AO has an Unexpected Encounter at the Miramar Air Show

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by xenubarb, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. xenubarb Member


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  2. LocalSP Member

    Yep that's a scilon alright you can tell by the dead eyes.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Just troll them by mentioning all the medals Hubbard lied about that he had. Military types hate that shit.
  4. BLiP Member


    Hat tip - Arnie.
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  5. tildacity Member

    Do Anons not realize that heckling average citizens at a festival just makes the Anons look mean, nasty and insane?

    What type of person discourages literacy? Anon apparently.
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  6. xenubarb Member

    If kids "don't read much any more" however do they manage to navigate the internet?
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Malory Member

    You're not very familiar with Anons, are you?
  9. Chipshotz Member

    do not feed
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  10. Strixcoil Moderator

    Why would anyone insist on that in public?
    I mean, don't they realize they look delusional in extreme?

    Cancer is srs business, I lost a friend just some days ago because of it. Not even funny that you claim that holding cans can cure it. ( many members had died lately of cancer? I recall two or three some months ago)

    De Nile is a river where clams seem to enjoy drowning on. lol
    Really, don't know who Moxon is? And why they didn't talked about medical treatments?
    I mean, isn't Scientology the new "science of the mind" that will help you cure everything from a toothache to homosexuality? Is all in your body thetans dude!

    How cute, they are trying to be funny...!

    At least it was surprising. Sometimes they do that...for some reason they are so up the tone scale and want to make jokes or something, like " SEE I'M FINE! :D".

    Yeah, they don't like books. Specially cultist books.
    The scilons will only be able to recruit when they do a game for the PS3/4/PSP/the last shit kids these days play with. /oldfag

    (Just a question for anyone who actually had the guts to read Hubbard's they suck as much as his stupid "religion" scam?)
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  11. Anonymous Member

    But if you were on a tour of celibacy duty, I would hit that girl with fedora hat, even if she is a bot.
  12. AnonLover Member

    Typewriter in the sky was fascinating in a weird twisted morbid curiosity way. but these kids books are extremely gay and mediocre. When they first came out, i would hit one of three borders bookstores every weekend, to stick YFTC cards in them - but they never sold and by 2nd or 3rd visit to the those stores, the clerks began to crack jokes that i was the only person who ever looked at them for more than 30seconds.
  13. Diablo Member

    He looks like guy from celeb centre who asks "WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES?" over and over again. Video is from 3 + years ago and it was dusk outside and he and his bearded buddy keep asking if anon's were child molesters.
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