Another Scientology Related Death? Tayler Tweed aka Tayler DeBari

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by RightOn, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Dave Touretsky's comment about Catherine Tweed:!s...religion.scientology/Na5FDR4DtIk/lsAcwdlilbQJ

    "The reason people disapprove of Scientology is that its members,
    like Catherine Tweed, show no compunctions about acting dishonestly
    to further the cult's aims. Ms. Tweed's letter of support suggests
    that she is not a Scientologist, when in fact she is listed in their
    records as an Operating Thetan Level VIII, meaning she has done the
    same advanced space alien courses that made Tom Cruise such a model
    of sanity. Scientologists still don't get the Internet. A single
    Google search was all it took to reveal her deception."
    Dave Touretsky, June 2007
    Taylor worked at Benchmade 2012 to 2013
    Bandmate in Civil Vane was Joe Dexter
  2. Thank you, Roland maybe so vicious because he still feels stupid for ever been duped by LRH

    Scientology: Turning people into Psychopaths

  3. Quentinanon Member

    Kendrick Moxon was saddened by the death of his daughter Stacey, but he was ordered by psychopath David Miscavige to "knock it off" and "no case on post". He did what a scientologist is supposed to do: Go into denial about their loss and internalise the emotions connected with it. Same thing happened to Mike Rinder while he was still CO OSA Int. His baby died and Miscavige ordered him to "knock off the case on post". (Interesting that Miscavige never experienced the loss of a child because he never fathered any children.)
    Cathy Tweed's situation is different. She is not a staff member, but she has done OT 8 and likely believes she has a public image to uphold, even if that image is callous and inhuman.
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  4. Nancy Beazley Member

    Don't disagree with a single thing you said there, Quentinanon.
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  5. RightOn Member

    uhhh...that anyone knows of .
    and hallelujah for that!
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  6. RightOn Member

    Didn't Moxon defend COS when there was an investigation of the death of his daughter or whatever?
  7. It could be they truly believe or cling to the belief of the immortal theten being reborn.
    Also grief is low on the tone.
    I do know that if the grief is emotionally suppressed it can come out in various ways, mostly negative.
  8. RightOn Member

    they offered to "console" Travolta and offer their "services" after Jett died.
    Yes he was handled and he had to pay for it, just as I am sure Talyer's mother had to too.
    Even though she wouldn't give her daughter money for food
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  9. Sympathy and compassion are commodities to be sold in the cult.
  10. Malory Member

    I hate this fucking cult.
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  11. 489

    “We were shocked that she did that,” she says. “But I’m at peace with what happened.”

    Some people have this ^ability^ naturally, others pay Scientology a lot of money to teach them how to pretend they don't give a shit about their children killing themselves.
  12. DeathHamster Member

    Maybe she'll release several stories over the next few years about how Scientology helped her cope with the death of a son, just like Kelly Preston?
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  13. The Indie blog Possibly Helpful Advice has a post up about this:

  14. Gottabrain Member

    Another tragic, unnecessary ending to a young life that was filled with potential, but instead was loaded down with unnecessary long-term suffering. :(

    I agree with everything Quentinanon said. Depression is pretty simple to handle - stabilise and enhance social contacts and friendships, add a bit of good exercise or physical activities and reasonably healthy diet, eliminate stress, treat a person with genuine love and professional mental counselling, antidepressants if necessary, and there you go.

    Just a balanced, normalish life will do it. What everyone needs. And if someone is over the top and clinically depressed, antidepressants work miracles to stabilise those suffering until they can do it on their own and no longer need them.

    Antidepressants don't usually have to be long-term and the newer ones are so subtle. Its such a horror that Scientology would rather see its members dead than recovering by having a normal life or using standard medicines.

    I work with some 50-60 different people suffering from various illnesses every month. They're all doing fine with that approach.

    Modern science works and it helps people - Scamentology wrecks and destroys lives.
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  15. sallysock Member

    New comment from last night:
    8 hours ago
    I would like to think I knew Tayler very well. She lived with me for about a month and less then a couple weeks before she committed this suicide. It saddens me deeply to feel this loss. she was a very outgoing amazing girl. but she had many demons. it was obvious that she kept a lot of her issue with sociology from me. she only brought it up a couple times, once when we drove by the "church" and once when she was explaining why she couldn't talk to someone.

    I've spent about the last hour just reading all this new information and the comments from friends and family. its quite obvious if she had grown up in a non sociology family she would have gotten the help she needed. she was sometimes harsh with me. but she was under great stress that i'm just now starting to fully understand. we didn't always get a long and I think that's why she left my house. I wish I would have asked to her to stay. Maybe things would have been different. but I let her go. her mother called me a couple days after Taylers passing and left and voicemail telling me of her passing. her mother was cold and didnt seem really upset at all. that's why at first I hardly believed it. I thought it was all some sick joke. but after reading this... I guess I know its true.
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  16. Nice to see you, Gottabrain. I've missed your posts.
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  17. Exactly. I have had bouts of clinical depression since my teens (some even treated with *gasp* medication). Despite my chemical orientation, the people and situation around me have had so much influence on my outlook. Poor Tayler was never allowed to escape the cage her mother put her in by raising her in a cult.

    What Quentinanon and Gottabrain said above!^^^ Once one is in a stable situation and getting nutrition and exercise, one can possibly go years without needing medications or intervention of any kind. I know it's all anecdotal, but I feel for this kid. I would have killed myself for sure had I never been able to flee the social situations of my youth (and many folk there would probably be willing to chalk it up to my brain chemicals rather than the fact I was mentally bullied and abused by my peers in my very small pre-internet home town...).
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  18. Gottabrain Member

    I agree with you on this, Roland, but disagree with your opinions of Tara's and Tony O's comments.

    Tony O is a journalist, not a psychologist. The subject of mental illness can be a bit confusing.

    We all have weaknesses. We aren't all subjected to environments and situations that push us to the breaking point and beyond. Geneticist testing can find a gene that means someone has the POTENTIAL to have cancer - doesn't mean they get it, but if they smoke three packs of cigs a day and build with asbestos for a living, their lungs will take a beating and then, what do you know, that otherwise minor susceptibility can become life-threatening.

    In a different environment, Tayler would probably never have become clinical depressed in the first place.

    I hate Scientology.
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  19. AnyOldName Member

    I've missed you too, Gottabrain cause you "got a brain". You explained this so well.
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  20. Gottabrain Member

    lulz! If I had more brains, I'd have proofread my last post so I wouldn't sound stupid, and I would have figured out the 2-step quote change on WWP a bit sooner so I could say thanks to COC, and it wouldn't have taken me this long to figure out how to use an Iphone. Ah well, you get that. At least I eventually untangled the scam of Scientology.

    It's nice to see you all and chat, even better to see the fight goes on. I missed you all, too, been busy with work, but my life is going well since I reclaimed it as my own.

    HI COC. Thanks. Hugs on WWP are rare! ;)

    Apologies for derail. The point of my last post is that the potential for physical or mental breakage in various areas is always there, but it's only potential. A steel beam might have a flaw, too, but until you put 10,000 pounds on it, it won't even bend. Flaws are almost impossible to avoid, but environment and stress are by far the senior causes of illness, and Scientology wears the cult crown for consistent, relentless, shocking and always innovatively new ways to physically, emotionally, intellectually, mentally and financially destroy lives.

    Glad you're all still going after those rotten !&*#)(*%%^@s!!!!
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  21. RightOn Member

    <3 Nice to hear from you
    After all these years, it still amazes me what they get away with in the name of religion.
    Something is very wrong with the US and other countries putting up with this nightmare with mountains of evidence against them for so many years. Is it stupidity, is it the authorities not wanting to get involved because it concerns a "religion", are they paid off to turn a blind eye or all of the above?
    Whatever the reason it has to stop.
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  22. Gottabrain Member

    Ta, RightOn.

    Good point, I hadn't looked at it that way.

    There's only one thing I know that causes blindness even after a person is informed. Prejudice.
    Like..."At least it's a better life for them than what they might have had in their 3rd world country"

    "Only stupid, gullible people join cults"
    "There was something wrong with the person before Scientology, they were just trying to help him/her"

    It's a "it's happening over there and not to me/it involves people who are lesser than me" sort of attitude, don't you think?
  23. Random guy Member

    Poor lad. He's going to hurt for a long, long time.
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  24. RightOn Member

    I don't know what makes authorities turn a blind eye, especially when it concerns mysterious deaths and suicides. Yes of course these tragedies occur in life, but you would think they would take a bigger look at the frequency and the surround circumstances surrounding theses deaths. AND Narconon's deaths too.
    Of course Narconon has nothing to do with the COS . right? :rolleyes:
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  25. Incredulicide Member

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  26. I believe that a short hand, plain language version is that the individual is "introverted" , or affected in such as way so as to believe that despite all of their attempts to ....oh, "perfect" or "purify" themselves to the standards and approval of their peers, and after they have disconnected from whatever it is that they identified as being "PTS" - that the Bridge that they so long to traverse is something that can be taken away from them in this life.

    ( It would be like cruelly telling somebody that God (or source or insert another similar descriptive term) does not love them, they have failed on their mission in this lifetime, and (as per lrh) the best way to then advance from their experiencing emotional suffering is to "R2-45", which is suicide by either inhaling car exhaust fumes or to brutally turn on ones own self with a gun. All of the collective trauma that the individual has experienced has woven into it the belief that the person will just reincarnate into something more fitting and can get back on the bridge in their next lifetime. What I heard from someone I knew a long time ago who dealt with this issue personally is that what is involved in this scenario is also something about "emptying the bank" - or gaining freedom by giving away everything - all of their assets and money. Also, the confused individual whose reality now has no stability or consistency is being guided by people who are malevolently guiding a troubled person in directions that are seriously self-destructive. )

    So, instead of becoming more free of their difficulties, they are being dehumanized by narcissists modeling after the king narcissist himself. He is a prick, but he has also been dead since 1982. So, if people are taking directives from a series of books on how to function in the world, they need to become aware of their own responsibility to be discerning.
  27. Kendrick Moxon's favourite album used to be Lou Reed's "Transformer".

  28. RolandRB Member

    What gets my goat is the US setting itself up as the policeman of the world and champion of justice and human rights everywhere, when in fact, inside their own nation, supported by laws and the government, some of the world's worst human right abuses are going on in their own land with the full knowledge of the authorities.
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  29. Anonylemmi Member

    Nice derail.
  30. But, Roland, you see, we are as a nation, a scorpio rising. We are secretive buggers, and what you don't need to know is that we only have a problem with unlicensed human rights abuses. Once you get a license (after you do us a little favor or three, such as obtaining worker visas) we will turn a blind eye to anything from child slaves to genocide because you are on the right team.

    <3 The United States
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  31. I agree and would like to offer Escape's help in organising such a vigil. I was recently in LA demonstrating to FreeBarbara Now and wore Taylor's picture on the back of my T-shirt with the words Ask Me Why-in the 22 years that I have been helping families there have been far too many 'voices' like hers that will not be heard unless we tell people about them.
  32. I knew Tayler very well. Almost every piece of proof that Tayler was having serious issues with the Church of Scientology starting early in 2013, have been pretty much wiped off her Facebook page, where before she took her own life she stated several times over a period of months that she was no longer a Scientologist. She also Tweeted about it, but her page is set to Private. This is the only place her issues with the Portland Celebrity Center weren't erased:

    Tayler W. D.'s Reviews | London | Yelp
    Tayler W. D.'s Profile | Tips | Yelp

    As others have said, I know before her suicide that her Scientologist family completely disconnected from her, her mother told her friends and other family members that they should also disconnect from her to "help" Tayler. They left her in California, homeless, without money, health insurance, or emotional support from the people who mattered most to her. Obviously, she was a troubled woman, and needed therapy and possibly medication - it is highly unusual for a mentally balanced woman to shoot themselves in the head. The Church does an excellent job at brainwashing its members into thinking that Psychology/Psychiatry will ruin you. RIP Tayler. I think about you all the time and am so angry that you weren't able to get the support and help you deserved.
  33. EOL

    Was that on Deviant Art?
  34. EOL

    She was a wonderful person. I was a friend of hers and I can easily say that she could bring a smile to your face just by exchanging a few words with her. She brought a lot of light into my life and inspired me in different ways. I desperately wish she had gotten the help she really needed. She didn't deserve any of the things she was put through. She deserved SO much more, before and after her death. Fuck Scientology.

  35. I used to have this book, THE DIANETICS PICTURE BOOK. It was a book that explained in pictures and simple words what Dianetics was about. Something that verbose windbag Hubbard could never do in any of his books, I might add.

    Three Dianetics terms: Engram, Secondary, Lock.

    I never in my time in the cult understood what the word, ''Secondary'' meant and what the big deal was. I do now and it is a major red flag. Weird that it would take me this long.

    A ''Secondary'' is a loss and it's force depends on an earlier ''Engram'' in the ''chain'' on your ''Time Track''. Something like that. LOL!

    At the time I didn't know what a ''loss'' was and I couldn't understand how losing your wallet or keys could have anything to do with the reactive mind. I didn't have enough life experience to know Hubbard wasn't talking about that. Even when I saw the picture of the funeral, I still didn't get it but I decided not to let anyone know that I didn't understand.


    It is such a red flag. Hubbard is saying that grief over a loss of life is just in your mind -- YOUR REACTIVE MIND. He is saying that there is nothing normal about grief. He is saying that it is ''aberrated'' (yet another example of Hubbard hi-jacking an existing English word). In Scientology, ''aberrations'' always have something to do with the reactive mind.

    This thread and it's content brought back a lot of memories and all you people who have posted in this thread are all correct in your own way even though some of you seem to disagree with other posters. LRH didn't grieve over Quinton but it was reported that Mary Sue screamed like a wounded animal when she heard the news. I wonder how his siblings felt about it.

    I don't know if Mary Sue ever believed in the scam of Scientology but most Scientologists often refer to death as ''dropping the body'' and they don't believe in just ''one life'' as you well know. Grief, is just something to audit out in a session or two and I have seen people ''walking on air'' after coming out of such hypnosis sessions ''handlings''.

    I don't know if I have much of a point to make but I hope I have added a little more to the picture and the culture of Scientologists. And I think the word, ''culture'' really applies because they really do live in a separate world from us.

    Oh, one more thing. People here have been wondering how much Scientology has to do with this. I don't know but I can offer one thing that I remember from my days in the cult. What I remember is that there wasn't a day that I wasn't aware of the fact that I was a Scientologist. There wasn't a day that I didn't think of Scientology even if it was just for a few minutes. That's because Scientologists think that Scientology is awesome. How could they not think about it every day? I mean, it is considered to be the greatest thing since sliced Hubbard. I am sure Scientology must have had something to do with this. Everything one thinks is filtered through it.

    Contrast this to most people. Most people don't have a cult that takes over their world view and life.
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  36. Random guy Member

    Good Grief!
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  37. Nancy Beazley Member

    Since Tayler's death, her testimony about Scientology has been erased elsewhere, Therefore, I'm going to copy here her words that are still online. Her final words about Scientology will not be erased here.

    Posted By Tayler W. Bible-Newman deBari Tweed-Butcher and

    Church of Scientology Portland
    309 SW 3rd AvePortland, OR 97204USA
    The following will trash-talk you and divulge private information including suicide attempts, drug abuse, sexual history, etc. in the basement of Alex Arezzini's Portland home while playing their favorite game called "Psychiatrist": Derek M. Meyer, Alex Arrezini, Maxine Stanley-Cannon, Elizabeth Dunham, Abby Syck, Justin Perz, Kate Mitchel, Ryan Shaw, Brittany Lemos Contact me for more info: 626-696-0321 11200 SW Greenburg Rd #26 Tigard OR 97223

    Church of Scientology Portland
    309 SW 3rd AvePortland, OR 97204USA
    I was asked to apologize for my public opinion of my 2 year involvement with this chapter of my Church. I regret nothing. There are specific people that I have not forgiven for their betrayals of my trust, disrespect of my identity, and unresolved transgressions against a long list of my female friends that have had their privacy and honor violated by this very specific list of Portland Church staff members. Tayler W. Bible-Newman deBari Tweed-Butcher 626-696-0321
    Church of Scientology Portland
    309 SW 3rd AvePortland, OR 97204USA
    Repost: I have been a Church member since birth, I have volunteered at every Church I have been in. Never have I been so poorly treated and mishandled by an 'Org' such as the past 20 months of involvement with the FOUNDATION STAFF. I am no longer willing to volunteer for these people, donate family money, or pay $1000s to do their I am Tayler Weldon Bible Newman deBari Tweed Butcher, deal with it.

    Church of Scientology Portland
    The staff (Derek M. Meyer, Maxine Stanley-Cannon, Jack Stanley, Ryan Shaw, Justin Perz, Kate Mitchel, Abby Syck, Brittany Lemos, Danny Condon, etc.) of this Organization gather in the basement of staff member Alex Arrezini's house and trash-talk public members (Allison "Ollie" Berg, Jessica Ferrer, Aria Soper, me, et al) playing their favorite game called "Psychiatrist". They divulge private information such as suicide attempts, sexual history, drug abuse, etc. and criticize their parishioners for not donating enough cash to the cause of the week.My honor has been offended; I will speak about it as publicly as I want to.Tayler W. Bible-Newman deBari Tweed-Butcher(626) 696-0321TaylerBIBLE@live.com11200 SW Greenburg Rd #26, Tigard OR 97223
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  38. th?id=HN.608054617802080486&amp;pid=15.1.jpg

    th?id=HN.608013656695376922&amp;pid=15.1.jpg th?id=HN.608030797914638976&amp;pid=15.1.jpg
    Body Thetans
    Scientology Picture Books will help Woo!
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