Any other website the people of Iran can access so I can help provide them with info?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by theoneandonly7, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Are there any other websites which the people of Iran can access so I can try and send them as much information about what's happening in their country from the outside world?
  2. Maybe message them to me just incase
  3. wee_fred Member

    Are we not better setting up a wiki? Then we could put all the relevant medical, tech and media information on that?

    Either that or we could set up different groups which have specialities in medical, tech, media, translation so we can advise people in iran better instead of having the torrent of useless information on twitter.
  4. Jaymax Moderator

    Wiki's take longer to get established... Purpose of this website is in part to provide something a lot more persistent than twitter. Work is ongoing to provide low-bandwidth options. And the model has proven very successful at the parent site.

    The mod's here will quickly set up specialty sub-forums as appropriate and required as the volume grows.

    In the meantime, please help by grabbing anything useful, or genuinely worthy of some exposure you see zipping by on twitter and re-posting it here. Likewise keep coming with the ideas - this site can best start to help the folks in Iran by becoming increasingly useful to all those wanting to help.
  5. Minnou Member

    We've set this up:

    We're trying to figure out what else they need.

    We're going through tweets and trying to send the right information to the right people, as well as analyze what's been said that is real.

    We're putting together a website with a timeline of the events and things that are confirmed as having actually happened.

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