AP: 3 American hikers arrested in Iran

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  1. Surprised this isn't getting more play in the news.....

    Captured hiker, a former Oregonian, moved to Tehran -

    Captured hiker, a former Oregonian, moved to Tehran
    by The Oregonian
    Saturday August 08, 2009, 8:23 AM

    ABC News is reporting that three hikers, including one from Oregon, who have been detained by Iran have been moved to Tehran.

    The move may be a sign that the hikers' ordeal will continue to drag on, the T.V. station reports.

    Joshua Fattal, an environmental advocate who worked for a time in Oregon, freelance journalist Shane Bower of Minnesota and Californian Sarah Shourd, who writes and teaches in the Middle East, have been held as prisoners in Iran since Friday. The three tourists were detained after evidently straying into Iran while hiking in the mountains in the Iraqi border town of Ahmed Awah, a popular resort area famous for its pistachio trees and picturesque waterfalls.

    The border between Iran and Iraq is not clearly marked.

    A message on the phone of Fattal's parents Saturday thanks everyone for their support at "this difficult time" and offers a "no comment" to media inquiries.

    Americans have been repeatedly warned by the U.S. government not to travel to Iraq. Even though U.S. troops have withdrawn from major cities, violent attacks and bombings remain prevalent throughout the country.

    According to Iran's state TV, the three were arrested for "illegal entry into Iran from Iraq's Kurdistan region." Iranian authorities said the hikers ignored warnings from Iranian guards.

    A fourth American, linguistics student and English teacher Shon Meckfessel from Seattle, had previously hiked with the group. Meckfessel, who was taken to the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, said he received a cell phone call from his friends saying, "We're surrounded."

    Fattal, who loved to travel, wanted to know more about his family's roots in the region. His father, Jacob Fattal, was born in Iraq.

    --The Oregonian
  2. I'm sure that after this phase of the show trials are over, they will be showcased in the next phase of the the fake trials. Right alongside Mousavi and Rafsanjani if they have their way and can get over the resistance from within the government.

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