anything in ohio

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Jack Davidson, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Jack Davidson Member

    Any protests anything sorry im new
  2. Anonymous Member

    That's okay! Welcome and look around! I wish I could answer about Ohio, but I can't. Anyone?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Used to be some action in Columbus, not so much now. Cincinnati has occasional protests at the org in Ky. There is some FOI stuff happening in Marietta for the July 4th thing.
  4. Contact me via email or text me and id like to help plan protest. I have many friends that would join

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  5. Asheera Member

    Plan it in public, on here and on the thread for all to see. This ensures maximum visibility and means that people do not have to trust an anonymous poster since the planning and information would be there for all to see and to comment upon.
  6. Hello everyone I know im new here but if you are in the states of kentucky, indiana, or ohio, id like to extend a warm invitation to raid Cincinnati. The raid will be taking place on July 4th in downtown Cincinnati at 1 pm at the Reds s stadium, and we will march to fountain square. This is a joint anon & anarchist raid. Protesting against scientology and the NSA. I hope a lot of people attend. Please everyone come out and have a little fun on the 4th 
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  7. NewAge Member

    Hello, i am a new member very inspired by this group, i would love to learn more and participate/help in any way, im near the area of Cincinnati and would love to participate in any protets
  8. ExBSO Member

    As far as I can tell Cleveland shut down their Mission Building and are operating out of the Mission Holders house. If anyone ever wants to protest up that way let me know.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Apparently there's a 'mission' in Parma Hts still in operation since they're posting dozens of ads on CL. I'm in Akron and I'm up for doing something!
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  10. Rod Keller Member

    The mission at 6785 W. 130th st. is the last info I have. It looks like a lonely stretch of sidewalk.
  11. Anonymous Member

    The addy in the CL ads is 6607 Pearl Rd, Parma Heights, OH ‎ BUT the W. 130th addy you gave is the side street next to it. It appears to be an office in the Lebanese-American building--where other offices are too. Probably just a small room they rent.
  12. Rod Keller Member

    Missions are hard to track. The main Scn sites don't update for openings, much less closings. A lot of them rent an office for a while, then they "relocate" to the mission holder's house. I think the main contribution to Scientology is the money for the mission pack. I seem to recall it's about $30,000. If you go, please let me know which is the real site.
  13. Anonymous Member

    I was up in that area a couple week ago---then found out about that like 2 days later!! I'll see if I can get up there in a couple weeks and will let you know.
  14. ExBSO Member

    New mission address for cleveland!! If anyone wants to meet up let me know!
    5681 Ridge Rd (rear)
    Parma, Oh 44129
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  15. Anonymous Member

    i'm surprised they still have any kind of office! i figured by now they'd meet anyone they could snare at a coffee shop.....if it's the same couple, it's really sad....i looked 'em up via public records about a year ago and they've had continuous financial problems (imagine that), lost their home, and yet they're probably still there....he promoted himself as a web promoter (yet they advertised to get people to their mission via craigslist :confused:) and she claimed to be a property manager but when i tried to search for proof of her claims, there was none....if Going Clear was showing in the Cleveland area i'd love to give 'em free tickets---though i'm sure they wouldn't go....i wonder why they stay.....
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  16. ExBSO Member

    It is still the same two that have been running it, and you are correct. They have had a ton of financial issues.You wont find much on her being a property manager. When I was on staff she told me that she did all of her work under the table for a SCN in California who bought properties in Cleveland, fixed them up, and then rented them out. The funny thing is that working under the table would be very out ethics, but not if its for the greater good of the cult! Oh and his marketing job and skills, all he does is teach a marketing class at the trade school for $25.00 a person. He uses the SCN Tech to teach it.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Oh that's right! I think you told me that about her property management. I really got into her history online and could find nada, except links back to her and the company names she listed that she worked for were made up and/or created by her, registered to her in the state, etc. IF she was really doing that for a SCN in CA, you'd think there'd be some paper trail of some kind via public documents and I could find none. A marketing class? I remember his promotion business where he basically was his own customer. There are plenty of things to promote in Cleveland, Parma, etc so if you can't get any customers there's something wrong there.
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  18. ExBSO Member

    Agreed. But he is so in love with the Admin tech, and he actually think it works, that he pushes it so hard that its a turn off to people. The thing about Liz was she never actually had a real job. It was always bouncing from one project to the next, always under the table and it always only lasted a few weeks to a few months. For a short time she worked for Jane Dodson, DDS as SCN Whale who had given millions to the IAS. Jane was the one who suggested that I divorce my wife so I could join the Sea Org. Liz became Jane's office manager at the Dentist office.

    While Liz was working at the office there was a TON of craziness going on with Jane. She went down to FLAG to do her L's, yet she had not attested to Clear. So Jane did the L's and went psycho because the Tech was not working. So Cleveland was in a uproar because Jane went and they were seeing that the tech didnt work. To shut everyone up Buffalo stepped in and said that it was because Jane was not prepared for the L's and she should have not be allowed to do them. According to Liz the only reason FLAG let Jane do them was because of her IAS status.

    Janes dentist practice started to suffer. She was under investigation by the State Board of Dentistry for malpractice and had multiple malpractice lawsuits pending against her. She panicked and requested a refund from the IAS. This put her on the shit list and the started to say that the L's fried her brain and a bunch of wacky shit like that. Well they had SO in so fast from FLAG so fast it wasnt even funny. She got off lines with Buffalo and Cleveland and went down to Cincy to get handled to get her ethics in. Once she was handled at cincy they sent her back down to FLAG for a couple of weeks. She came back and all was well. They had SO people come in and train her new staff and shut her up.
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  19. YurimirX Member

    I am staging a protest in canton Ohio for a park system whom made me a criminal for parking in a loading zone getting a child and then was arrested for failure to id to a park ranger. who only asked for id and not my name nor address and he even didn't run my licenses plate. the park commissioners told me to live with it I won the court case and they don't care I think they need an awakening of the anonymous kind. The main point I lost my job cant get a job cause I was counted as a criminal for a loading zone parking which by the way was in a fire lane which they violated. when I told them of this they told me ups fedx and others can use it but I couldn't to pick up my child now im mad!

    Time to take on the oppressive park system police system and wage a march against them. I like to set this up in august anyone like to attend.

    The mission corner of perry drive and w tusc next to sheetz gas station in perry township!

    Or we can invade the parks right outside on a public road in front of the entrances.

    fun fun fun ill let you all know of the dates
  20. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    You are asking for volunteers to protest a park ranger...... This is an unusual request.
  21. YurimirX Member

    Yes very much indeed a unusual request but one that needs attention. If this can be done to me many more will be victim to this park system/ corporation only looking for money. I am asking for volunteers cause we need to show all big or small that we don't take lightly to arrest and accuse citizens for something so petty as picking up a child at night at a park in a loading zone yet turned criminal for not showing id to a ranger.

    Police and even rangers are abusing power everyday and even their bosses don't care, I tried to plea to them and even showed law in my favor I even lost my job because of being made a criminal from a simple so called violation.

    I talked to the board and they didn't care didn't even care at all so heck with my family I lost my job and fighting to pay for my house. The family is the criminal but not the corporations. we need to stand up with protest in numbers, here in canton they the police don't see protests like anonymous its time for them to see who we are and why they did wrong, as a result I bought my mask and my flag and im ready to go. Im done being a slave to the system im done being a punching bag and pay my money for petty things. I am now anonymous

    So if anyone can please volunteer for the cause and for protection and for rights of the family and for the people we need to shame this park system and shame the police and rangers until the stop the act of oppression against the people!

    thank you

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