore they are not Scientologists and never were, in my mind. When they leave, they are not leaving Scientology and becoming exes. They are merely escaping from the clutches of a cult - something which requires an extraordinary amount of bravery. It is their parents who made the choice and forced it upon them. I should have clarified that it is those who chose to join and do not leave, even though they see the abuses all around them, who are the weaklings and cowards. For parents of children who have forced them into Scientology them I have nothing but disgust for them. They are much lower than weaklings and cowards. They are child abusers.
  5. RightOn Member

  6. Sounds like there was more to it than is being reported. I agree she would have gotten more help out of sci, and if mama was a clam, of course she's bound to see her daughter as better off dead than incapable. I means she's shopping for bodies at the Venus implant station now, right?

    Poor girl. After reading Jenna's book and the books of other cult (not necessarily sci) kids who have escaped I've begun to feel quite sorry for second-gens. Social/peer pressure to stay in in much stronger for them than their parents and they still have to battle that 'how could you believe that?' incredulity from the public even though we all know that getting kids to believe absurd things when young is a hallmark of cultural indoctrination no matter it's flavor. Given her background, seeing a shrink may have been unthinkable, even if she no longer considered herself a sci. Former 2cd gen COG kids report a huge number of suicides in their ranks, I'm sure the numbers would be applicable to a lot of other cult kids as well. It does no one any good to simply mark it down to depression as if depressive thoughts and behaviour were always some kind of vaporous victorian hysteria with no basis in the sufferer's life and reality.

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  7. RightOn Member

    looks like she was in a band with Joe Dexter? Civil Lane?
    she went to Delphi and Mojave and then she started to push away from COS? She joined a band and got tats. She became disillusioned with the COS and started speaking about about it on Face Book. They (her mother and COS?) "convinced" her to remove all that content she had about speaking out about her anger and how she wanted to step away and about COS disconnection, so she remove the FB content so not to create a PR flap and have her mother and others connected to her be labeled PTS.
    She was depressed and getting no help from the cult, her mother or friends in the cult and her depression and pressure from everyone to "make it go right" got the best of her. She probably felt trapped and that she had no one to turn to or no way to turn.
    She would rather not be here than bend to the cult or her mother and their pressure?
    Again all speculation.
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  8. Very sad! I remember her from when we worked at a Scio business a few years. She seemed like a nice girl. I'll bet that cult had a major influence on her committing suicide. Not the first time this has happened to young people growing up having Scio parents.
  9. RightOn Member

    I saw an RIP message to Tayler on a page where someone drew a picture of her. Which was posted FIVE days ago.
  10. Here's some info for lurking sci kids who are looking for support outside the cult:

    Kristina and Celeste Jones grew up in the COG cult. Since leaving they have received degrees in psychology and now run a couple of organizations for former cult kids of all stripes:
    Safe Passage and RISE international (resources, information, socialization, education) which protect children and former child adherents escaping extremist cults.

    To learn more about these two and their sister Juliana, please read "Not without My Sister". The parallels with Jenna Miscavige's book are unmistakable even though the cult is different.

    Please, do not give the cult the satifaction of another silenced voice. The outside world is not as terrible as it is made out to be and there are people who care out here.
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  11. LLLLL Member

    A commenter calling himself John Doe posted this in the bunker today:

    I am a long time friend of Tayler’s and have been in touch with her over the last several months. She commented at length about Scientology, and her mental issues were exacerbated by her auditing cycles. She admitted that she had made multiple suicide attempts in previous years. She was regularly having suicidal thoughts and always been sent to auditing or naturopaths instead of to a competent mental health provider.
    After an intensive program delivered by a field group last summer, Tayler was once again suicidal. Instead of being referred to a mental health provider, the church attempted to sell another expensive auditing package to her family. Tayler, feeling herself worse off after her last auditing cycle and a recent break-up, refused more auditing. By the end of October, she said she was DONE with Scientology. She was making contact with family members who had left the church, and expressing her outrage at church fundraising and treatment of SO staff. She never returned to the church.
    Her family tried to handle and began to disconnect, leaving Tayler very much adrift. As a struggling artist with mental illness, Tayler had relied on her parents for financial support, which she could no longer rely on. At one point, she expressed frustration at being blamed for making her SO brother ill (whom she had not seen for years). She was despondent about being alone for the holidays. We last spoke a couple days before her suicide, and she was excited about starting classes at the Art Institute in Audio Production, but still very much depressed and in a volatile state of mind. Never once was she mean or nasty towards me.
    Tayler clearly suffered from mental illness throughout her life, and never received the treatment she needed. I wish she had taken counsel and gone to see a mental health care provider, but without health insurance or financial backing, she felt it was impossible. Tayler had not been out of Scientology very long, and the fear of modern medicine stuck with her still.
    Rest in Peace Taylor, I will always remember you as a firecracker and kindhearted soul who wanted to save the world.
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  12. Incredulicide Member

    Another one from Room 101:

    "I also knew who Tayler was. She was very much trying to leave Scientology. I had an argument with one of our close friends the other day. She said, "Well there may have been other things going on besides just the Church situation." Her mother said the same thing when interviewed here. In my opinion, that makes it so much fucking worse that a Church would be harassing a girl while she was going through mental depression and life problems. Shame on you, Scientology. You fucks. This girl was beautiful. And smart. And talented. And YOU made her think she was sick and evil."
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  13. Quentinanon Member

    I think Tony Ortega is a mixed bag: In this case, he made factual statements about the disconnection practice, but then, takes this girl's death out of context and parrots what her brainwashed, emotionally deadened mother says about her daughter's suicide. I have seen too many instances like this from him, so I stopped reading his blog.
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  14. Both sides, besides her words are angering the world
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  15. RightOn Member

    What "John Doe" wrote needs to get out in the public.
    It's WORSE than I thought it was
    fucking parents, fucking cult

    I sincerely hope Tony has a change of heart after reading that comment!
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  16. Bump.
    Very sad indeed.
    A treatable/manageable mental health issue not treated at all.
    And the result is a suicide.
  17. Quentinanon Member

    Minor to moderate depression is easily treated with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and perhaps an anti-depressant prescribed temporarily.
    Hubbard's lunatic notion of depression was that it was caused by a "S.P." when, in fact, many factors can contribute to that condition, which can be a combination of medical, interpersonal, cognitive, and emotional factors. It's amazing that proper treatment of depression can alleviate it in weeks and make it go away completely in months. I have seen people come out of it for good without having to continue drugs or therapy afterwards.
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  18. Quentinanon Member

    Then again, I wonder if he played the "devil's advocate" in that instance. Perhaps, that is being foolishly optimistic.
  19. 585

    Room 101
    [COLOR=rgba(0, 39, 59, 0.34902)]2 hours ago[/COLOR]
    I already posted earlier about knowing Tayler and how she 100% wanted to leave the cult. But the one thing I disagree with Tony on is that the church had nothing to do with her suicide. To the contrary, I believe it had everything to do with her suicide and her mother is a robotic, lying piece of shit. How could a mother, just three days after her daughter's death, state that she's "at peace" with it?? Your baby girl of 27 years killed herself and you're "at peace" with it 72 hours after she leaves this earth forever? Only a fucking Scientologist who believes they've had millions of daughters and families throughout the last 75 trillion years would be just fucking fine with losing "one lost soul" amongst the many you've had. I knew the Tweed family. You guys are cowards and pieces of shit for having her ceremony at Celebrity Center. Burn in Hell.
  20. No, a journalists report. But hey Devils advocate or what not, In any case Tony has been hanging in there reporting on Scientology from the 90ties

    And be honest, It gets people angry. This is good
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  21. Random guy Member

    Well, technically he is right: She shot herself because she suffered from a bad case of clinical depression, not because she was a scientologist. Off course, we all know the cults view of getting actual help for depression, and I think Ortega in all fairness should have reported that. On the plus side, the article appear to have drawn some very interesting voices out of the woodwork. I an a great admirer of Ortega, but I really am in two minds over this one.
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  22. RightOn Member

    family disconnecting, nobody would help her except to offer her more auditing, making her remove her comments on FB, she worsened after auditing, she may have been the one to physically put the gun to her head, but Scientology is the reason why she was worse off and the reason why she put the gun to her head. Her mother is also to blame for her suicide IMO
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  23. Quentinanon Member

    Her mother and scientology were likely the interpersonal factors and her scientology style upbringing had bearing on the cognitive and emotional factors. Tragic.
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  24. RightOn Member

    how many more people are going to die?
    They should have been arrested, shut down and gone long ago
    All for money
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  25. Incredulicide Member

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  26. Quentinanon Member

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  27. sallysock Member

    Very Sad.
    I no longer have an acct to post in TO's comments.
    If one of you do and would post an invite to the above commenters to join us here.- I love to learn more.
  28. AnyOldName Member

    Every time I read this quote from her mother I am more disgusted..... "shot herself and that was it"..... Oh that's all?!?!!?

    "respect her daughter's choice" HELLO?!? The young woman did not get a tat she KILLED HERSELF! What kind of "mother" says something like that?

    "She was mean to her friends..." HUH?

    What a mother!
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  29. AnyOldName Member

    Nah. He just let the fucked-up SCN mother make her own footbullets. No editorial needed. Sometimes if you just let them - they'll fuck up themselves worse than anyone else can.

    Any thinking, rational person with an ounce of humanity reads that mother's comments and says "WTF???"
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  30. RightOn Member

    It makes me sick that her service was at the celebrity center. What a slap in the face to her.
    I think Tayler deserves some love and respect that she wasn't able to get from her horrible scilon family.
    I hope all protestors would consider remembering Tayler in their own way. Her photo on a sign, a candle vigil or whatever.

    edited: I think the song "Stand By Me" by Ben E King would be great to remember her by and it is also a cover songe she did. Anonymous will stand by her.
    We all know the COS or her family did not.
    She should be remembered properly.
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  31. Quentinanon Member

    Mom is a product of scientology. Read about the characteristics of an "OT":
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  32. RightOn Member

    The kind of mother that has been in Scientology for 22 years and it has been drummed into her head that lives are merely meat bodies and that they will live again. The COS never puts too much emphasis on the death of a family member. It's a distraction. They WILL however cash in on deaths of family members by offering "counseling" and more auditing or sec checks if they are in the Sea Org. Believe me, the COS is happy that this PR flap is no longer around. Tra la la...... blinders on, fingers in your ears, mourning is low on the tone scale, keep your head down, don't ask questions or speak ill of the COS and you will be fine. And will that be check or charge?
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  33. I am with you, If you denie the brainwashing you denie the existance of the cult
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  34. tinfoilhatter Member

    This is very upsetting.

    Is there a psychology group that studies suicides? Is there a way we can get ANY community to investigate this? The upsetting part of it all, is this type of horror has been going on since the cult was founded, now we simply have more resources available to keep track of them with.
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  35. 689

  36. sallysock Member

    Just saw this:
    LetTheWordsFallOut PoisonIvyHerself
    an hour ago
    Taylor had requested New Year's this year that she be allowed to move back home with her Mother and her Mother said "no." Her daughter was basically homeless, moving from one person to the next who would take her in. Sounds like she was a very troubled girl. Her Mother spoke to her but would not give her any money or let her come home. She felt it was too "enturbulating" to have her in the house. Taylor weighed only 75 lbs when she died.

    The Mother was, at one point, giving her daughter gift cards for groceries so Taylor could eat but when Taylor was rude to her (Cathy) her Mom then refused to give Taylor any more of the grocery cards for food. Her Mom felt Taylor was a gown girl and needed to learn to survive on her own. Her Mom even warned others who wanted to take her in and help her not to do so. The people Taylor was living with when she killed herself had told her she had to get out now. Right after that Taylor killed herself. I believe Taylor's Mom was a product of the Church indoctrination. It is cold and lacking compassion. A Mother's love for her children is naturally unconditional love. How she is not at peace and "relieved" it is over and that Taylor is at peace now is just rationalized thought on her part.
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  37. RightOn Member

    This just keeps getting worse and worse.
    Shakes head
    This needs to get out there more
    75 pounds? I feel sick now

    Maybe the Tampa Bay Times would be interested in this story.
    Both Scientology and her family turned their backs on her.
    Tony needs to write an updated article
    This is insane
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