Antisec day of action against police brutality

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Wrong Guy, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    This is a duplicate of a post I made three hours ago on the Occupy Wall Street Updates thread, on this page:


    From CabinCr3w on YouTube:

    #OpService #BrutalityEnds

    CabinCr3w press release

    Greetings from anonymous,

    The people at Occupy Wall Street have spoken. Their message is actually many messages. There is a deep dysfunction in our world today which cannot be answered with one focus. Anonymous has watched the abuse the people have received and has responded swiftly.

    We do not necessarily all agree with the methods of Occupy Wall Street but a citizen is a citizen whether we agree with their choices or not. It is true that progress will inevitably have to come from actions by the protestors, the workers, the innovators themselves. The fact remains that whether through guile or duress, the bankers have wrecked the economy and their army of corporations has taken advantage of the situation.

    Some say the people shouldn't have signed on to lies and propaganda. However, if a mechanic does a poor job on your car you would sue them. Yes, the people may have fallen to vanity, envy, selfishness, and a whole list of other mistakes. Yes, it will only be the when the people begin rebuilding their world that they will correct the problems they face. There is still a criminal class at large among bankers, corporate executives, and politicians. And to deal with that criminal class Anonymous will shine the spotlight on them.

    But it doesn't end there. We will answer demands that the bankers won't. It's a long list so there is much time for bankers and corporations to make amends. Unfortunately, there isn't a hell of a lot of time for the economy before it goes completely unhinged. Anonymous is not waiting for food riots before we act. For once, we are ahead of the clock and we will drive it back.

    All the mistakes the people have made are a drop in the bucket to direct and on the record financial blackmail by the system we are all getting choked by. That is not going to be forgotten and all rationalizations will not change it. We are not out to crash the economy, nor will we be used by crafty individuals to do so. Certainly not in the name of some Hollywood ending to a story the establishment wishes would go away. Rather we will rebuild starting now, even when many people are resigned to expecting utter disorder. Anons may be a chaotic bunch, but we're not lunatics.

    And so begins Operation Service, building on the work of Operation BART, Operation Liberation, Operation Feed The Homeless, and Occupy Wall Street. This as previous actions is based on Project AntiShock. We will present both Operation Service and Project AntiShock. We hope that others will look upon this model and imitate it, perhaps modify it, improve it, or come up with their own.

    We are Anonymous
    We are Legion
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
    Expect us

    From CabinCr3w on Twitter:

    CabinCr3w C@b!n Cr3w
    Over 100 Gov Sites Hacked, data dumped on PD, prank calls... in the past hour.
    9 minutes ago

    #antisec day of action against police brutality (updated) -

    Hackers With #Antisec Go On A Crusade Against Government Sites
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  2. Anonymous Member

  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    Sounds like you didn't click on the Pastebin link above and read it.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Read the headline. Yawn.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Focusing on law enforcement, no matter how much they have blown it lately, is a diversion that not only sucks attention away from the essential problem (gross economic inequality) but creates an excuse for demonizing OWS. Get a fucking clue, you bunch of yahoo dilettantes.
  6. Anonymous Member

    No U.
  7. Anonymous Member

    In case you hadn't noticed, OWS was being demonized anyway. Besides, writing polite letters and signing petitions and waving a few signs has done nothing to prevent us getting to where we are today. Time to think different?
  8. Anonymous Member

    I'm sorry but I don't have that kind of time. I skimmed it and saw
    ... and I thought, "Hey interesting." Because I'd heard a rumor that some "chiefs of police" charities that ring you up for donations have links to Scientology.

    But then I saw

    ... and I thought, "Hey wait a second. Chanology needs the FBI on its side." Then I read

    ... and I WTF.

    So I need a tl;dr summary of the dox plz, if you want my support for this initiative.
  9. Anonymous Member

    OK I read the whole boring thing at Pastebin. Fighting my way through the communist (literally) rhetoric I learned that Antisec grabbed information from computers at (the International Association of Chiefs of Police) (Web site development firm in Washington DC hosting intranet and many others) (Boston Police Patrolmens' Association) (Alabama web site)

    But in contrast to the HBGary hack by lulzsec, which I did enjoy, I did not learn anything specific about shady, dishonest, manipulative, or illegal behavior on the part of the IACP, Matrix, the Boston Police, or any police in Alabama.

    So criminal police behavior in Alabama during the civil rights movement is sufficient justification for fucking with the police now? Does Antisec think I'm stupid?

    Antisec, if you want most Americans to dislike you, you should say something like this:

    Oh wait, you did.
  10. xenubarb Member

    Op Feed the Homeless? WTF?

    #OSD is wasting time going out to picket the home of a slumlord today. Yesterday the General Assembly passed some stupid agreement that education should be free. These local hippiefags are straying from the premise and taking it in a direction I do not wish to go. Corporations aren't people is one cause I can support.
    Demanding free college is just stupid and a waste of time.

    The assbites who've taken charge are leaderfagging their asses off cuz they've finally got an audience for their causes. And there are lots of agencies dedicated to feeding the damn homeless, what the fuck.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    OWS has yet to be successfully demonized, in no small part because as a whole it's yet to be successfully labelled. Bawwing about the police is not thinking different, it's moving from a macro critique of power relationships to a micro critique--in the case of antisec's past activities a very micro 'critique' in which not only individual officers but their families' infos are put into public circulation, regardless of their individual actions.

    Any time a movement for social justice becomes about the police instead, it embraces the premise that the heart of the problem is actually territorial conflicts between LE and protesters, which is a) incorrect b) a distraction and c) feeds the powers that be in their attempts to portray dissent in terms of petty lawlessness.

    Protest movements should not be allowed to turn into gang warfare. Read up on the Black Panthers for an example of how this process leads to self-destruction.
  12. LocalSP Member

    " You know it occurs to me that the best way to hurt rich people is to turn them into poor people." Eddie Murphy - Trading Places.
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  13. The Wrong Guy Member

    Boston police website hacked: 'It's not funny'

    Group claiming responsibility said it supports Occupy Boston movement

    A Boston Police Department website was hacked. The group claiming responsibility said they support the Occupy Boston movement. Boston Police are warning some of their members that user names and passwords were compromised.

    The investigation into who hacked the system was widening and the F.B.I. was brought in to assist.

    Police believe the radical element that calls themselves’ “Anonymous” has hacked into their system along with others across the country.

    “Our internal computer system has been breached and I believe compromised,” said Tom Nee, President of the B.P.P.A. The Boston Police Patrolman’s Association urgently told members to change their passwords after the rebel group posted their names and passwords online.

    The group claimed they took aim at the Boston Police for their unprovoked brutality. In a statement “Anonymous” said, “…future acts of aggression against our movements will be met with a vengeance…”

    “It’s outrageous and it’s not funny. We will pursue this to the fullest extent of the law,” said Tom Nee.

    At the height of the demonstrations dozens of protestors were arrested and arraigned. Some protestors said they did not want help from “Anonymous.” “I don’t agree with how they are doing it but I’ll take any support we can get,” said one protestor. “I don’t see how actions like that would support the movement and I would encourage people to disassociate themselves with that because I think it’s wildly incongruent with the message of the movement,” said another protestor.

    At Boston Police headquarters they said their website had not been breached but they encouraged all members to change their passwords.

    Also on Saturday night, 21 acts of vandalism and graffiti were being investigated by Boston Police on buildings in downtown Boston.

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  14. Anonymous Member

    ^THIS. Pay attention, motherfuckers.
  15. The Wrong Guy Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, okay. Sounds legit to me.

    Boring losers.
  17. Anonymous Member

    The police are part of the 99% so all this anti-cop propaganda is bullshit.

    I propose OPERATION: COPCAKES. We set a date in the near future when anons stop by their local PD with a batch of delicious and moist cupcakes and a short note of thanks for all their hard work keeping the peace. We make a thread here where people can upload pics of their cupcakes and a little report about how the police responded to the small gift.

    Sure some cops are jerks. But most are well meaning, just like everybody else. Just like Anonymous.
  18. The Wrong Guy Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    Last weekend in San Francisco there was an Occupy march with a general anti-inequality theme, attendance: est. 5000; yesterday there was an Occupy march against police brutality, attendance: est. 500. FTR, cops were chill at both events, no arrests.

    Way to kill your own momentum, dumbasses.
  20. 00anon00 Member

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  21. The Wrong Guy Member

  22. LocalSP Member

    Full size

    By Hamilton Nolan Oct 24, 2011 9:31 AM
    15,932 [IMG] 65[IMG]
    Dude: Cop Slapped My Dog

    What would cause a heartless jack-booted armed thug cop to heartlessly slap a tiny little bitty dog? (What!) A wee little Pomeranian mix, slapped out of a third story window? (No!) A tiny sweet little pet trying to protect his precious family, only to be heartlessly—heartlessly—slapped, by a cop, out of a window, falling three stories, its tiny body twisting as it plummeted to the hard, heartless ground below? (I never!) Outrageous!
    That's what a lawsuit alleges, anyhow—that cops on a failed drug raid in the Bronx slapped—slapped!—Chuwie (Chuwie!), the tiny little Pomeranian mix who is really full of love, causing Chuwie's tiny, precious body to be propelled through a third floor window. Chuwie survived, thank god, no thanks to the thug heartless cop who actually allegedly slapped a tiny loving dog. (What sort of person does that?) The New York Post has the stunning, heartless details (and heartbreaking pictures!)of the most heartless alleged Pomeranian-slapping incident of the year, in the New York City area:

    The pet-loving family tried to resume their normal lives, but 5-year-old Chuwie, who earned his name as a puppy by chewing on "everything," hasn't been the same since his ordeal.
    The lawn outside the building cushioned Chuwie's landing, but Estevez noticed he was gingerly holding up his injured right paw after the 25-foot drop.
    There was Chuwie, far outside his warm and loving home, gingerly extending his injured paw, as if begging for justice to be visited upon the heartless thug cop who heartlessly slapped the poor thing out of a window far above. (Think how far three stories is for a tiny dog.) "Please... justice," Chuwies' extended paw seemed to say, at that moment. He probably looked so cute right then.
    One million dollars for the plaintiffs, in the court of public opinion.
    [NYP. Photo of some dog who is almost as cute as Chuwie: Dan Bennett/ Flickr]
  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    OWS: Anon Hacks Police Website

    Things weren't quite as peaceful this weekend at Occupy Chicago. Protesters are still attempting to create a headquarters for this region of the Occupy movement; they marched to Grant Park on Saturday night. But when the park closed, the arrests began. One hundred and thirty people were arrested Saturday night, which marks the second week of mass arrests relating to the Occupy movement.
  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    Alabama Sheriff Demands Go Daddy Kill AntiSec Hackers' Websites for Data Dumps

    Alabama law enforcement is breathing down Go Daddy's neck for not removing AntiSec and Anonymous data dumps of police personal info; Homeland Security will hunt for "domestic threats" on Twitter; and some cops are mighty slow to catch on that photographers are NOT terrorists and photography is not a suspicious activity that indicates terrorism.

    Today several lawsuits and news stories about intelligence gathering, surveillance, law enforcement or civil liberties caught my privacy and security-angled eyes as either noteworthy or ludicrous. Alabama law enforcement is breathing down Go Daddy's neck with an injunction for not removing AntiSec and Anonymous data dumps containing personal info of police personnel; Homeland Security will hunt for "domestic threats" on Twitter; and some cops still treat photographers as terrorists and photography as a suspicious activity that indicates terrorism.

    BoingBoing sounded the alert that DHS is seeking intelligence on "domestic threats" from Twitter traffic. While Homeland Security claims not to be actively monitoring any social networks, when it "receives information about a potential threat, contractors are then asked to look for certain references within 'open source' information, which is available to anyone on the Internet," reported the Associated Press. DHS Undersecretary Caryn Wagner said "I can post anything on Facebook, is that valid? If 20 people are tweeting the same thing, then maybe that is valid." She added it's key to train "hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers across the country in filling out suspicious activity reports."

    Many hackers are ticked and completely fed up with how things are done in the USA, including the hacker group Team Poison which recently posted a list of hackable police websites. But Alabama law enforcement is currently trying to kick Go Daddy's butt for publishing and so far refusing to take down data dumps from AntiSec and Anonymous hackers. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office found out it was hacked on October 21 as "part of a broad scheme to hack into law enforcement databases and release publicly the personal information of law enforcement personnel in many areas of the country." According to the issued the statement, "Our identity theft and computer forensic units are working with federal authorities to identify and apprehend those responsible."

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  25. whosit Member

    Can we have an #antiOccupyWallStreetDouceBags day to peacefully protest all those douchebags that are doinitwrong?
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  26. Anonymous Member

    How are you doin it any better?
  27. Anonymous Member

    Wait, there was a premise?
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  28. Anonymous Member

    I don't see you out there showing them, so STFU.

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