anti-anonymous signs in store windows

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by evolvinganon, May 10, 2008.

  1. D... Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Indeed. They aren't doing anything illegal. They just may be trying to protect their business- stirring up shit for them might just make them dislike us even more.

    Although, I was tempted to say, next time put up a sign that says, "We do not serve anyone who has different opinions than us" right underneath it.
  2. SP_thats_me Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Didn't weaselface have a sign up stating the law or stature or something regarding why they can refuse us service?
    Has anyone looked it up, rather speculating on if he can or cant?
  3. Anon the Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    didn't they realise anonymous was already a word in it's own right, surely members of the public seeing these signs might read it as "I will only serve people I know" effectively in one sense these signs say "this is a local shop for local people only"
  4. ladybug2 Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    anonymous making history. Someday we may read about the "no Anonymous" signs in the history books. I say, major footbullet. Plus, I wouldn't give them a nickel of my money.
  5. evolvinganon Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Update on this:
    Upon doing a canvas of the whole downtown area, I found that some of the signs that were up on 5/10 have been removed. Perhaps someone reading this thread got the word to the owners that they might be boycotted? Or perhaps they will put the signs back up when another protest is near. The stores at which I personally saw the anti-anon and "we reserve the right to refuse service to members of anonymous" signs were the One Stoppe Shop - definitely owned by Scilons, they sell Hubbard's books there - and the salon next door - and these signs have been removed.

    However the following two businesses still have the anti-anonymous signs up:
    Florida Gulf Coast Homes
    Clearwater] FL real estate listings and homes for sale, home buying, home selling information ? Gulf Coast Homes Inc - Homepage
    owner: Gro Miller (this is on the window of the store with her picture)

    and Deolinda's Tailoring and Alterations
    727-442-0045 *only putting the phone number to identify the place - it's on the window

    Another travel agency on Cleveland Street has an anti-hate sign that looks just like the anti-anonymous signs (same lettering, same size sign, in bottom of store window) which I found interesting. "No Hate" is a great message - I wish every company had such a policy but I think it is safe to say that in this instance this is a Co$ company's way of stating that anonymous is akin to a hate group. Sorry, my camera was having issues and I did not get a pic of this.

    As for Pangea's, I did not see a sign up but I was driving past that street, not walking, so it's possible I could have missed it.

    By the way I am also wondering who Weasleface is.
  6. Dexaan Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    And the sign said "We will not serve members of the group Anonymous". So I put my mask back into my pack and went in to ask him why. He said "You look like a fine upstanding young man, what can I get you today?" I put my mask back on and said "Huh, imagine that, you, working for me"

    Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
    Enturbulating the people, opening their minds
    They did this, they did that, can't you read the sign?

    (apologies to Five Man Electrical Band)
  7. Weaselface is...

    Weaselface is Ian Shillington. Long time Scientologist. Was once declared SP for "being reasonable" when he was in the Sea Org in Calif. Got back in good graces and has been a dickhead ever since. He's a "Naturopathic Doctor" by trade, who seems to have given that up (I think) in favor of serving smoothies to hippie music in some trinket cafe in downtown Clearwater. Keeps friends with some of the other really badass Scios in Clearwater. Here's what he looks like now.

  8. Need help with project to identify these businesses

    I'm helping on a project for website Scientology in Clearwater to identify businesses who are (and who are not) associated with scientology. I'm helping to disclose the info but I cannot be there and everywhere, so I need all your help.

    If you have any photos or videos, or just business names or numbers, of who had signs, please go to this link

    Scientology in Clearwater .com

    and post them. You can send photos and videos through the site's contact page.

    The plan is to fill up a map of downtown Clearwater and have all the businesses tagged as to who is scio and who is not. I have some to start the map, but I need way more info to get it filled out.

    ANY help is appreciated.

    I'll update the map daily.
  9. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Apologies? They're smiling down on you from one-hit wonder heaven. That's pretty much the spirit of the song right there.
  10. MomAnon Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    No, THIS is Weasel Face taken on 3-15

  11. Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Give me a store address or store name and I'll get you a name for that face.
  12. Legione Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Take lots of pictures, send them to the SP times, any nearby local papers, and just for the hell of it, Contact Us | The Associated Press

    Sensationalist news outlets love shit like this.
  13. MomAnon Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Pangea Cafe & International Market
    34 North Fort Harrison
  14. Pangea is almost in foreclosure

    Perhaps ONE of the reasons for Weasel Face's bad mood is that on 12/28/2007 his mortgage company filed a "lis pendens" on that property. In other words, he's just about in foreclosure.


    Pangea International Market & Cafe
    34 North Ft Harrison, Clearwater, FL 33755 727-443-5040

    Pangea is owned by Jon and Sylvia Heneghan and Geri Aranjo.

    The property itself is parcel 16/29/15/23814/000/0140 owned by WHTBUFF INC (34 N FT HARRISON AVE, CLEARWATER FL 33755). WHTBUFF INC also owns the buildings just to the West of the corner building. All pieces were purchased together in 2002 for $870,000.

    Per FL Dept of of State Division of Corporations, WHTBUFF INC is an active FL corporation.

    Two officers:

    Title DPST
    6901 22ND AVENUE N.

    Title DV
    6901 22ND AVENUE N.

    They're both named in the Lis Pendens document: Keep And Share
    Update: Ok. I give up. I can't figure out how to share a PDF file with you guys. Any hosting companies that work better than (which doesn't work, apparently)?
  15. Relyt Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Just don't wear masks when you walk in. It's not like they can assume any random unmasked person is an Anonymous member.
  16. Re: Weaselface is...

    MomAnon is right, that's not who we've collectively been refering to as Weselface, but I recognize him. I got a picture of that same tard trying to covertly take pictures of the protestors outside the Royalty Theater on 4/10. Operation Reconnect 079 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    There's a non-blurred face version near the end of the Rogue's Gallery thread:

    A video of him and other scilons fair gaming a critic in Tampa Airport is here:
    YouTube - Harrasment of German Scientology critic
  17. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Pretty much. And as a business owner, I'd be pretty fucking nervous about masked people walking into my establishment. Especially in a big city.

    That is all.
  18. Ren Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Just to spite them we should send in an infiltrator, and have the infiltrator post anti scientology signs in the bathrooms when no one is looking.
  19. kremmy Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    I know I'm just echoing others but I agree that this is a good sign. It's overwhelmingly likely that they were pressured to put the signs up, which is going to get out and make the COS look much worse in the end.
  20. eksef Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    HAs anyone contacted to ASK these owners why they put the signs up?
  21. Anonyneko Member

    Re: Weaselface is...

    Regarding the picture of the "Sushi Wagon" not serving Anon.... as if anyone in their right minds would eat at a place like that. Might as well call it a Shit Wagon, because that's just what the store sounds like. :fuckyou:

    Looks like our lad's sporting the Olympus Evolt-510. Pulling up the specs on that lens....
    Looks like a Zuiko Digital 14-45mm lens. (Lenses - E-System Digital SLR)
    Which means it's not telephoto and can, indeed, snap pictures of people at close range.
  22. Ten98 Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    The funny thing is, they only know who we are with our masks on.

    This practice of banning anons from shops has NO EFFECT other than to prove how much we are hurting them, damage the income of those shops for 1 day per month and encourage more protesting :D
  23. ssn Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    I wouldn't want weirdos in masks in my business either. Just take off your mask indoors and I would imagine you would be fine.
  24. nnemus Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    This means you'd be giving your money to scientology owned business. Look at the people refusing to serve anonymous members - all scilons.
  25. ssn Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Lol wut. I would imagine if one were to just take off ones mask inside businesses sporting

    anti-Anonymous signs would be just fine. Oh wait you're saying that the aforementioned

    anti-Anonymous establishments are owned by Scientology/Scientologists? I suppose if you're

    in Clearwater that is very likely... I change my mind. If you're in Clearwater and you see a

    sign like that, you probably shouldn't frequent that business. In other cities I wouldn't even think that "those weird people in masks protesting Scientology" would be known as "Anonymous" and you would just see signs that say "no masks inside".
  26. Anonvox Member

    Re: Weaselface identified as Robin Hod (who also signed the petition)

    Robin Hod or Robin Hood?

  27. MyNameIs Member

  28. a-anon Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

  29. Quote Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    "Realty offices" Damn, there goes my plan to protest Scientology and pick up a nice time-share on my way back home...
  30. Thetan Ass Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Wow. So am I...spicy tuna roll, any SoCal Anon? nom. Polite and happy and even good tips and props... "NOM Sushi, thanks...we will definately be back!":fuckyou:

    THEN masks and leave...with a well written informative crimes of CO$ flyer...they may not not the asshole cult's "crimes"....
    might I suggest a slight disguise, glasses/different hair just in case they are filimin' on security cams, etc? Not want namefagging.
  31. Whoamianyway Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Ya know, I temped for a construction firm once. One of the guys there told a story about how they did a job in the Chicago area, and didn't hire union workers. The job was a restaurant remodel. Anywho, the union took offense to this, and one evening filled all the restaurants with union members, took up all the tables. All these guys did was nurse a cup of coffee for hours on end..just taking up space.

    Sometimes, I think these stories I had to listen to while temping might actually come in handy.
  32. anonymous612 Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Google result:
    **Salsa Dance Night at Cafe Pangaea in Downtown Clearwater**

    Watch out, boys and girls. Weasel-Face is a DJ.

    With a Myspace. Look at those Scilons being all big and computer-savvy. - DJ Robin Hod - 40 - Male - Van Nuys, California - - Pangea Cafe & International Market - 43 - Male - CLEARWATER, US -
  33. SomeOldGuy Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    In DC, the three restaurants closest to the org won't serve you if you come in with a mask, but the Chipotle and awesome ice cream place just beyond them WILL.

    Guess who gets Anon's business while unmasked? :D
  34. Lee_from_phx Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    They can refuse service to anyone at any time.

    They are not required to do business with you.

    A lot of people get confused about issues of discrimination and assume that there are laws that require companies to do business with anyone and everyone.

    This is not the case.

    A company cannot discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, religion, ethnicity, or disability when it comes to HIRING.

    But they can do any damned thing they please when it comes to customers.

    This is how it should be.

    The scilons are doing you a favor by advertising themselves. Now you know that by going into those shops you are giving money to the cult.
  35. anonymous612 Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Exactly. Although our statute says they cannot discriminate in service on the basis of sex, age, race, religion, etc. But alas, we are only a church in the eyes of ABC News.

    Srsly, wasn't it so nice of them to sign their names and addresses on that petition? I would never have guessed <insert petitioner here> was scilon-connected.
  36. waitwhat Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    IDK if this has already been said but these signs are not intended to keep anon out of the store. Who goes to a store in a mask? They are there to give the impression to non-anons that the public is against anon, and to turn the public against them. that's the point.
    They are propaganda, and as far as I can tell, perfectly legal.
    The only way to deal with them I can think of is to saturate the area around them with internet love machine style material.
  37. Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    These people are generating awareness about Anonymous!

    If you saw a goofy sign like that, and wondered.. "What the heck is Anonymous?"

    Then, you saw an article in the paper, or online or in the news...

    Odds are, you are a rational human being and KNOW that Scientology is garbage. The scilons just told someone new about our movement without us flyering them.

    Stupid people.

    and.. like others said here, they are telling us where NOT to spend our money.
  38. anonymous612 Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    For the record, this is an old news is old situation. The Weasel-Face picture was from March, and in fact the number of signs has steadily shrunk since then. So it's a rather theoretical discussion at this point.
  39. MarcabEmpress Member

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