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  1. When we are we going to turn our attention towards the Islamists and their Pro-Sharia Leftist allies conspiring to silently implement Sharia(Islamic law) in the West?
  2. Loki's spawn Member

    NYPA, newfag.
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  3. coskilla Member

    OP are u related to Rebecca Black? Tomorrow is Friday btw. I like sharia law. I like women runing around in 7th century costume.
  4. You're right. I am new.:)
  5. Loki's spawn Member

    Also, what evidence do you have of this so-called sharia movement taking hold in the west? Any dox?
  6. Anonymous Member

    Many Islamist leaders here in US have asked for it I do know.
  7. coskilla Member

    In the UK they have had sharia courts and regular normal 21st century ones I have Hurd.
  8. Anonymous Member

    1) There is no Wahabiist Sharia law that is being implemented in the so-called Western nations. Even the so-called "Sharia" in the U.K. is so watered down and influenced by western progression, the worst Sharia justice you would ever see there is a boring lecture about proper conduct and behavior.

    2) Most modern Islamists do not want Sharia law, much less the psychotic version used in those countries still pretending its the stone ages.

    3) What conspiracy? I think we can safely say most Muslims immigrated westward to get away from countries like Iran, not convert countries into Iran.

    4) In case you didn't know, there is a little unrest in the Middle East with protesters wanting Democracy, better lives, and progress (look up the Green Movement of Iran if you want evidence).
  9. Anonymous Member

    I thought they came here to steal our women, ravish our livestock, and confuse us with satanic backwards writing.
  10. dmx Member

    The so called sharia court thing in the UK was an amazing beat up. Speaking as a former australian family court staff member, family courts pretty much everywhere hate having to make a final decision and prefer couples to seek mediation and settle it out of court. Traditionally catholics and other christians, jews, buddhists and so on have been able to bring in the local priest or rabbi to mediate the dispute IF THE COUPLE BOTH AGREE, and then because its out of court mediation reaches a conclusion both agree, the case is dropped because a solution has been found.

    ALL the sharia court option was, was to allow muslims to have the same option of other religions to bring in a holy-man type dude to come in mediate a solution. If either of the couple was not happy, then it just goes back to regular old court.

    The muslims gained no special laws or special exceptions, only the ability to have the same right christians+jews have to ask a local priest or rabbi to help find a solution to the dispute. In fact no new laws or anything even needed to be done. Turns out they always had the right.

    But of course Rupert murdochs press made hay of all this declaring that the UK now had sharia courts and soon women would be stoned. canaries banned, guitars smashed and all sorts of ridiculouse horse shit like that.

    Theres no need for a war on sharia. The muslims are quite happy to keep that shit back in afghanistan. Ever wonder why anon (mostly!) don't go after scientologists beliefs just the stupid organization that controls them? Its because they recognise the cylons have religious freedom of speech.

    The same thing applies here. You don't have to like muslims. Islam has some damn silly ideas, as does christianity and judaism. But persecuting them for those beliefs is just silencing their freedom of speech and thought. Thats a very un-anon thing to do.

    tl;dr fuck your silly religious war. Theres no lulz in kicking a people who are already persecuted enough.
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  11. dmx Member

    Soon the UK will have its own kenyan islamocommunist president too! Eurabia awaits.
  12. Anonymous Member

    I have already accepted them as my new overlords.
  13. xenubarb Member

    Sharia law is found within mosques. It is the internal law of Islam. It is not being imposed on western culture. Don't fall for the hyperbolic Glenn Beck style ZOMG TEHY IS GONNA TAKE US ALL OVER WITH SHARIA LAW AND WE WILL ALL WEAR BURQAS.

    Ain't gonna happen so your post is a stupid call to action against a nonexistent threat. Oh, and NYPA.
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  14. Dragononymous Member

    Werent that the loudy Vikings?
  15. CarltonBANKS Member

  16. Dragononymous Member

    Largh garh ahal , alagh mathc ahernaal, muslamic lawwhh, britains match largh, british, harfgy wahr, 15-yr old getin raped an everting larhg arhllowar
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  17. Anonymous Member

    It's a family court just like any other. Except instead of Christian laws it's Sharia. Not forced on anyone. It's by consent.

    Also; NYPA fuckwad
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  18. WhiteNight Member

    What's terrible is that it's an amazingly catching tune. Those 2 clips are full of so many lulz.
    The Muslamic Infidel is going to force Sharia law upon you at ray-gun point OP
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  19. Dragononymous Member

    Well it aint Bi-Winning or Crescent Fresh, so it aint that bad
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  20. anonymous612 Member

    7/10, well done.
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  21. WhiteNight Member

    you only get troll points if you're trolling. This guy's just a moron.
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  22. Dragononymous Member

    Shussssh let him give Zeh P0int$, Dun't k1ll h's dr43M.
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  23. anonymous612 Member

    Naah. The sort of person to irl think Islam is trying to take over the west (inb4 OBAMA IS A MUSLIM OMG) wouldn't be inclined to seek out help from Anonymous. We're filthy anarchist criminal youngfolk, remember?
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  24. Dragononymous Member

  25. Dragononymous Member

    I smiled :D
  26. Anonymous Member

    prove me wrong
  27. Dragononymous Member

  28. WhiteNight Member

    All you're doing is proving that, if this guy isn't a moron, then there are thousands more out there who are. Sadly this is true.
    Where's a good old genocide when you need one? Britian's hasn't had a good one since... what, 60AD roughly? Romans were the last lot. Normans in 1066 didn't really kill the general population, just the ruling classes.
    Yep. We're around 2100 years over-due a genocide, now where's my gun?

  29. Anonymous Member

    DOX or GTFO
  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Dragononymous Member

  32. anonymous612 Member

    Am I disagreeing with that?
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  33. Dragononymous Member

    *imitates a large group of young students* FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
  34. I'm not really worried about Sharia entering the West.
    There are many interest groups vying for control in the West, and Sharia supporters are just one of them.
    There are so many more pressing concerns in world politics, then the views of a few less tolerant Muslims.
  35. Herro Member


    >mfw a european was arrested for making fun of the Prophet near me
  36. mongrel Member

    Islamic law has already been applied in at least one court case in the US. Luckily, it was overturned on appeal. A woman filed for a restraining order against her husband based on physical/mental abuse and being forced to have sex (aka marital rape). The judge said that the woman adequately proved that the events did occur but it was OK because the man was acting within Islamic laws.

    Here's the dox:
  37. dmx Member

    Stupid judge does a thing. Yeah it was a stupid decision from an incompetent judge who failed to account for separation of church and state. It was overturned , and any decisions like this would probably be as well.

    Plus rape is forbidden in the Quoran so its haram, so even if a Judge COULD use shariah law, the decision would be wrong. (In fact the rapist would stand a damn good chance of getting his ass stoned to death if you took sharia to its most 7th century extreme)
    "O you who believe! You are forbidden to inherit women against their will."

    e: Btw, don't rely on stupid right-wing blogs written by idiot right wing westerners who don't understand islamic tradition. Its no different to the neo-nazi blogs that feature fake Talmud versus that talk about boiling gentiles in hot semen.
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  38. anonymous612 Member

    The law library of is a stupid right-wing blog?
  39. mongrel Member

    My only purpose was to point out an occurrence where islamic law was used in a US court so people like you might understand that the concern over sharia is not completely irrational. It is certainly used by the like of Rush and Glenn to spread fear (and gain ratings) but there is a grain of truth to it.

    An imam testified at the trial on behalf of the husband stating that his behavior was acceptable under Islamic law.

    A knee-jerk reaction where contradictory evidence is summarily dismissed is one of the surest signs of a zealot, or an imbecile. The two frequently go hand-in-hand.
  40. dmx Member

    It really is unfounded. Muslims are a tiny minority in almost all western countries and Sharia law will never be implemented in any of them. Its not just a grain of truth, its an anti-grain.

    Hell even in majority muslim countries, the trend has been away from Sharia over the past decade or so, with religious theocrat states moving towards secularism due to the decline of interest in religious extremisim in the middle east. Places where moves TOWARDS it in recent times have occured have almost always been due to what sociologists call "panic modernism", either as a reaction against western intervetnion , or where basically the old theocrats realise their time is numbered and start trying to crack down against the tide of changing opinions from the more liberal younger people. You can see the same phenomenon in the united states where growing liberalism amongst younger people has been met by a more frenzied and desparate campaign to go ultra-conservative by the grey-hair set in retaliation. It won't last.

    No I wasn't refering to that. I was just noting theres a LOT of stupid shit on the net, written by stupid people.

    The imam is wrong. Just like Fred Phelps is wrong about his religion too. Its highly likely the defense went on a search for some dickhead imam who had some stupid opinions and finally found one. There are christian preachers and jewish Rabbis who also have disgusting views too and also crouch THEIR silly beliefs in ridiculous interpretations of 2000+ year old texts too.

    There ARE views in the muslim community by stodgy old people that rape in marriage doesn't exist. Keep in mind that in the United states (Im using the US because its where most internet posters live, not because I have a thing against it!) marital rape was still legal in parts up till only 1993, and in 30 states its still considered a lesser crime than rape outside of marriage. In many states pedophilia is legal if your married to the child. Australia made it illegal in all states in 92. The UK in 91. Many many people still think that it should still be legal.

    Just because some old dickheads have some abhorent views, you need to remember those people are still in a minority, even in the community they come from. It doesnt reflect on the religion at all, and people who raise a fuss about it need to look at their own culture, because they might get a rude shock.
    Its not contradictory evidence. The decision was swiftly over-ruled.
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