AP: 3 American hikers arrested in Iran

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Mir Obama, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Report: 3 American hikers arrested in Iran - Yahoo! News

  2. Shhh-IRAN Member

    You can't make this shit up
  3. This is another deal where the media is failing. Don't the realize that the more they talk about this, and expose it, the better chance these three have to live? If they ignore it, and don't bother investigating it, or giving it much coverage, those people will be executed and then the Iranian government will go "Hikers? What hikers? We don't know what you are talking about."

    The more attention it gets, the better a chance they have of living. If it gets ignored, they will die. It is that simple.
  4. The last thing a weakened, illegitimate regime wants to do is provoke the US to come into Tehran and rip Khameini a new ass. If any of those 3 is executed, the entire mullah terrorist regime will follow them to the grave. The best strategy is to keep this on the under and minimize the amount of ransom the US is gonna have to pay to release those 3 hostages.
  5. I agree with Unregistered
  6. A little more background info on the story.
    Foreigners, possibly Americans, missing in Iraq | Reuters

  7. Coyote-IRAN Member

    If no one knows about it, what is to keep them from executing them? If people do know, and they know people know, then you are right. That was the point.
  8. Coyote-IRAN Member

    LOL, which unregistered. You're a funny guy. :)
  9. Ray Murphy Member

    "unregistered" is a strange poster - sometimes s/he is talking common sense then suddenly s/he is talking nonsense.
  10. Ray Murphy Member

    You seem to have no idea about the strength of the Iranian military. The U.S. couldn't possibly take Iran. The only reason the U.S. and the allies succeeded in Iraq was because 90% of Iraqi's didn't object. In Iran it would be the other way round.
  11. Coyote-IRAN Member

  12. Coyote-IRAN Member

  13. weird story, who goes Hiking in Iraq where they have beheaded american citizens on live tv before?
  14. Visionary Member

    If the US were to attack Iran with the intention of helping them out afterward and trying to help the people, then yeah. If however they were doing it just for the sake of trying to dominate the country or destroy it, they could easily do so. But luckily that's never been their intention and the destruction of Iran would probably cause some sort of world war in the the middle east if they did.
  15. You cannot fix stupid, if this is really why they were there they far exceeded stupid..
  16. Have you lost your mind Ray?

    the US could take Iran in a heart beat but there is nothing in it for the US other than securing freedom for the people..

    now depending on what the Iranian armies do would determine how difficult or costly it would be..

    I look for more underhanded efforts in this deal though, like supplying the resistance sooner or later by a country which has Interests in helping overthrow the regime and not the USA and probably not Israel..
  17. Voters Union Member

    Maybe this will turn into a terrible and outdrawn hostage drama because it is in Ahmadinejad's interest that outside (and partly inside) focus is shifted away from the protests.

    Iran is a sovereign state, though, and as such allowed to deal with border violations according to its own laws, however unfair they may seem to be. I don't know about now, but a couple of years ago I don't think all Iranians caught crossing over from Mexico to the US would have received due process either (although they should have). "Terrorists", "Guantanamo" and "Extraordinary rendition" comes to mind. Anyone know what the punishments for state border violations are in Iranian criminal law?

    For the detainees' sake, let's hope that Ahmadi and the SL choose to get some immediate goodwill and deport the persons quickly back to Iraq.
  18. Visionary Member

    Maybe, but these guys were probably just passing through, and likely were going to head back in a bit. It's not like they could have done anything from where they were.

    In addition I think it's pretty freaking stupid to arrest them, unless they're keeping them blindfolded or by the border, because it just gives them access to possible info that they could tell the media about later when they're released.
    They may have just turned a few tourists into unintentional spys.
  19. Seems Ahmadinejad has 3 options:

    Release them fairly quickly, and seem magnanomous

    Keep them indefinately as possible future bargaining chips

    "Aha Ha, foreign spy's agitators just like I told you were causing all these problems" - with attendant show trials.

    My guess is he will keep them for a while until he decides which option he likes best.
  20. You can't even see the border in most places. How were they to know they had crossed it? How is anyone to know, for that matter? How do we know they weren't on the Iraqi side, and the Iranians took them anyway?

    And you're right about them doing anything. They were in the middle of nowhere, hiking in the fucking mountains. What evil thing were they going to do to Iran by that? Set loose squirrel spies?

    Fucking bullshit.
  21. Frylock-IRAN Member

    I am embarrassed to be an American.

    We have very, very little mainstream coverage of the Green Movement, when people ask about my wristband I almost always get "Oh, That's over" or no knowledge what so ever about the events in Iran.

    For weeks Michael Jackson updates are on 24/7 and the fate of a nation goes almost unmentioned. Now, three of my fellow citizens, who seem to be up for the Darwin awards get in trouble and that is the biggest event happening in Iran.

  22. and then there is football,car racing,football-blah blah-rugby-crikkit-

    the usual factory fed crap

    I get shunned sometimes because I dont know the result of saturdays"big match"

  23. Coyote-IRAN Member

    I'm putting $100 on option three, plus another $100 saying that they weren't even on the Iran side of the border, but were somewhere remote where no one could prove it either way. I bet that is the entire reason they arrested them. So they'd have some more "evidence" to hold up at this bullshit show trial they are having.
  24. Ray Murphy Member

    Look what happened in Iraq where 90% of people wanted to get rid if the regime. There has been a microscopic number of terrorist activities each day, and hardly any resistance from the general population. It cost 150 lives to get to the capital but 5,000 more so far and they still don't have full control.

    If a population twice the size with twice the firepower fought back - house to house it would cost 50,000 - 100,000 U.S. lives - and that's without others pouring across the borders to assist them and without Russian help. The U.S. military simply isn't big enough to withstand losses like that.

    I suppose some could think that the Iranian population might welcome ANY army to remove the regime, but I'm quite sure they would prefer the current regime to any U.S. regime.

    Bombing the hell out of a country and TAKING a country are two different things. Look at Vietnam and Afghanistan, especially the latter, with armies from all over the planet only JUST holding the enemy at bay, with no hope of ever winning.
  25. Well.... this isn't exactly a shock:

    Mass trial for Iran protest leaders | World news | The Observer

    Obama better grow a pair.... If anything happens to those 3.... I wanna see every US soldier pulled out of Afghanistan and Iraq and sent straight to Tehran.
  26. $100 on number 2
    $200 on them being in Iran

    Why number 2? Iran will take a page from the NKorean playbook and milk them teets for all they worth throughout nuclear talks. That means 5-6 months minimum.

    Why do I say in Iran? Cause border guards know where the border is having been stationed there and doing patrols. Its the same in every country, if you do patrols in a sector especially a border area, you tend to know your way around. The 3 hikers did not know the area and did not have a guide. Deductive reasoning goes to the border guards being right.
  27. THEsonOfPan Member

    shit this could escalate quickly. I'm worried war might break out, but at the same time, if we leave them there, they're dead. There is a silver lining to this though. We might be able to open diplomatic discussions with iran.
  28. THEsonOfPan Member

    fucking seconded! Im tired of hearing about michael fucking jacksons drug addiction! Get some real news on!
  29. Ray Murphy Member

    If the 3 hikers accidentally or deliberately broke Iranian law, then the court might just handle it routinely, but other countries cannot throw their weight around and commit an act of war just because they don't like it.
  30. FreedomAgent Member

    This happens all the time in the middle east and asia, I bet they were not even lost, The kurds probably took them hostage and moved them across the border handing them off to kurds in Iran for a fee, the hikers were probably sold 2-3 times before the authorities bought them, this exact thing imo happened to the U.S soldier in afghanistan, the borders of all these regions are full of human traffickers (most my family fled Iran by paying these people off to take them to Iraq, Turkey and Pakistan) so its like a side job for them and if they find-out your American than they know there is a big fee they can collect.
  31. Visionary Member

    We're not going to war over three dumbass hikers.

    Yeah, I'm sure they'll do the right thing by them.
  32. Ray Murphy Member

    It would be a good opportunity to say to the world "Look, we investigated the matter and it's true, they were only hikers and it was just a mistake -- see, we're not the bad guys that some of you think we are".
  33. atmasabr Member

    With the two in North Korea, the latest was that there was some suggestion they really knew they were inside North Korea.

    I feel bad for the hikers, but they are either spies or illegal aliens. Either way it's the slammer for them. In the US illegal aliens are kept in jail for months, sometimes years. Iran's jails are overcrowded right now...

    I'm sure Hillary Clinton will once again invoke the spirit of 'Delizza to demand those hikers are released.
  34. Visionary Member

    Americans reportedly arrested in Iran for illegally crossing border -

  35. Visionary Member

    You make it sound like they were moving there. lol
    These guys were just walking around the mountains and were probably coming back in a few hours. And they weren't reporters or government officials or soldiers like most of the people in these kinds of crossing border arrests we often see internationally.
  36. If indeed this is true.... this is gonna get more interesting.... We all know how much the hardliners like journalists and writers....

    Americans detained in Iran have ties to NW | More Washington News | | Northwest News and Weather
  37. Visionary Member

  38. This whole thing reminds me of this story. It is old, but relevant.

    A Deadly U.S.-Iran Firefight - TIME

    A Deadly U.S.-Iran Firefight
    By Mark Kukis/Baqubah Friday, Mar. 30, 2007

    soldiers who were there still talk about the September 7 firefight on the Iran-Iraq border in whispers. At Forward Operating Base Warhorse, the main U.S. military outpost in Iraq's eastern Diyala Province bordering Iran, U.S. troops recount events reluctantly, offering details only on condition that they remain nameless. Everyone seems to sense the possible consequences of revealing that a clash between U.S. and Iranian forces had turned deadly. And although the Pentagon has acknowledged that a firefight took place, it says it cannot say anything more. "For that level of detail, you're going to have to ask the [U.S.] military in Baghdad," says Army Lieut. Col. Mark Ballesteros. "We don't know anything about it."

    A short Army press release issued on the day of the skirmish offered the following information: U.S. soldiers from the 5th Squadron 73rd Cavalry 82nd Airborne were accompanying Iraqi forces on a routine joint patrol along the border with Iran, about 75 miles east of Baghdad, when they spotted two Iranian soldiers retreating from Iraqi territory back into Iran. A moment later, U.S. and Iraqi forces came upon a third Iranian soldier on the Iraqi side of the border, who stood his ground. As U.S. and Iraqi soldiers approached the Iranian officer and began speaking with him, a platoon of Iranian soldiers appeared and moved to surround the coalition patrol, taking up positions on high ground. At that point, according to the Army's statement, the Iranian captain told the U.S. and Iraqi soldiers that if they tried to leave they would be fired on. Fearing abduction by the Iranians, U.S. troops moved to go anyway, and fighting broke out. Army officials say the Iranian troops fired first with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades, and that U.S. troops fell further back into Iraqi territory, while four Iraqi army soldiers, one interpreter and one Iraqi border guard remained in the hands of the Iranians.

    The official release says there were no casualties among the Americans, and makes no mention of any on the Iranian side. U.S. soldiers present at the firefight, however, tell TIME that American forces killed at least one Iranian soldier who had been aiming a rocket-propelled grenade at their convoy of Humvees.

    The revelation comes amid rising tensions over the past week since Iran captured 15 British Navy personnel in waters between Iran and Iraq. Analysts have suggested that some Iranian officials have argued against speedily returning the Brits, preferring to use them as a bargaining chip in Tehran's efforts to free five of its own officials captured by the U.S. in Erbil earlier this year. News that an Iranian soldier had been killed in a clash with American forces would do little to ease those tensions.

    In the months after the incident, U.S. forces have kept up joint patrols on the Iran-Iraq border, where their movements are closely monitored by Iranian outposts. Increasingly, however, U.S. troops stationed in Diyala Province are moving to help counter-insurgency efforts in the Baqubah area, leaving a thinner American presence at the border. On some days, says Lt. Col. Ronald Ward, the U.S. commander tasked with helping Iraqi units maintain border security in the area, no U.S. troops appear there at all.
  39. Mir Obama Member

    Image of the area:

  40. JohnDoe Moderator

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