anti-anonymous signs in store windows

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by evolvinganon, May 10, 2008.

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    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    What if some people picketed outside the stores(with proper legal work to protest) saying that "[this business] supports scientology" by not allowing you to eat there(even unmasked)?

    edit: I mean, they aren't breaking any laws or anything, but it is legal to protest for the sake of protesting isn't it?
  4. Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Yes, it is. I am currently planning a one-man protest in which I will protest my right to protest.
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    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    i think you need to take the angle of 'LOOK this proves fair game still exists'
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    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    I think there's a difference between "refusing service to anyone we choose" and outright naming a general group of people they won't serve. Sorry if that's been brought up before. This topic became tl;dr after page 3 or so.
  7. anonymous612 Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Okay. For the tl;dr in the audience:

    At least in Florida, the only protected groups are based on religion, orientation, gender, disability status, et cetera. As we are not a religion, we're not protected from people refusing us service.
  8. the_cloak Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Again I have to point out. LET THEM POST THEIR FUCKING SIGNS. It lets us know what the scilon businesses are so we don't give them money. It also lets regular people in Clearwater know which are scilon businesses because if they want the scilons out of Clearwater, and I know they do, then they will know which businesses to avoid.

    So let them post their signs. They might as well say, "DON'T SHOP HERE!"
  9. Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Au contraire... Anonymous are specifically NOT Scientologists. The Scientologists are specifically excluding the non-Scientologists. It would not be a hard argument for anyone to grasp in court.

    Click to view Florida Statute online

    871.04 Advertising; religious discrimination; public places.--

    (1) Except where the context clearly requires a different meaning, the following terms shall have for the purposes of this section the meaning respectively ascribed to them:

    (a) "Person" means any individual, partnership, association, corporation, or organized group of persons, whether incorporated or not.

    (b) "Establishment" means any building or part thereof, including, without being limited to, public inns, hotels, motels, apartment hotels, any structure, enclosure, tract of land, and all improvements, appurtenances, and additions, bodies of water whether natural or artificial, and any other place of whatsoever nature to which the general public is or will be admitted, allowed, or invited on payment of a fee, free of charge, or otherwise.

    (2) No person, directly or indirectly, for herself or himself or for another, shall publish, post, broadcast by any means, maintain, circularize, issue, display, transmit, or otherwise disseminate or place in any manner before the public with reference to an establishment any advertisement that the patronage of any person is not welcome, or is objectionable, or is not acceptable because of the person's religion. No person shall cause or solicit another person to violate this section.

    (3) This section shall not apply to any establishment which is private or limited to membership only, to any camp administered by any religious organization, group, or sect, admission to which is based on religious belief or affiliation, or to any gathering, meeting, or assembly held under the auspices of any religious organization, group, or sect.

    (4) Any person or persons violating this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

    History.--ss. 1, 2, ch. 29845, 1955; s. 1132, ch. 71-136; s. 1406, ch. 97-102.
  10. Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Photograph businesses, look them up in the WISE database. If they're not in it, chances are they're being coerced into boycotting Anon by Scilons, which means you can slip some info under the door/phone them to ask for reasons of the boycot.

    All in all, the signs really show at which locations you have to watch out for Scilons trying to facefag you. Laugh at them trying to be all stern and make a statement while CoS rapes them in their chequebooks(okay, that's actually kinda sad).
  11. annoymouse Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    turn tables on 'em : NO Anonymous HATERS Allowed
    (make them the hate group)
  12. Quote Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    We're not The Church of the Anonymous, here, we're not a religion and we all have different religious beliefs, so that doesn't apply to us.

    Hating the CoS policies and even hating the CoS religion are both personal opinions, and are not religions.

    Still, it would be funny if there was a religion whose sole premise was that another religion was wrong.

    "I am a member of the "Christianity Sucks" religion. We believe that the earth was created NOT 6000 years ago by NOT God. The first two humans were NOT Adam and Lilith, and Eve was NOT made from Adam's rib."
  13. Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Well, it just so happens that I belong to a church that teaches Scientology is a dangerous and malicious cult... as part of an awareness on how cults, con artists, and some "spiritualists" use various psychological tricks to induce false belief...

    Of course, it makes the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster look like Buddhism as far as size and membership... ;-) You might have seen me posting links to the server... I do some admin for the Church's server.
  14. Rule22 Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Freedom "of" includes Freedom "from".

    That is all.
  15. Quote Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Atheism is a religion.


    In b4 massive shitstorm. Just ignore this post for your health.
  16. Grunce Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    It would, however, be trivially easy to rip apart in court. The group that the Scientologists are excluding is a subset of the group of non-Scientologists, and not even a particularly representative subset. The Scientologists could easily show that they freely serve non-Scientologists all the time -- just not those who belong to the subset "masked Anonymous".

    Let me express it this way: suppose this was the Middle Ages, and a Crusade was going on, and you found that when Crusaders came in your restaurant, they were loud and noisy, whined about the food and then demanded free seconds, picked fights with other customers, and never left tips. You might decide to put up a sign saying "no service to Crusaders". The Crusaders might allege that you were discriminating against Christians, since every Crusader is a Christian, but if you can show that Christians who aren't Crusaders eat at your restaurant regularly with no trouble, the Crusaders won't win.

    There may be a legal argument against what these businesses are doing (I rather hope there is) but the one outlined here isn't it.
  17. Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Not collecting stamps isn't a hobby.
  18. Quote Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Yes it is, I do it all the time. My non-collection of stamps is the best in the county.
  19. Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Atheism is the believe that the Universe was self-designed, self-maintained, and that it violates every single law of its own entropy, including opposing every bell curve of probability from an astrophics perspective, as well as a quantum perspective.

    The unlikeliness of the universes' current mechanisms are so far beyond all normal rational thought that we have to invent non-rational mechanisms in order to explain the universe, aka quantum physics.

    And the idea that this all came into being, designed itself, and will cease to be purely by accident is the greatest leap of faith I've seen... So yeah, I can see it as a religion.

    However, that would make truth more than a little subjective, would it not? How could we know when we were basing our rationality on what is actually quite irrational? We would have no way of knowing for sure what represented rationality.

    So it's just easier to say that science is sanity, and religion is faith.
  20. Anon Colbert Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Walk into one of these places unmasked on a random day. Walk up and ask them if they know your name. When they say no say damn and walk away. Get 20 people to do that in a day it'll freak them out.
  21. anonymous612 Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    1) There isn't exactly a rule that says scientologists can't be anonymous. Nor do we have control over who calls themselves anonymous.

    2) They are not putting up signs because of our religion, they are putting up signs because we are in a particular group.

    Lol, the "OMG MEANIE ANONS" petition already did that.
  22. anonymal Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

  23. Silent Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Just wear that muslim head garb called a Burkha, that covers everything.

    They wouldn't wanto to be BIGOTS NOW WOULD THEY!? ;)
  24. pseudonym Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Don't compare it to rascism, are you insane? Talk about whining. You chose to be anonymous, they have every right (I can think of no countries where this doesn't apply) to refuse you service. It's a bit suspect going into shops wearing a mask in the first place.

    The only sensible course here is to inform the people in control of the shops about what their signs represent.
  25. TROLL 9 Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    I wouldn't want to go in a store that would let me I think?
  26. brvandal Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

  27. brvandal Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows


    cmon people, have some common sense
  28. BigDaddy50cal Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    I'm not sure about Florida, but if businesses have the "WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE" sign in plain view, it is totally legal. But who wears the EFG masks anywhere but the raids? If you see those signs around then boycott. They are simply saying "We're a $cientologist run business!" with them there and makes them easy targets for raids/fliering/general enturbulation. If you really need something from them don't let on that your from the Marcab invasion fleet, unless namefagging yourself sounds like a good idea.
  29. Jack's Bullet Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    It's not about going into shops wearing masks, they told people to leave because they identified them with anonymous, IE Mark Bunker and friends.
  30. Rule22 Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    BZZZT Sorry. Autofail.

    "Atheism" isn't a belief. It's a lack of belief.

    "Atheism, by definition, is the absence of theism. If you cannot say "I believe in a Deity/God/Supreme Being" then you are an atheist. If you are not a theist, then you are an atheist."

    There is a difference to the following sentences:

    "I believe gods do not exist."

    "I do not believe that gods exist."

    Atheism =/= Religion


    (PS: I never said I was Atheist. All I said was Freedom "of" includes Freedom "from".)
  31. scignoff Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Just walk into one of the restaurants, order a couple hundred dollars worth of food to go, and when they bring it out and go to charge you, just look at the sign like you just noticed it and go, "Oh. I'm sorry, I didn't realize you didn't serve Anonymous" and walk the fuck out.
  32. admiral_caek Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

  33. Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows


    this this this this

    it's your right to choose a different establishment/'forget' your wallet, etc. Causes lots of loss, too. Can't sell old food. And, if it's a burger shop, put mayo and tartar on it. It'd never sell, even if it was still somehow fresh.
  34. Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Atheism is a lack of belief in a god or gods. That is all.

    It does not address the origin of life or the universe.
  35. Hieronymous Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    I dunno, I think we should at least find out where the owners stand on the issue before being dicks to them. Maybe they're being told some crazy spin story and our not dining and ditching is only going to confirm their belief
  36. Justin Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Hoy, first post for me:) I'm 'joining', if you guys would have me.
    Anyhow, From what I've seen, you've got enough "crazy spin stories" out there to make you guys look as bad as Hitler. Of course, I've read the OPPOSITE side of the story, and like that. Therefore, if you could compile ENOUGH of these Youtube videos supporting Anonymous, from various people, and start spreading the list to different people, would that not take some of the strain off? Obviously, you WOULD have a few stores that would still hate you, but obviously at that point, they could just lose your business, or have some of your other fine ideas done to them. Of course, people in my town wouldn't have to worry about that. Most people here couldn't tell a computer from a TV, only know scientology by the name Tom Cruise, and worship corn as thier religion. Only crappy town like it.

    By the way, the worshipping corn part was an extreme exaggeration, but several of my friends do not own a computer, and I'm just about the only one smart enough to use one.
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    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

  38. R2-45 Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Except a good number of those stores might just have been pressured into doing it by Scientolog(y/ists). If your choices are between:

    1) Annoying a group which shows up about once a month
    2) Annoying a group which shows up daily

    How many business owners are really going to choose to go with option 2?

    There are plenty of better ways of dealing with that then trying to fuck over innocent businesses. (Not saying they ALL are, but even if one is, it's pretty screwed up that they're in between a rock, a hard place, and we're throwing stones at them).
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    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Sure the signs are nice for knowing which businesses to avoid, but they can also do harm. If the uniformed see such signs they may be inclined to begin taking a negative view of anonymous.

    As a side thought:
    Is it legal for a business to only allow service to a specific religion? In my view if they refuse service to anonymous, it would be akin to saying they only serve supporters of their "religion." In my opinion, although I doubt legally, it would very much so be discrimination based on religious beliefs.
  40. ZeLyt Member

    Re: anti-anonymous signs in store windows

    Alright rest of topic was tl;dr, and I'm sure this has been stated multiple times, but:

    1)Yes, I believe they can refuse service to whomever they like,
    this lead to:
    2)HA! They are refusing service...which means they stopped at 4 ?????? and forgot about 5 PROFIT!!!

    3)This can be seen as a bonus, as now you have some indicator as to what business' are safe and which ones may be playing with scifag money.

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