[Apr 16, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Irving TX)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Anon998, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Is public transportation out of the question? You can get there from FW if you plan it out.

    Though carpooling is unlikely for your first protest... suspicion and paranoia you see. You'll have to work with us before that...

    I hope you can come out and check out the party/rally
  2. Cyberwarrior1 Member

    I live in killeen, I don't think we have public transportation to the dallas area. But I can check.
  3. oh geez, I didn't realize you were that far out.... Sorry to say this... but there really isn't any Scientology presence in Killeen, or even in Waco for that matter. Your area is Scilon Free. You can either work to inoculate against it and raise public awareness, or maybe start your own Freedom of Information Cell!

    In either case, if you need help lurking on the boards, feel free to PM
  4. New to protesting. Know the Code of Conduct and have read an watched a lot about the Scilons, but am still a newfag. Was wondering, may not have a Guy Fawkes mask to wear in time, but I do have a semi-cheap Boba Fett helmet/mask, it can be both, just wondering if it will be acceptable. If not, already have a bandana I can wear.
  5. What ever you like that keeps you safe. You are aware the primary function of staying Anonymous at Scientology protests is so they don't track you. You are in the right place if you have questions about protesting... Let me know
  6. Thanks, and will do if any come. Also, bringing 3 or so peers that I've talked to about it, not sure if they know about all the safety precautions and such, but will make sure in the next day or two.
  7. Very good sir. Again if you need help planning, or any other FAQs... check out our wiki page:
    \And never hesitate to ask
  8. New Dallas Anons!

    If you are new to Anonymous and/or public demonstration, it may be helpful to you to watch the video below as a basic overview of protest etiquette.

    Just a note: Because the Dallas Org is set a significant distance off the main road and there is a public sidewalk running in front of it, we do not protest on the other side of the street, but the sentiment remains the same - do not behave in any way that could be construed as threatening or aggressive.

    P.S. 31337 Pro DallAnons, you may also enjoy the video as a refresher. :D
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  9. Nice find!!! I think all newfags have to watch this!!
  10. anonymous612 Member

    Cute video, except for the protesting across the street idea. That's fail.

    Also lol at do not insult anyone.
  11. Anon998 Member

    Seeing so many people interested in coming is making me so excited! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to change my pants.
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  12. ZeroC Member

    Good luck to those attending.
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  13. zudok Member

    im thinking everybody learn the "thriller" dance or maybe some gay ass *nsync dance hahahaha oh man thatd be so funny.
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  14. Anon Fem, you want me to bring your pan to the protest?

    Edit: Also, does anyone know of a comfortable way to wear the mask AND prescription glasses?
  15. Anon998 Member

    Tape, just like that chick in V for Vendetta did. :p
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  16. anonymous612 Member

    Pad the cheeks and forehead. Might need to pad the chin, too. Try...roll up and cut a dishcloth to fit. That worked for me for my first mask. Give yourself maybe an inch of thickness and wear the glasses underneath.

    If you do decide to tape your glasses on the outside, do not use electrical tape. The heat will make it melt and go all gummy. Go for a bit of duct tape. And careful, the glasses earpieces will tend to bend outward over time.
  17. Yes, please! :D
  18. Anon998 Member

    I got 3 anons coming! :3
  19. Hey I just noticed that the time was 11-3.... Is that really what people want? Because I don't think I can be there that early... What do you guys think? I'm up for like noon till 5 even...
  20. I'm down for extending the time - 3:00 is pretty early. Making the start time later might be tricky, because of the short notice. Any Anons who don't happen to hear about the new start time could end up arriving/enturbulating alone, or may even leave if they think no one else is coming.
  21. Ah... but they should be arriving to the flower clock first... so they won't neccessarilly be in the line of fire..... but if not... then I'll just be there later... Would be awesome if some Anons started at 11 that early....
  22. If new people show up early without reinforcements, though, they may give up if they think no one else is coming.

    If you really want to change the time, I think you should at least send out PMs to everyone who has RSVP'd so there's a better chance they get the news.
  23. Well Guess it depends on individual Anons... I won't be there till at least noon.... I'm not sure why we made it 11 though...
  24. So... who will be there when?
  25. Another Anon and I are able to be there at 11:00 if no one else can...
  26. grebe Member

    On the tax issue --

    When we have a religious group in our community causing more harm than good, we can ask the IRS to repeal its status as a charity --not as a religion, but as a charity. Because of the First Amendment the government can't decide which groups are religious. But it can decide which are truly charitable.

    Scientology's charities are actually self-serving. They are used to incite public mistrust of medicine, psychiatry, public education, and government regulation, so that one day people will want Scientology to run their schools, hospitals, and police stations. This anti-democratic agenda is why the Germans keep Scientologists on a short leash.
  27. oh my god 20 anons at this protest this is awesome im working saturday but am thinking about calling in sick this just seem to cool to not be there!! descions to make work and mony or activisim what shall I do?
  28. CultBuster, as far as I know there is no plan to have separate groups raid at separate times. DSA was concerned that 11:00 was too early to begin, but we have established that there will be people on site at the official start time, so that is no longer an issue. We will probably stay later than 3:00, since we usually plan on being out there until at least 4:00 anyway, and if some people want to stay even longer I'm sure others will jump on board (I definitely wouldn't mind.)
  29. umm I'm kinda sorry I brought it up now... but basically what I'm saying is... I'll be running late... and expect the raid to last overtime.
  30. ok well if i make i will be late as well and wouldnt mind the overtime either
  31. oh and btw dsa love the full and completed interveiw for all anons who have not seen it here is the link story from the result of dallas anons such as yourselves and all stuff and what not

  32. Part 2

    Part 3
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  33. I will be there at 11:00, with 4 other Anons.
  34. My advice to anyone bringing extra anons that may not be in the know is to get them to watch this video at least:

    At the very least That establishes some ground rules. Although they may disregard the bring Cake and Megaphone part, since AnonFemale's got it covered, and megaphones aren't allowed.
  35. I'm such a newfag, but I'm Psyched! I am excited as hell!
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  36. Anon998 Member

    Sorry for the confusion, back before any of you guys were protesting this, 11-3 was our usual protest time frame. Me and 3 anons will be there for sure by or before 11. so no worries.
  37. Daww, you're such an oldfag.
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  38. A friend of mine said earlier of 4chan "There are newfags and oldfags; the difference is minimal." For some reason this reminded me of it. Just felt like sharing.
  39. So according to,

    See that little symbol that looks like the sun? That's the sun, a giant ball of burning hydrogen which emits lots of light. It will burn the crap out of all of you pasty whitefags faster than you can say "Caramelldansen."

    So in addition to your usual Anon protest swag, BRING SUNSCREEN. Apply it on the train or in your house before you leave and apply it regularly throughout the day.
  40. anonymous612 Member

    lmao high of 76. You lucky bastards.

    Good luck, anons. Try not to get into trouble well, not too much at least.

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