Applied Scholastics Tutors Approved in 11 States (2010-11)

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by AnonLover, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. AnonLover Member

    See Also Updated Wiki list: List of States Using Applied Scholastics current as of April 2011. Now includes stats & references on applicable schools / school districts at risk in each state on the list.

    It had seemed like we were gaining ground on Applied Scholastics Supplemental Education Services being approved under Title I (No Child Left Behind) after the end of the 2009-10 school year last summer. Due to late breaking changes in various states since Jan 2011, we're back up to nearly a dozen states infected with federally funded Applied Scholastics tutors ripping off our schools and influencing our kids.

    From: Applied Scholastics Exposed Info Pack (w/ modified links for web usage)

    During the 2008-09 school year, Applied Scholastics (AS) was on the approved Supplemental Education Services (SES) list in 14 states.

    For the 2010-11 school year, Applied Scholastics is currently approved in 11 states, and there is considerable questions about the numbers of students actually attending AS classes. Several states who have dropped Applied Scholastics from the SES lists have stated that lack of utilization was one of the main reasons.

    States that have dropped Applied Scholastics from 2008 through 2010 include California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia and Kansas. The following list is the States where Applied Scholastics is currently approved as of April 2011.

    1. District of Columbia [pdf]. Contact info to file complaints here. (more contacts)

    2. Illinois [doc]. Contact info to file complaints here. (more contacts)

    3. Indiana. Contact info is on the same page. (more contacts)

    4. Iowa [pdf]. Contact info to file complaints here. (more contacts)

    5. Louisiana [doc]. Contact info to file complaints here. (more contacts)

    6. Massachusetts. Contact info to file complaints here. (more contacts)

    7. Missouri [pdf]. Contact info to file complaints here. (more contacts)

    8. New Mexico [xls]. Contact info to file complaints here. (more contacts)

    9. Tennessee [pdf]. Contact info to file complaints here. (more contacts)

    10. Texas [xls]. Contact info to file complaints here. (more contacts)

    11. Washington State [pdf]. Contact info to file complaints here. (more contacts)

    For more information and additional ammunition for use with countering the cult infiltration disguised as SES tutors in the States listed above, check out the new Applied Scholastics Exposed info pack collection of documents on scribd (or mediafire).


    paging Tikk to the whitephone, can we have the above portion of this post (between the ###'s) possibly mirrored as a fresh news article on The original 2009 article the above list evolved from is a wee bit stale and the home page could use some signs of freshness. TIA!! <3<3<3
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  2. AnonLover Member

    A few harpooning strategy notes i kept track of while verifying the current List of States Using Applied Scholastics

    Several of the States on the current list had contact info changes of some sort in the last 1-1.5yrs. So for local oldfags in targeted areas who harpooned this in their home state in yesteryear, you should maybe looking to refire fresh ammo to any new contact names on the wiki page you dont recognize.

    Also - if your state is on the list, get to know who's on your state Board of Education these days if you havent checked lately. They haz super Adminstraightenor Powerz and can meddle in things where no other doors seem open.

    Yo Nashfags and Seattlefags! Unlike all other states on the list, "Applied Scholastics, International" IS NOT Registered to do business in the states of TN and WA. This may or may not be relevant as state application processes vary, but it's at least a talking point to possibly raise when cold call harpooning state officials or applicable school districts.

    Shoutout to Chifags, the detailed breakdown of the Approved Provider List by county and by school district (second and third sheets in ling below), shows Applied Scholastics as being listed NO WHERE! So it would appear they hold no contracts with any schools for the current school year. You should watch for this to change around july-sept when the normal SES approval season rolls around (varies by state)
    ^^Since they were approved May2010, i would reckon to speculate their infiltration stats are way down. Sure hope we can keep it that way.

    Shoutout to INdiefags, Applied Scholastics is on probation in your hoods - plox make sure their chances of survival are slim to none, lets get the list down to 10 before summer kicks in m'k?

    That is all... SES approval season typically kicks into gear as the school year comes to end and summer sets in. So its soon time gang, Man da poons!
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  3. AnonLover Member

  4. over9000OT Member

    Some moar poons fired towards MO today. I'll report back with win or fail.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    I will help
  6. subrosa Member

    'Poons sent (Indiana)
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  7. AnonLover Member

    Another protip for harpooners... this talking point is a hueg advantage we have nowadays that we didnt have early on and can be spun a few different ways:
    Variation 1: Encourage the lower level Title I clerks/consultant employees at the state to take this national track record directly into serious consideration when re-approving Applied Scholastics' next provider application.


    Variation 2: (if the above gets u nowhere) Encourage the higher level state administrators to apply more scrutiny to the national SES provider franchises that have no local address within the state, who can potentially go from state-to-state re-selling the same failed programs or under utilized programs and then move onto the next state once their booted.

    The state can easily do this by adding question(s) to their application (& procedural rule(s) to their related policies) for specifically requiring the provider to disclose a) all states currently approved in, and b) all states previously approved in and the specific reason no longer approved.

    Then the state should stiffly require the question(s) to be completed with answers listing specific states, and any non-answer blah blah blah fuzzy bs responses (which AS always does in the states where a) is already on the application) and/or changes to their list of approved-in states from year-to-year without listing exactly where/why they have been dropped = gets the application rejected.

    Additional note - Variation 2 above is just one example of several easily-made arguments for asking the state to consider improving their application/approval process. Lots of loopholes and wiggle-room spots exists in application process if you look at the required form providers have to submit each year, then compare the states where AS is approved to other states where they are not approved (see directory of nationwide DOE & SES contacts at the end of Applied Scholastics Exposed Info Pack for cruising thru the SES websites of multiple states at once)

    FWIW I've had a lot of luck with raising the make application/approval-process better points in my followup 2nd time-around try-again SES harpoons, once my initial inquiry to scrutinize Applied Scholastics closer gets the usual blow off ("now that their approved, nothing we can do but wait for accumulated results"). IOW this makes for solid ground to fall back and punt from.

    Keep in mind - States have FULL control of all aspects of their application/approval process despite NCLB being a federal program. So even tho their usually stuck with the worthless providers for at least a year or two after initial approval slips by (because once their in - it takes awhile to show that they produce no evidence-based results under fed quidelines), there is bigger considerations to look at.

    Changing the application/approval process from year-to-year is something the state can easily do and enact in a simple board of Ed meeting. And in many states they tweak that process/requirements/application nearly every year, especially now that everybody is realizing that getting NCLB replaced/overhauled at the fed level anytime soon apparently aint happening.

    Thus - if you cant draw their attention specifically to Applied Scholastics=Scientology concerns, go after the application/approval process & regulations like a hungry dog with a big juicy bone. Its the long way around, but offers multiple opportunities to cut the cult off from passing GO on later applications... so they kick themselves to the curb by default when they cant complete an application with stiffer scrutiny built into keeping their approval once gained under false pretense.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    maybe bring up that you do not approve of your tax dollars are going towards the funding of this?
  9. AnonLover Member

    I've never personally used that angle, cuz I always harpoon states i dont live in from afar and it just doesnt feel like a legit bone to pick since i dont pay taxes in that state.

    But maybe somebody else who poons their own state as a resident can comment on how effective that line of reasoning haz worked for them?
  10. over9000OT Member

    Depends on who you are talking to. Politicians care about your taxes... government drones don't.
  11. AnonLover Member

    Louisiana annual pre-summer poons fired... altho i never manage to get a response from that part of the country.

    LarryBren on OCMB also remarked this stuff is relevant to his interests with CA being dropped after the 2009-10 school year.

    Plus DC Board of Ed is getting pooned with Applied Scholastics Exposed materials via Anon Sparrow's Attacker ID'd!!!! efforts.

    And a little birdie told me is getting ported to a better platform, and having OP article sposted there will happen soonly afterwards.

    So that leaves TN and IL in need of some poonage &lt;3 from their local cells. Paging Nashfags and Chifags to the round table...
    The bat signal is on and pointed in your sectors chaps. Plox raise hand if you got it covered in your neck of the SES swamp. kthxbai.
  12. AnonLover Member

    MA annual pre-summer poon fired. Last year, they eventually replied (60+ days later when new list all but finished) with a nice enough "thanks but no thanks letter, many of your concerns already brought to our attention by a resident and we're already aware...blah blah blah" blow off.

    Same ^^thing from TX last year, who i'll poon next. Except TX was not so polite... their previous reply had a touch of arrogant indignation w/ added bonus excuse "our policies & procedures are superior to other states and will handle all that and a bag o chips if what u say has any truth in it"
  13. Anonymous Member

    Are you guise aware of the Learning Accelerator, a modified e-meter used by Applied Scholastics and WISE, and manufactured by Bridge publications?

    Is this even legally allowed to be used in secular schools, without FDA approval?

    Old OCMB thread

    &quot;Learning Accelerator&quot;, Scientology's secular emeter (pix!)






    No, this is not off topic for this thread. Applied Scholastics uses Learning Accelerators. If their tutors are using it on kids not enrolled in Applied Scholastics, using this device on public school kids, this could be a footbullet.
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  14. AnonLover Member

    ^^Interesting, never seen that before.

    But Needs undeniable DOX & SOLID PROOF of using that under gubmint funded SES programs and NOT in the private uncertified scilon schools (the much larger portion of Applied Scholastics income source). until then, not much we can do it with cept play with tinfoil and speculate.
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  15. AnonLover Member

    TX & New Mexico poons fired. I've now done my annual sweep of pooning the states where local anon cells are lacking, or the ones who are there never speak up that their doing something on this front.

    Not pooned yet (that i know of) is Tennessee & Illiniois... paging Nashfags & Chifags to the round table. Ya'all did your part in years past, howza about for 2011?
  16. AnonLover Member

  17. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for your hard work in this thread. More poons will be coming on the back of your hard work.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Illinois reps contacted, will report back if there's anything of note.
    <3 AnonLover, outstanding thread.
  19. AnonLover Member

    Thank you Chifags!!!! &lt;3

    Now we just need to get Bostonfags &amp; Nashanon to do their local civic duty to help try 'n kick the cult out of their state's public schools.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Illinois SES response:

  21. AnonLover Member

    Typical initial blow off, these are common and require come-back poon asking them NOT to re-open an investigation but merely evaluate if their annual assessments related to the districts this provider actively works in, to find out whether or not the provider lives up to the results-based improvements in participating student scores as required by the NCLB Act of 2001, Title I Part A Sec. 1116 ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT AND LOCAL EDUCATIONAL AGENCY AND SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT.

    The next blow off response will then be "we have insufficient usage of this provider to evaluate further at this time"

    and then 2nd comeback is where hopefully a resident can get a foot in door where those of us pooning from afar cant - and make the last resort argument for rejecting future applications from deadbeat providers due to under utilization like other states have done.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Illinois harpooner here again. Although they wrote back with a lot about the church/state stuff, they never responded to my other concern that the program just plain doesn't seem to work in raising student scores. I sent my follow-up asking them to take a look at that, and they haven't responded.
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  23. RightOn Member

    nice work
    keep at 'em
  24. AnonLover Member

    Louisianna finally responded to poons! The usual lame excuses / blow off, but atleast i got a response this year!!

    To celebrate, i added 2 new "evidence" compilations to this collection of dox on scribd
    Applied Scholastics & Scientology: Evidence v4 - the widely spread front group graphics & excerpt taken from the International Scientology News Issue #27 from 2004 (fileshare)

    Applied Scholastics & Scientology: Evidence v5 - historical references on how applied scholastics started & its connection to study tech, excerpts from The Audtor magazines in the 1970's (fileshare)

    Are you in a state where scilons have infiltrate your public schools (see OP)? If so - it not too late to poon this shit before they approve the new list for next school year. The info pack & related dox collection is setup to make it easier to relay the info your board of education needs to know.

    Boston & Texas fags - I'm looking at you cats... i only hit the states with no protesters heavily, so your swords are needed to cleanse the cult from your own sectors.
  25. AnonLover Member

    bump 4 Texas responding to poons! and so i was inspired to add yet another chapter of "evidence" supporting dox to the collection of SES info pack ammo on scribd.

    Applied Scholastics & Scientology: Evidence v6 - Excerpts from 1993 IRS Form 1023 application questions & adminstrative record responses, where ASI is defined as a frontgroup (hat tip to Don Carlos for pointing out this was missing from our historical dox way back when, sorry it took me so long to sort it out)
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