Any Wisconsin Anonymous?

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Many0fOne, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Many0fOne Member

    Any Wisconsin Anonymous?

    What the story on the Wisconsin protest? If there is any wiscofags who are planning anything I would appreciate the details. :D
  2. Re: Any Wisconsin Anonymous?

    Well, there's a Scientology mission in Milwaukee. There haven't been really been any protests there for a while (besides an odd one from a Chicago roadtrip), but there are definitely a few people around the area who are still active in real life. You may have a shot at rekindling things a little bit.

    If they see this thread, they may respond if they're interested. Not sure how likely that is, but give it a while and keep checking back.

    The other option is a roadtrip to Chicago or Minneapolis. Either of which is a long, long way away. :|
  3. Dra Member

    Re: Any Wisconsin Anonymous?

    Where are you looking at protesting in WI? Milwaukee, Madison or the frozen tundra? There is a sad little mission in Milwaukee in a strip mall, but not much traffic and almost no foot traffic for flyering in that area (and its close to Stallis so be prepared for puffy Packer jackets and mullets).

    Maybe someone else would know the legalities for protesting there (haven't researched it).
  4. rof Member

  5. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Any Wisconsin Anonymous?

    I'm in Green Bay. There's no org here, and travel to Milwaukee just isn't an option for me right now. But rest assured, this town's been innoculated, and gets regular booster shots too. For example, this is one of the cards I drop around the County Pet Expo:


    That's the best part about NOT having an Org in town, I suppose - you can focus on where people are, and I'm close to Lambeau and the arenas.

    edit: I only have one mask, though...

  6. Re: Any Wisconsin Anonymous?

    Yeah, I remember the cheesehead anons, they used to run around with signs saying "Farve Sucks" [sic, the intentional misspelling was part of the fun] and other funny shit. This was shortly after he had left Green Bay and was really unpopular at the time.


    If you know how to contact him, tell that mofo to drop a line here. There are definitely people in the 'Waukee area who would join him.
  7. Req Member

    Re: Any Wisconsin Anonymous?

    Doctor (or Doktor) is metgyre.
  8. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Any Wisconsin Anonymous?

    is there a regional forum?
  9. Re: Any Wisconsin Anonymous?

    Oh. That makes sense, haha.
    I tried to page him over to this thread, not sure if he's around these days or not.

    Nope, at least not an active one. I'm curious to see if you can get things rolling here. If there's enough interest, maybe you could look into making one at some point.
  10. metgyre Member

    Re: Any Wisconsin Anonymous?

    yes, i protest lone ranger style in milwaukee on occasion. if you are around milwaukee, feel free to ask for info and shit. the org is in a strip mall around west allis, protesting requires nothing if under i believe it was 25 people. so nothing needs to happen in that regard. i still let the police know i am protesting, to encourage good relations. i used to have docs on some of the org people, but the forum i had set up died from no interest so i lost it. im sure the chifags would be willing to supply it again. other than milwaukee i make the trip to chicago to protest when i have the money, cuz those guys fucking rock. or we can road trip to minneapolis cause those guys also kick ass. but sadly, i seem to be the only milwaukee anon, still.
  11. Re: Any Wisconsin Anonymous?

    Lol stripmall "church"

    C'mon, 'Waukee, I'm hoping you guys can rekindle something up there in the frozen north...!!
  12. moarxenu Member

  13. metgyre Member

    Re: Any Wisconsin Anonymous?

    i could say things about that video.... but i cant for protection purposes. needless to say, i know a bunch of people in it.
  14. Re: Any Wisconsin Anonymous?

    Wisco here, tried to get to megaraid in Minneapolis but there was a medical emergency. I was going to protest in Chicago but the protest is too early in the month. My plans are always foiled. :(

    Note to Wisco Anons: I found some information recently. In between Chicago and Minneapolis, Scifags come to towns I know well, knocking door-to-door in recruitment drives. I found they usually head for the "snob hills" in these areas. This is how they basically snatched someone I know, they've been using the same route since at least 1993. This would include the towns of Menominee, Eau Claire, Black River Falls, and Rice Lake. They don't announce it in the paper, making them harder to find. I've had my ear to the ground for a while, and a pattern is emerging. They do a recruitment drive at the end of summer (2nd and 3rd weeks of August).

    There's no local orgs here, so I've set it up for my friends to ring me when/if they come back to these areas. I checked, there's no rules against following someone on a recruiting drive and passing out fliers with contrary information. As long as you do not engage the people ahead of you, it would not be construed as stalking or harassment. I asked my lawyer. I was hoping to do that much.

    When they were in a town near here, they were rude and talked about Xenu (to quote: "Xenu isn't really a part of it"). I lol'd when I heard about this.
  15. metgyre Member

    Re: Any Wisconsin Anonymous?

    there are actually a lot of anons in eau claire. at least i think thats where they came from. they were at the minn raid and apparently go there somewhat often. see if you can contact themwhen the scilons come through.
  16. So some Chicago people were thinking about making a roadtrip up to Milwaukee just for laughs. It's just a remote possibility at this point, not a sure thing to happen or even probable. Do you think we could get something decently-sized going if we all came together?

    Pretty sure people would want to wait until the weather's better rather than freezing their asses off up there though, as well as having to deal with potentially serious problems like snowy roads.
  17. Dra Member

    I'm in if I'm free whatever weekend is picked. Don't know how many other people we would get....
  18. Paladin Member

    I would be willing to do a protest in Milwaukee instead of Chicago if it will help to revitalize the protesting there. I've heard that Scientology is dying in Milwaukee but I hope the protests don't stop until Scientology is GONE!
  19. Hmm, I wouldn't bet on an event revitalizing anything unless it gets a few of these Milwaukee "dood let's do something!" people hooked on coming out repeatedly or something, which I think is doubtful (though possible). I was thinking it would be more like a one-time thing for fun, at least for the Chicagoans.

    Let's wait and see if Metgyre has anything to say the next time he comes through this way.
  20. metgyre Member

    i think that could be fun. I am waiting till february to announce a megaraid in milwaukee. I kinda promised everyone at the Minn megaraid that i would do one here. so maybe you guys want to wait for that? otherwise get your asses up here, i would love to see you and have more people to raid with insterad of lone-rangering it at this pitiful org.
  21. Did you mean you were going to wait until February to announce it, or that it would be held in February? Just wondering. We'd probably at least consider it, especially if it was a warmer-weather month. Giving us lots of time to plan would probably help.

    I can't figure out if it would help or hurt if you had it on a 2nd Saturday. On the one hand, it would potentially clash with Chicago's events (which are almost always 2nd Saturday). And right now, I think everyone is jonesing to go back to our org, so I don't know if it'd be good if the Milwaukee thing was competing with that. On the other hand, I don't know if Chicago has the manpower to do more than 1 big event a month these days, or if there would be problems for some people in getting more than one Saturday a month free.

    How about like the 2nd Saturday of, like, May or something? That way we get to get our kicks in at our local org for a while, and we have lots of time to plan for Milwaukee. Then when May rolls around, instead of doing our local Chicago event, we could pile people in a car and travel up there, and make that our monthly event. That way you could potentially get lots of backup without fighting EITHER our short-term itch to finally get close to our org OR our reluctance to do more than one big thing a month.

    I probably sound like kind of a dick if I'm trying to tell you what day to have your event, but I'm just thinking out loud what might work best for the people over here. Anyway, please don't get too excited yet, because I don't know if anyone (myself included) is really that committed to traveling there just yet.

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