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    Dear All:

    On Oct. 13th, many people in San Francisco will be protesting against Jeb Bush's and Robert Murdoch's "Educational Reform" event at the Palace Hotel, 2 New Montgomery St., from 4:00-5:00 pm. Why is this of interest to Anonymous?

    Because George W. Bush appointed Scientologist John Danielson as Chief of Staff to Secretary of Education Rod Paige, 2001-2005. This brought us:

    1. Increased involvement of Narconon Drug Education in public education throughout California and other states (please see the SF Chronicle, June 9, 2004 to March 2005, archives section, punch in "Narconon") until the California Department of Education refused to recommend Narconon Drug Education for California public and charter schools in Feb. 2005, Other states followed. (BTW, George Bush, Sr., appointed Danielson to some undefined department of education role in his administration, 1991, until removed by Clinton and Sec'y of Education Richard Riley in Jan. 1993. Jeb Bush would probably follow suit in including Danielson as part of his administration if he is ever elected to anything national.

    2. Applied Scholastics as part the federally-funded tax-payer paid Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Program, from 2001 to the present day (although the SES program is finally being phased out), see above.

    3. A lack of support for mental health services. Please see the "Tom Cruise" viral videos, each of which contain a snippet about John Danielson and the federal department of education.... thank you very much Anonymous.... including one where he states that he wants to incorporate aspects of CCHR in public education.

    4. NCLB ... no need to say more

    5. And John Danielson and (former superintendent to SFUSD and Philadelphia School District) Arlene Ackerman teaming up to write the curriculum for Eli Broad's corporate Educational Foundation Administrators training program: someone please locate this manual and disseminate it, while honoring all pertinent copyright laws, so we can analyze it for connection to the WISE training manual. These corporate administrator training programs are not supportive of teachers, students or public education. Their goal is privatization of public education.

    The anti-public education guys are trying to regroup. Murdoch is trying to become part of this mess. Maybe some of the London and English anonymous can elaborate on Murdoch's role in regards to SCN, if there is anything to talk about.
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    Applied Scholastics West US is trying to expand into more schools.
    They are hiring a salaried Senior Vice President position
    (highly unusual for Applied Scholastics execs to get salaries)

    OES = Organization Executive Secretary

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    This may shed some light on the above:

    Published Online: October 10, 2011
    Published in Print: October 12, 2011, as Flexibility on SES Pleases Districts, Worries Industry
    Flexibility on Tutoring Pleases Districts, Worries Industry
    $800 million in set-asides may be freed by waivers
    By Michele McNeil

    The U.S. Department of Education’s plan to grant states broad flexibility under the No Child Left Behind Act will free up as much as $800 million in money school districts now must set aside for tutoring students, but may mark a significant financial blow to an education industry that has grown up around serving low-performing schools.

    Somewhere in the middle of this policy debate, an estimated 600,000 students nationwide, at least this school year, are taking advantage of free tutoring from providers of their choice because they go to schools that have failed to hit their academic goals under the law for at least two years in a row.

    As states seeking waivers from provisions of the NCLB law work to design their own accountability systems, they will be free to craft interventions for 15 percent of their lowest-performing schools—leaving the role of tutoring as a big question mark.

    “As these struggling schools undergo systemic reform and turn around, that’s a long-term, multiyear purpose,” said Steven Pines, the executive director of the Education Industry Association in Vienna, Va., which represents 350 organizations, including charter school management companies and tutoring providers. “Tutoring represents one of the only student-centric interventions that can impact a child’s performance tomorrow.” (Please use the above url for the rest of the article.)

    As we know, AS is one of the tutoring programs that have tried to access some of the $800 million in set-asides. This SES program was created, in part, and supported by Scientologist John Danielson in his role as Chief of Staff to Secretary of Education Rod Paige, 2001-2005. The "tutoring industry" is scrambling, and so is, apparently, AS to get these monies.
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    ^^damn, but thks for excellent reference.

    I'm still lagging behind on Applied Scholastics & educatemefag related project efforts... but I'll see about getting that article/news added to the site as soon as i can get to it.
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    I think we can declare victory in terms of AS in public education getting tax-payer monies through having AS in the NCLB Title 1 SES program !

    We stopped them in March 2005 from using Narconon Drug Education as an entree into contacting students in public education (California Department of Education) and now they are stopped here.... After almost a decade of hard work by dedicated supporters of public education.

    Take a bow, Anonymous. The viral Tom Cruise videos each high-lighted SCN's role in public education (using Scientologist John Danielson's [Chief of Staff to Sec'y of Education Rod Paige, 2001-2005] own words) and made the work that much more easy for those of us seeking to educate policy makers and others about what was happening under NCLB.

    The following states were considered to have AS on at least ONE district's list for 2011-2012. However, as of Oct. 12, 2011, almost all of the states have (non-bindingly) declared their intentions to request waivers from many components of NCLB (including SES) by either Nov. 14, 2011 or by mid-February, 2012. All of the information is from
    1. Colorado SEEKING WAIVER BY NOV. 14
    2. District of Columbia SEEKING WAIVER IN mid-FEBRUARY

    4. Indiana SEEKING WAIVER BY NOV. 14

    7. Louisiana Not yet seeking NCLB waiver but no statewide 2011-2012 SES list

    8. Massachusetts SEEKING WAIVER BY NOV. 14


    10. New Mexico SEEKING WAIVER BY NOV. 14

    11. Tennessee SEEKING WAIVER BY NOV. 14

    12. Texas Not yet seeking NCLB waiver and on 2011-12 Approved SES Provider List

    13. Washington SEEKING WAIVER BY mid-FEBRUARY


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    Wonderful news, teacher !
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    I would think for the other states, it probably never bothered them. In some school districts, no school is ever affected and all are above average for example. In some states the majority of schools are like that. NCLB begins at pre-school years I think, where states do not provide normal free education. They have to fund special education at pre-school level one way or the other.
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    5000 at 2 pm (PT) Thursday is the goal!
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    Less than 900 sigs needed now!
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    The WhiteHouse Petition:

    Count of signatures needed is now 0 digits.

    7:11 pm PT Oct. 20, 2011 Staturday: 5000 with 0 to go.

    Now we can get some more federal attention to what happened with public education under Bush/Paige/SCN'er Danielson and how at least $800 million per year has been siphoned off public education into private pockets, since 2001, for just after-school programs.

    Oh, about the stochastics? Loved the course.... statistics elevated and expanded. Are you here by accident?
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    RE: Command Channels of Scientology, especially the A.B.L.E. programs

    Here's a link to a document that proves all the front groups of Scientology are run from their top management echelon.

    Pages 9, 20,21,22 specifically connect the dots of Scientology's betterment groups directly to top Scientology leadership.

    When Scientology tries to state that Narconon, Applied Scholastics, etc., are NOT part of Scientology, this is a good document to bring out.
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    Just wanted to note that when careful people do good work over many years, that good things happen. SCN still is trying to put Narconon Drug Education into public schools but much less in 2011 than in previous years.... and I think it will be much much less in 2012. People who want to know what to do when confronted with the problem seem to now contact the media (and word gets out) or search the web and then they are assisted in person or find out that help is available to them on the web. After being part of this work for a decade now, it is apparent that virtually all of the successful work that is done about the myriad problems with SCN in public education is done behind the scenes. And that process is working.
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    A machine readable copy of this would be very appreciated!
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    Bumping for the Anon's request above.

    Anyone have an OCRed version of that wonderful leak?
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    As I recall, the location was checked and it was gone. That's not to say that they haven't revived it since.
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    ahhh I guess a recheck by a Canadian Anon should be in order
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  26. 2010 article with interesting statistics

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    March 2013 update for Sacramento, $11k for services.


    Meeting Date: March 7, 2013

    Subject: Business and Financial Information



    PO Number

    Vendor Name




    Account Amount
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