Applied Scholastics San Diego owes $50,000 in back rent, has to close down historic location

Discussion in 'Media' started by hushpuppy, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    From Form 990
    Other Expenses
    License Fee
    2008 - $21,629.00
    2007 - $76,025.00
    2006 – $98,617.00
    2005 – $115,726.00
    2004 – $90,185.00
    2002 - $68,193.00
    2001 - Licenses and Taxes $37,135
  2. Anonymous Member

    Wow. I just looked at the last available report and I certainly think somebody's got some splainin' to do.

    Like, why did they spend 4X more on office supplies than they did on classroom supplies?

    Besides License Fees $21,629 (scientology), there were also Field Rep Commissions Field Rep? wot?
    And Trade name: $1500. Outside services: $3000. Moving (?) $2000.
    And during declining revenues, they bought almost $30,000 in playground equipment? and spent $6500 on Promotion, those Commissions almost $5,000, Field Trips almost $10,000, and "outside services" $3039.
    Repair and Maintenance, line that was normal. But an extra line "Maintenance" for $12,220.

    This for me needs more details, listed in Liability section separate expenses:
    "Prepaid Expenses and Deferred Charges" $11,213

    Due to Affiliate: $390,762 Loan - Applied Scholastics $47,495

    Now there are many, many Yes/No questions on these forms that I really, really have to wonder if they were answered honestly, because it makes it look like there are a completely separate entity, and of course there is no money going to scientology or from it. I say, liar, liar, pants on fire

    But I'm not an expert. Needs auditing! (lol)
  3. Cudgel Member

    Kinda interesting that the 990 for 2009 (last one available on Guidestar) lists the President/Treasurer (not a normally acceptable combination of offices) as Cathy Viney but the application for an extension to files shows the books are currently in the possession of Siofra Nugent who is/was the CEO of the place...
  4. Anonymous Member

    Anyone notify local paper about Sci connection?
  5. xenubarb Member

    They don't care.
  6. BigBeard Member

    Anyone notify DA's office about possible fraud?

  7. Anonymous Member

    Track down the brides on Facebook and let them know?
  8. xenubarb Member

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  9. Puppetmama Member

    It is interesting to me that while Scientology obviously cares about negative P.R., that they won't buy their way out of any of it. Miiscavige is sitting on mountains of money and yet he would rather continue having his Baby Caligula hissy fits than just make some of these things go away. Psychosis in action.
  10. Puppetmama Member

    From the comments of the above linked article. I wish we knew who this was, I'd love to hear more. If I were a Scientologist's kid I'd pee in my pants, too.
  11. Triumph Member

    and a BMW for Davy


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