Anti-drug Pamphlets Linked to Scientology Gone From Santa Ana Police Department

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Jacky Blue Note, May 16, 2012.

  1. Anti-drug Pamphlets Linked to Scientology Gone From Santa Ana Police Department

    A short, but curiously satisfying little story about Narconon and the LEOs in Santa Ana:

    Mind the scilon links (color-coded RED) posted in the story:
    (More at the link.)
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    I like this :)
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    Nice win is nice :)
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    "Feeln' The Heat" - LOVE it:)

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    David Touretzky is AWESOME!
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    Just saw this on Clambake. While it might be a day late, it is not a dollar shot. I suspect it can be used to educate other PD's

    To: Tony Harrelson

    Deputy Chief of Police

    City of Santa Ana Police Department

    I would like to thank you for speaking to me a few weeks ago on the phone. I wanted to put together the best response I could to our discussion about why I think your police department should terminate its program of handing out Scientology literature. Since we last spoke I did some research, validated what materials your department has been handing out, and confirmed that the materials do connect people directly to Scientology indoctrination if they contact the phone number or email listed on the literature. A fellow activist called the number and asked what she should do if she knew someone was into drugs. The staff person from The Truth About Drugs program immediately stated that the person should go to Narconon for treatment.

    Narconon is a Scientology front group that has been banned in several locales, has been sued for wrongful deaths, and has faced abuse charges. According to one expert, Narconon is 100% Scientology-based and lacks a medical/research basis. The Truth About Drugs pamphlets your department members are handing out direct people to a website where Scientology's hatred of Psychiatry is emphasized. On the website, an anonymous, uncited child whose claims appear in a PDF booklet explains how he felt betrayed by doctors.

    Is your police department promoting a program that is suggesting people not take medically prescribed drugs? These Scientology booklets make references without citing their sources, such as their anti-Ritalin writings. The following is a quote from their literature: "One writer put it this way: Parents are never told: ‘Oh, by the way, once in a while a child dies simply by taking their prescribed medication.’ Or ‘By the way, children on stimulant medications have twice the future rate of drug abuse.’ Or ‘By the way, one third of all children on these medications develop symptoms of obsessive-compulsive behavior within the first year.’” Who is this writer? This is a common Scientology tactic (appeal to authority) but show no proof.

    In the 1990's David Miscavage, the leader of Scientology, appeared on ABC with Ted Copple and talked about the evils of psychiatry and how the field of psychiatry conspired to destroy Scientology. It should be clear to the average person that they are obsessed with stopping psychiatry. They believe in zero tolerance of psychiatric drugs. It is well documented that Scientologists believe that psychiatrists are responsible for the death camps in WWII.

    If beliefs are one thing, then practices are another, I urge you to look into the murder of Ellie Perkins, the death of Lisa McPherson, and the suicide of John H. Boucher. Their deaths constitute a small fraction of the all too typical consequences of Scientology's interference of medically endorsed mental health.

    No one can fault you for meeting with any community group, as we discussed, but to act as an agent for them by pushing their propaganda is disturbing. Does that should harsh? Learn about the victims of Scientology and you will understand.

    Yet, I totally agree with you when you told me that there is no overt connection to Scientology in the materials. They did a better-than-average job of scrubbing their materials of Scientology perspectives, except for their drilling down against prescribed drugs. Yet in the front windows of Scientology buildings worldwide are prominently displayed (The Truth About Drugs) materials , proving that this is not a secular program. There can be little doubt when one looks at Scientology web sites and at their window fronts that they see the program your department is handing out, as a corner stone of their religious movement.

    I could go on for days about the human rights abuses in Scientology including but not limited to child abuse (both sexual and physical), labor violations, beatings, racism, homophobia, blackmail, break-up of families, people being held against their will, denial of medicine, and stalking. But because our discussion centers on drug use and drug abuse I am focusing my comments on that area of Scientology’s many misdeeds on that topic.

    Narconon was just shut down in Quebec, Canada for a large number of human rights abuses. The rest of Canada might follow suit to bar Scientology from doing more damage with its Naconon programs. Again, if you are sending your public into the hands of people like this through a front group, you need to know their history and what they do when someone contacts them. The underlying point I would like to make is that by handing these pamphlets out your department is unwittingly endangering people’s welfare and lives.

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  11. Anonymous Member

    It is not just me or activists saying these things. Law enforcement and judges in the United States have a history of condemning Scientology on these matters. Did you see the Tom Cruise video where he said they were they the experts on getting people off of drugs? He said that at accidents, Scientologists are the only ones who could help. Make no mistake; they don’t see the police, paramedics, or firemen as anything other than a hindrance. They even have their own judicial system that they believe supersedes the laws of the land even to the point of describing of how to dispose of those they see as enemies of mankind.

    Here is a statement from Judge Breckenridge, Los Angeles Superior Court:

    [The court record is] replete with evidence [that Scientology] is nothing in reality but a vast enterprise to extract the maximum amount of money from its adepts by pseudo scientific theories... and to exercise a kind of blackmail against persons who do not wish to continue with their sect.... The organization clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and this bizarre combination seems to be a reflection of its founder, L.Ron Hubbard."

    "Scientology's purpose is making money by means legitimate and illegitimate" (US District Court, Southern District of New York, 92 Civ. 3024 (PKL)

    "That these defendants were willing to frame their critics to the point of giving false testimony under oath against them and having them arrested and indicted speaks legions for their disdain for the rule of law. Indeed, they arrogantly placed themselves above the law, meting out their personal brand of punishment to those 'guilty' of opposing their selfish aims. -- Judge Richey in the sentencing of Mary Sue Hubbard and ten other Scientologists in October 1978 -- US District Court, Washington DC.

    I think if you do your homework you will find that there are manuals, internal reports, and other Scientology documents that can be found online that detail how Scientologists set out to indoctrinate and take over government agencies with their propaganda. There are also real-life consequences for those that get in their way. Just ask former Clearwater Mayor Gabe Cazares

    I urge you to look into the following sources of information that can give you an accurate picture of why you should be alarmed about the influence of Scientology as it relates to your department.

    Additional Pics attached for review

    1. Truth About Drugs in the front window of San Francisco Scientology ORG

    2. Truth About Drugs in the front window of Paris France Scientology ORG

    3. Freedom Magazine (Scientology publication) Words: “Scientology The fastest-growing religion in the 21st century” Directly below it: The Truth About Drugs”

    4. News report about Narconon deaths being investigated

    Additional Sources

    Article: Inside Scientology’s Rehab Racket ... n?page=all

    Naconon and Scientology have a history or rewriting history and removing people from their organization in the most Orwellian way.

    What happens when someone contacts (The Truth About Drugs)

    What is Scientology video (made by Scientology) about reforming criminals and Scientology Tech called Criminon ... 3817248463

    A website that makes the connection of Scientology to Criminon a Scientology front group. It proves that Scientology is pushing false information to get public funding.

    A document from L Ron Hubbard talking about how to hide their intentions regarding Narconon and Scientology ... tology.jpg

    A Scientology video capture showing how their anti drug programs are sent out from their main organization. ... wchart.jpg

    I would also recommend reading the ever growing number of civil suit cases now being posted as PDF’s on line.

    I is my plan to share this letter with the city counsel / county supervisors. I appreciate your time in reading it and I am happy to answer any questions you might have on the subject.



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    I hope RP has pooned Josh Dulaney, of this faggotry.

    Operation Clambake Weekly, ftw
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    ^^^ A few typos but great letters.
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    Who is Josh Dulaney? What is his pooning info?
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    I don't know that RP knows that the pamphlet is gone. All the same the letter should help the police know they made the right choice.
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  18. Zak McKracken Member

    A few weeks ago, what RP (and apparently the columnist at OCWeekly) found out by calling the Santa Ana Police station, was that the police had stopped distributing Scientology produced-materials.
    It was reported in the blog that Jacky quoted (starting this thread).

    RP did further research, and discovered that they ARE distributing Scientology-produced materials, which aren't being labeled as Scientology (duh).

    If Josh Dulaney doesn't follow OCMB or WWP, he may not be aware of this. If he is aware of it, its likely he'll mention that in the blog, or maybe even in print rag.
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    Comment on CB:

    It's so easy to scare people about opiates when real pain, the kind that can put people into shock or wear them into the ground mentally, is only well treated by those medications.

    Tooth extraction is a good point. Worse yet is accident, industrial or otherwise. I've had my arm burned second degree from hand to wrist. I cannot imagine someone going thru that mind-numbing agony without pain relief because some lying asshole made up a new rule out of thin air. It is hard enough for cancer patients, burn patients, etc to get the meds they need without the machinations of 'do-gooders with an agenda' such as these to muddy the fucking waters. It worked for Hubbard in the day. But We own this now. It won't work for them in the end.
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  20. anon walker Moderator

    Very tasty selection of links there. Thanks for compiling them, should help shoving that snowball downhill faster.
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  21. The poppy is one of the true gifts of nature. Appreciate it. Our suffering as a species would be both vastly and negatively enhanced by it's absence. Like marijuana and dogs it has been with us longer than established religion of the tithing kind...
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    They avoid labelling and mentioning Scientology as much as possible.

    These pamphlets are GOLD to Scientology - not only for getting so-called Secular COS shit onto
    the Secular Community for positive (however deceptive), PR, but also for Stats.

    These "Say No To Drugs" campaigns and Stats, are measured by each pamphlet delivered. They know
    that out of X number of deliveries, they will have an esitimated return on invested time and the low costs
    for production of this material.

    I was in the room when staff were being trained to go into schools etc.

    I posted the $$$ numbers somewhere, but it goes like this:

    Let's say they speak to or deliver 1,000 units. There is hardly any family or friends that don't
    have immediate family and know someone with drug problems. There is a big toll free number
    on this matrerial where to call for help. This is Narconon drug rehab sales strategy.

    Again, let's say only 5% of the units/contacts enter a Narconon at $30,00 a pop. That's 50 x $30,000 -
    that's 1.5 million dollars for very little work! Now when 10% of these 50 become FSM's, as most grads
    are encouraged to take the FSM Course before leaving Narconon. Say they send in only one per month?

    These ^^^ numbers are far from exact, I have the actual dox somewhere, but you get the picture.

    The gross income from this is staggering and most people don't see it right away, but it's there for sure.

    Someone should check to see about any gifts or vacation trips these Santa-Anna clowns have gone on recently?


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  23. Intelligence Member

    I know both these staff in this leaked email (never posted before - I don't think) - anyway,
    I was in the room when she was being trained.

    This was AFTER NN had been BANNED from going into ANY Quebec schools. But there is
    simply too much money in these "Say No To Drug" campaigns.

    I have 45 pages being shipped to me as of today about Narconon - should be here soon and I
    will post what I can:

    We'll have enough Dox soon to bury these **F_ _ kers**:)

  24. Random guy Member

    He is indeed!

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