[Apr 16, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Irving TX)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Anon998, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Anon998 Member

    Operation: Tax The Cult

    Alright guys, last protest was pretty nice. Let's keep it up. :)

    Let's stick to our safety measure and meet at the spawn point located on O'conner and 114, beside the flower clock. (map coming soon)

    Also, last time some of us had a slight failure to have a camera recording during the protest. I plea guilty on this, but no worries, I won't let this happen again. If you don't have a camera to use or you don't want to risk damaging/losing your shiny new fancy camera, I took the liberty to find a really great camera for protesting here.

    This camera is cheap and acceptable. It uses SD cards, so you can probably transfer it on your computer and it uses AA batteries so you don't need to spend a buttload on batteries that only work for one camera and are expensive as hell. For $30 plus maybe an extra $20 on 2 8GB SD cards, you'd be set for about 4 hours without needing a computer to move the footage, which is pretty much long enough for our usual protests.
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  2. lol nice female!
  3. BTW Big Apologies to Cult BUster and AnonFemale. I'm almost done with the interview. I had worked on it before, and then my computer crapped out so I had to upgrade to windows 7. And of course my video files from before don't work as well. Then I went on an unexpected vacation, so I've got the Interview and will be ready to upload it to youtube very soon.
  4. I think I can go, but I'm not sure if there's something I forgot that I have to do that weekend. Sounds very vague and all, but I will definitely be there if I can.
  5. zudok Member

    i should have about 6 people or more to bring
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  6. Anon998 Member

  7. Bump for Great Justice!!!

    Also Just realized that map with the spawn point was still missing,



    Anonymous Delivers
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  8. Anon998 Member

    oh! totally forgot about the spawn point! xD
  9. New to demonstrations, but not knew to speaking the truth. Excited to be there.
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  10. Glad to have you! If you've got any questions for us please let us know.

    I am curious though what your exposure to Scientology has been?
  11. Anon must deliver.

    If you and your fellow Anons are free two weeks after the 16th, you might want to also check out the next raid; we will be supporting the International RetaliRaid in honor of Nono La Patate, who was beaten up by Scilons outside the Paris Org last month.
  12. Well, I have been aware of it since my aunt had become a part of the church, she left the state of Texas, and I've not heard from her since, nor has my mother. I began looking it up, read on Lisa McPherson, Operation: Snow White, and my senior year of highschool wrote a thesis paper on the battle between Anonymous and Scientology. I've been involved with this for about 3-4 years now, just never made a membership on the website, even though it's been my home page for months. haha. So I figured, I need to start acting. I spread the word to family and friends, but that's just not enough to me.
  13. That's very interesting, sorry to hear about your aunt. Do you know if she started in Dallas? If it was semi recent... Cult Buster was in the cult until about January, so he might have word on her. Are you familiar with the basics of Anonymous protesting?
  14. Very familiar. Back in my freshman year, my brother showed me the video addressing $cientology, essentially calling them out. I took it on myself to watch the others, this includes the Code of Conduct. Even if I hadn't known how to protest, I wouldn't want to act by hatred, lying or any related means; I would be a hypocrite, making everything that we would be standing for pointless. Wasn't recent... 5 years ago. Her name is Joanne Motherspau (assuming she hasnt been married) and she joined the church when she moved with a boyfriend. The rest is just as ambiguous as the church itself.
  15. That doesnt include the mass amounts of footage of demonstrations I've seen. But, please, I am still a newfag. Do inform me on anything you think I'll need to know :)
  16. I am sorry to hear that about your Aunt. I'm glad you have found us and decided to join us in protesting this cult. I extend my hand to you again, if you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.

    On a personal note though, how familiar are you with their tech? it's useful to know a few things to try to engage them. Also do you have a camera? Extra Cameras certainly never hurt.

    Also the rest of this thread.... Baked goods must be prepared, we got a protest cherry to pop!
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  17. I know what they have done and what they do. I dont believe it would propose a problem. Thanks though, and really, if there is anything I wouldn't just see on youtube, inform me (=
  18. My recommendations? Search for "13 Heathens Scientology REAL view towards Human Rights" That's a 4 video part talking about the foundation of their beliefs against normals, wogs and suppressives.

    This guy actually did quite alot on Scientology, but i think that is an important series to watch, Just so you are familiar how their tech works.
  19. Sounds good, thanks. And well in my paper, I discussed on the labor camps, the doctrines and rules on "Fair Game," how the policy changes in the higher statuses of the hierarchy, and how Hubbard basically viewed a Neo-Nazi society bent on the idea that the only policy in the American government will be nothing but Scientology policy. So at least I'm somewhat educated in the retaliation methods they deem acceptable, despite the fact they disrupt civil laws (which doesn't matter since they afford these Donald Trump-esk lawyers)

    I'm very excited to finally follow with you all. I will be possibly bringing more. Peers I've told, showed these things too, and thus, 10 more Anons are there. :)
  20. Thank you DarkSpecterAnon for being extremely helpful
  21. And thank you for being ready to act!
  22. Newfag here. What are the basics of Anon protesting? Abuse welcome to my thread.
  23. Hey welcome here!! Are you a newfag in the Dallas Area? This is a planning thread for Irving people... but even if you aren't.. I can still walk you through the basics. Just checking .
  24. I am indeed a newfag in the Dallas area! I'm planning to go to the Irving rally to pop my rally cherry. Help would be great.
  25. Alright. Shit's been cleared up. Is there any specific soundtrack? I've got a metric shit tonne of music that's plausible to use.
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  26. Then you are precisely in the right place! I will need to know what you know about the Scilons? Their has been Fair Game tactics in the distant past of 2008, but we haven't had many shenanigans. They WILL take pictures, whenever they can, while we are walking, coming up close, so if you don't want your photo in their possession, wear a mask of any sorts. Bandanas also work, ala Anonymous Female. THings you should not do at the raid:

    1. Use Amplification, The police have said we cannot, since it is easy for the scilons to call us on it... don't bother.
    2. Wear your mask inside public stores. Don't do it, that's bad, and can get you in trouble
    3. ^^^ Applies to the bus system as well
    4. No weapons. Don't give the cops a reason to arrest you... Protesting is your constitutional right.
    And like i said, know who you are protesting. Any knowledge you have will help.
    Signs and posters etc not a bad idea either.
  27. Soundtrack... not really, we can't exactly blast the org with music, Any music you bring will really be for us, but it's nice to have because it keeps the atmosphere light and fun, which Scilons hate fun.
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  28. Did someone say baked goods?

    I can help with that.

    Caek again or should we branch out?

    Also, welcome new Dallas Anons! :D So great to have you!
  29. Hey whatever you got, Anons will take! Have we done brownies lately?
  30. Nope. Brownies this time then?
  31. Sounds great to me!
  32. I already posted about this earlier, but since we seem to be experiencing a wave of new local Anons, I'll mention it again. Anyone who hasn't heard, please be aware that there is a raid scheduled for April 30th that is also high priority. (Link Here) The 4/30 RetaliRaid will be supporting international Anti-Scilon demonstrations the same day, in honor of a French Anon, NoNo La Patate, who was beaten up by Scilons in front of the Paris Org last month.

    Go check out the page, and RSVP if you're available - we need a good showing to remind the Scilons that abuse and intimidation of Anonymous will not be forgiven or forgotten.
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  33. I've been advised to be knowledgeable. I watched the Scilons real views on Civil rights videos last night and I did some research as well.
  34. I know of the Fair Game "Tactic"/Bullshit. What's the cheapest Fawkes mask I can find?
  35. Thats a good question... I'm not sure.. Anonymous Female might know... SHe picked up a bunch, idk if she got the IRL or OL.

    oh and what did you think of the real views video?
  36. I think they really clarify how full of crazyfags $cientology is.
  37. Understatement. I have a full copy of the jury trial from Operation: Snow White. Used it in my paper. The things that scientologists say even at the stand is bone chilling. They harbored a fugitive they called by the alias Mr. Foster, a sickening reference to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.
  38. An example please?

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