[Apr 9, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Chicago, IL,)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Strong Strength, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Kaldooe Member

    Ok now I just need to get the ok from my Parents to take the train in :D
  2. anonymous612 Member

    Kaldooe: You've now publicly stated your exact age and the fact that your parents have input into your ability to protest. I highly recommend you abandon your current screenname, make a new account, and be a little more careful what you say publicly in the future.
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  3. Acheron Member

    I will be there, coming with manomanom. Planning on bringing my camera with me and taking pictures if thats ok with everyone? this will be our first rally like manom said so just wanted to make sure
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  4. Hey there. Sure you can take pictures, that would be cool. We love photos, and I think cameras/video help encourage the Scientologists to behave and keeps them accountable. Not sure if you were planning on taking photos of just us or the Scientologists too, but if it's the latter, you may get an emo Scientologist telling you to stop because you don't have their permission. That's not only hypocritical of them (because they never ask our permission when they photograph us) but irrelevant, because you have the right to take photos on a public sidewalk. (Well, barring some really unusual exceptions, like being in an ATM line, which won't apply to our protest.)

    The only other thing I might add is to watch your gear, because we've reportedly had a couple incidents where Scientologists have grabbed at cameras. It's what they do when their OT powers fail. Not to spook you or anything; I don't think it's likely, just possible.

    Glad to have you along!
  5. manomanom Member

    Been a minute since I've checked out the thread. Good to know we can actually be at the Org. Really looking forward to this. And I'll be bringing a camera (of sorts) too. Oh, and I don't know who Acheron is. I think he/she's stalking me. Wait, no, that's my upstairs neighbor. Nevermind, Ach's cool. See y'all Saturday!
  6. anonymous612 Member

    Good luck tomorrow, guise. Someone bring cookies.
  7. SPisme Member

    in reference to ---->Time zone: America/Chicago -05:00. hey people i don't know if its just me but isn't chicago in the gmt-6:00. I just don't want to get there to early or late. Never mind i forgot about the time offset. I am going to being some drinks and food stuff if you got requests il see what i can do.see you There.
  8. Acheron Member

    sweet, and manom is nuts, but there was something i heard from a buddy of mine today, he said there was a law in chicago that states you are not allowed to take pictures of police officers while they are in the course of their duty, and its a felony to do so.... can anyone tell me if thats true?? havent been able to pull anything up on my end confirming it
  9. Darth Xander Member

    Not true. Click away.
  10. AnonyVix Member

    I agree however as part of the misinformation exercise I have from time to time given information which may lead to a false conclusion about who I am, my age etc. Kaldooer may may have done the same (I know others do) - who is to say...
  11. AnonyVix Member

    p.s. there is no misinformation exercise, I made that up... Anonymous... perhaps...
  12. SPisme Member

    Iv heard that too. They are talking about doing something to that affect, but i think you will be safe its a public area. The only thing i know of is that in Chicago there is some cases where you need permits to take pictures.
  13. Th3ox Member

    Good luck everyone, I apologize for my absence during this protest.

    God Speed!!
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  14. Dra Member

    Cookies are in the oven :)
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  15. Darth Xander Member

    Dra's cookies or being able to protest at the Org. Can't decide which one is better. I'll just have to have both!
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  16. Paladin Member

    Cookies make my tummy feel good.:) Scientology makes my tummy feel bad.:(
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  17. anonymous612 Member

    Xenu cookies will make it all better.

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  18. Darth Xander Member

    That is awesome!
  19. Dra Member

    Awww man! I could've made them (if I had seen that an hour ago). Maybe next time!
  20. anonymous612 Member

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  21. Unbrainwashed Member

    I have researched enough, read books and suffered nightmares about them. Its time to protest. I will be joining you all tomorrow in protest.
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  22. Dra Member

    No more peanut butter in the house to make them with :(
  23. Paladin Member

    Welcome to you and all the new people. I believe the Scientologists have been having nightmares about us.
  24. anonymous612 Member

    That's okay, Xander knows where you can find chocolate and walnuts.
  25. Nope, it's not illegal to photograph police in an ordinary situation like from a public sidewalk. And when Xander confirms this, it's not just some dumbass shooting off his mouth, because the law is his job.

    For the record, here's a no-no list (note how it says public privacy areas):


    8-4-125 Use of cell phones/cameras/camera phones in public privacy areas.

    No person shall use a camera/cell phone or other device capable of preserving and/or transmitting an image in any public “privacy area”. For purposes of this section, “privacy area” shall be defined as rooms in structures, or other areas whether or not enclosed, designated for the administration of examinations, clinics, hospitals and areas where a person should reasonably expect to have privacy, including but not limited to showers, locker rooms/changing rooms, bathrooms, lactation rooms, automatic teller machine areas, and cashier lines. Possession of said devices in these areas is lawful if the image preserving and/or transmitting portion of the device is not operational.

    Videotaping, photographing and filming by law enforcement officers pursuant to a lawful criminal investigation is exempt from this section.

    Any person violating any provision of this section shall be fined not less than $5.00 nor more than $500.00 for each offense.

    (Added Coun. J. 3-10-04, p. 19865, § 1; Amend Coun. J. 3-31-04, p. 21244, § 1)


    None of which has anything to do with what we'll be doing tomorrow, of course.
    Personally, I don't generally photograph the police, but it's your right to do so.
  26. Dra Member

    Bad news.. I forgot the cookies!! I will pick some up though!

  27. Protest4Matt Member

    Is this Cell Still active?

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