Anyone have any info on Narconon Freedom Center in Calhoun County, Michigan?

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by karmicsynchronicity, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Some years, under a cloud of issues, Narconon Stonehawk in Battle Creek, Michigan closed, reportedly reopening under the same owners with a different name. There is also the Narconon Freedom Center, which is supposed to be this beautiful facility on many wooded acres in Albion, Michigan (according to the pictures on their website However, if you call the number, it is a Battle Creek number. I found out today that the very small office building across in my neighborhood, a tiny little place with a big privacy fence around the parking lot, where I'd heard from the boyfriend of a staffer I ran into once that drug rehab was taking place, is the actual Narconon Freedom Center. It is located at 163 North Avenue.

    I hadn't even looked into it, because everyone in the neighborhood just assumed they were connected with the outpatient treatment center next door and the people were being treated as part of Drug Court. They are not. All I knew was that it was a secure facility. If you go in there, they don't let you out until you are recovered. They have a number of security staffers there, from what I've seen over the fence.

    Until last night, when one of their patients was running around the parking lot crying, swearing profusely and arguing with the staffers and the security personnel, while I sat on my front porch and listened. After about an hour of that, they finally got her back inside. Once I googled and found out who owned the place, the whole thing turned very creepy in a hurry.

    If anyone knows anything about this particular facility and how they ended up in a little tiny office building, I'd like to hear it.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    A Forever Recovery
    163 North Avenue
    Battle Creek MI 49017
    Tel: 269 964 6731

    I'm finding 0 Narconon links. False alarm?
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Or perhaps A Forever Recovery has moved to 216 Saint Mary's Lake Rd, Battle Creek?

    Narconon may have moved in afterwards?

    Hawk Narconon Stone
    163 North Ave Battle Creek, MI49017-3426.
    Phone: (269) 963-3548
    (269) 963-3548
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  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. xenubarb Member

    Per Wickstrom was the owner of Stonehawk. He dropped the NN bit, renamed it "A Forever Recovery" and continued with bidness as usual without the NN element.

    Suspect Per should be the target of many lawsuits stemming from Stonehawk.
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  6. And if you check out another page on
    Freedom Center of Albion
    163 North Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49017

    When I called the phone number above and asked for their web address, they said it was, which comes up as Narconon Freedom Center. This whole thing is starting to stink really bad, as I remember their being some sort of local scandal about 8 years ago regarding Stonehawk, which was out at 216 St. Mary's Lake, formerly the MEA conference center, later a facility for people recovering from closed head injuries, and then Stonehawk, and now A Forever Recovery. I know the place well, my mother's first cousin was the director of the MEA conference center when I was a kid, so I practically grew up there.

    Interestingly, the Assessor's office records for the parcel show this information for the property:
    BATTLE CREEK, MI 49017-9710

    Which indicates to me that there is a shell game being played.

    Again, if anyone has any stories about the place, I'd like to know about it. Especially after the other night's disturbance with the crying, swearing woman who clearly was in crisis.
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  7. Intelligence Member

    Welcome to the "Shell Game" Party ^^^.

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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    Narconon Stone Hawk
    IRS Tax ID EIN 383646037
    216 St. Mary's Lake Road
    Albion MI 49224
    Phone 2699699773
    $4,485,386 Revenue in 2008
    Per Wickstrom, President $162,024
    Douglas Wickstrom, CFO $38,000
    Eric Tenorio, Executive Director $75,036
    Miriam Tenorio, Deputy Executive Director $54,000
    George Ardelean, Senior Director $54,563
    Dominick Assante, Course Supervisor $46,300
    Ramsey Darwish El Khatib, Counselor $35,839
    Brian C Kuehne, Counselor $32,173
    Patrick O'Neill, Counselor $31,200
    Daniel Greene, Intake Coordinator $39,877
    Kreis Enderle Callander & Hudgins, Legal $66,704
    P O Box 4010, Kalamazoo MI 49003
    Emery Lawrence, Accounting $29,153
    61 South Union Street, Battle Creek MI 49017
    The Doctors Group PC, Medical $18,238
    Dr Martin Homes, $14,720

    $47,927 Grant from Stone Hawk to Narconon Freedom Center
    IRS Tax ID EIN 262990691
    809 West Erie Street
    Albion MI 49224

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  10. Anonymous Member

  11. xenubarb Member

    Tell us where all the secret tunnels and passageways are found. TIA...
  12. Never found any secret tunnels and passageways. Too bad, we could have incorporated them into our playing of dungeons and dragons.
  13. What is going on with this place? It is listed as Tranquility Detox now in the A Forever Recovery paperwork we received now that my son is in there. i am trying to find out things like how many nurses they have working there, I could not understand why no one from billing would talk to me but the intake coordinator about billing. Yhey do not list their nursing staff. I am trying to convince family we need him out ofthere but theythink I am over exaggerating .
  14. jensting Member

    I've repeated your post on,12581.0.html. In general, this is the specialised narCONon information website.
    EDIT: I recommend you get an account on Reaching for the Tipping Point (so that you can receive messages) and have a look at the Michigan specific information there.
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  15. The Internet Member

    Welcome, KTURNER. Narconon programs get in trouble periodically, so lots of name changes.

    Narconon is non-medical so there really is no need for nurses, who must work under a doctor's order. I think a doctor does a screening exam of patients before they go to the program, but typically Narconon does not have a doctor on site.

    Two parts to the program: the sauna/vitamin "detox" and training routines or TRs. The vitamin regimen involves high doses of niacin which can damage the liver, especially in someone infected with hepatitis.

    The training routines are exactly what Scientologists practice. They condition an obedient mind set and encourage people to seek after higher levels, which are supposed to give a person greater abilities. But this is BS.

    So yeah, get your family member out of that place.

    I'll PM David Love and Colin Henderson. They can give you good advice privately before you take action.
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  16. HellRazor Member

    Oh dear. I think you've come to the right place.

    Did you see this?
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  17. HellRazor Member

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  18. OTeleventy Member

    Also here:

    You really do need to get your son out of there. Whatever it takes to convince your family.

    Edit: HellRazor beat me to it.
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  19. TRAJ Member

    I lived in that area 8 years ago, I also seem to remember some sort of scandal. Not surprisingly, I remember what struck me about it back then was that there wasn't really any specific information available about what happened, only that "something" had. Also not surprisingly, a quick google showed absolutely nothing about it.

    Maybe I'll dig a little deeper later on. I can try to talk to a couple folks I still know out there, too. One specifically would've been in a pretty good position to know something. Not easy to track him down though. I'll see.
  20. DeathHamster Member

    Some of their sites:
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  21. jensting Member

    Put up article on RFTP pointing to police investigation.,12584.0.html

    See also thread in this forum
  22. DeathHamster Member

    I was going through all of Per Wickstrom's sites to make sure that they were tagged and had the 800# on the Tentacle list, and I noticed that the slimeball now has a system on some sites for morphing phone numbers. When the page comes up, it has a number like (269) 704-7239, and then some Javascript changes the number. Either he's doing it to block Google searches for other sites with the number or it's part of his referral/tracking accounting.
    <!-- Start of Asynchronous Tracking Code -->
        <script type="text/javascript">
            var _apVars = _apVars || [];
            _apVars.push(["_setAccount", "1034"]);
        _apVars.push([ "_publishPhoneNumber" ]);
        _apVars.push([ "_setPhonePublishCls", "phonePublishCls" ]);
        _apVars.push([ "_setDefaultPhoneNumber", "(269) 704-7239" ]);
        _apVars.push([ "_redirectConversionUrl", ""]);
        _apVars.push(["_setVisitorId", "0"]);
                var t = d.createElement("script"), s = d.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];
                t.src =  "//";
                s.parentNode.insertBefore(t, s);
    <!-- End of Asynchronous Tracking Code -->
    Good thing that I'm not a blackhat hacker. Still, there are some legal grey possibilities...
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  23. RightOn Member

    hey Death, seriously...
    you rock
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  24. Fire is never loath to burn.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Hmmm, the phone number that shows up on the page 877-409-3948 is not bringing up those same sites in a up in a Google search. Interesting. I think I'll check the old Beau Griffis thread to see if we can match any numbers there.
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  26. DeathHamster Member

    Searching for the 269-704-7239 default should snag a lot of sites. (Battle Creek Michigan number, heh.)

    The Narconon wiki page has been updated:
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  27. Hi,
    Here is some of the information you need on tranquility detox. I posted it today because of latest Tony Ortega's article.

    If you need direct assistance I can be emailed at xscilentologist at

    Mary McConnell
  28. Random guy Member

  29. I have very long list of web sites they own under phone numbers and email addresses used by Tranquility, Best Drug rehab and A Forever recovery - or their marketing staff. All unbranded Narconon front groups. Email me if you want them.
  30. Anonymous Member

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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

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  32. Anonymous Member

    Honalee Johnson Narconon.jpg
  33. billybob Member

    "Hospitality Industry" = Bartender at the Stagecoach Inn

    Yup, definitely qualified to go into our schools and educate children. /sarcasm
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  34. Anonymous Member

    About the dangers of drugs and drinking, no less.
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  35. Looks like she may have had an assault with a weapon charge back in 1994 in Calhoun County, MI:

    Party Name Party Type Attorney of Record
    Date Case Event
    2004 ARCHIVES BOX 44
  36. Anonymous Member

    Interesting, and may be useful. Thanks!
  37. Anonymous Member

    And her parents were probably Hippies!
    /waves lighter
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  38. Quentinanon Member

    So, Honalee is a convicted felon. Not surprising that she is running a scientology front group.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    OK, time to get this straight - Joan Honalee, bartender, with a felony charge (maybe a conviction) for Assault with a Weapon, is now the Drug Education Officer at the Narconon Freedom Center, Michigan.

    Yeah, seems completely legit!
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