Another Youtube raid idea

Discussion in 'Youtube and Vimeo Problems' started by The Rooster, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. The Rooster Member

    Another Youtube raid idea

    Simpleton's "spell out Xenu" idea was great, but the videos are disappearing for some reason.
    But what if we corrupt the related videos section? Responses can be removed by the uploader, but nobody has any bearing on the related videos. So what we do is upload a lot of expendable videos, short, with a few words (four, max), saying something attention-grabbing in as large a font as you can manage. Something like "Scientology kills". In the video description, add links to some sites so people can get the information.
    Next, you mess with the tag clouds. Copy/paste the exact tags from the video you want it to appear in. Then, you post it here and anyone who can spare some time clicks on it. And clicks. And clicks. And clicks. Generating traffic adds to the relevance of the tags and will bring it up faster, as well as get the videos on daily lists; 'Most Linked' would be dominated by them.
  2. simpleton Member

    Re: Another Youtube raid idea

    i like this idea how exactly do we corrupt the related videos though? use the same meta tags as the video we target?


    i found this on wikipedia

    im testing this out right now to see if i can get a related video next to a cchr video

    EDIT 2:

    i used this cchr video to test it on:

    what i did was used the same title but added "part 2" at the end of it, i used the same description but added "part 2" at the end and i also used all the same tags and put it in the same category at the cchr (news and politics)

    lets see if this works and if it does how long it takes to show up

    this might be a good way to battle scientologys promo pieces on their personal yt channels since they dont allow video responses and such

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