Any Annonymous-friendly psychiatrists in Clearwater, FL?

Discussion in 'Situation Rooms' started by Annony Mouse, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. Annony Mouse Member

    Are there any Annonymous-friendly psychiatrists in the Clearwater, FL area? PLEASE HELP!!! Getting regged out of my mind. :'-(
    Annony Mouse
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  2. I smell phish.
  3. Nancy Beazley Member

    Getting regged out of your mind?

    See any psychiatrist or psychologist.

    Problem solved. (You immediately become an illegal student/pc.)
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  4. anon8109 Member

    All psychs are members of Anonymous, so take your pick!
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  5. Random guy Member

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  6. Quentinanon Member

    Lilly von Markab, M.D. at the Helotrobus Clinic.
    She's brilliant. Spoke at a conference last year sponsored by Big Pharma.
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  7. TrevAnon Member

    You should go the the hospital over six blocks away where there is an Anon friendly psychiatrist.

    Don't go to the hospital right around the corner or the one just after that, for they employ psychiatrists who actually use evidence based methods.

    Oh... wait. :eek: Where did I read about this before? :D
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  8. Quentinanon Member

    I think you mean 23 miles away (37 kilometers)!
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  9. TrevAnon Member

    You fifm :)
  10. 23 miles, 37k... all just a quibble when anon's mental purity is at stake. We also rent those cockroaches by the hour so hurry up so we can give them back to the herder before we get charged for another day.
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  11. Bobby McGee Member

    Oh and after you go to the hospital have Scientologists pick you up and take you to room 174.. and you will lose 40 pds in 17 days. Just like Lisa McPherson.

    Oh and there is death.. but you knew that didn't ya hon?
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  12. The Internet Member

    Lol “Anonymous-friendly."
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  13. The_1db8e1_1168579.jpg
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  14. LOL. Just tell your local EO/MAA that you posted to WWP and want to see a psche and you will not have to worry about further regging.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Science develops, people know the answers for many things, but there's always gonna be questions never to be answered, like why do girls wear tops with decolletage while they're gonna slap you and call you pervert when you stare at their boobs or what the fuck is a mile and why don't Americanfags just use ol' good metres/kilometres as distance units.

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