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Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by Anonymous, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Excellent protest was EXCELLENT. A HUGE thanks to the cult for moving to Florence..a bit further to drive, but my goodness..we got as much hornlove and thumbs up in ONE protest than we did the four years? in Cincy. We will be better prepared next month, (you can infer as you wish). Just standing on the corner with a cult sign and a sign about Shelly and or Lisa!

    SO many people..we had people who drove by, saw us and came back to talk to us. We also had some company by a strange chap who may or may not be a scientologist...Cudgel is on the case on that one. He drove by twice yelling but also taking photos. Then some time later..this "Einstein" comes walking up the walk holding a bright orange sign (yes, he did go buy poster board and a marker...srsly) the sign said ATHIEST pointing up to him..then he wrote COWARDS with an arrow he pointed to us.

    Goodness..he was not fact I have not had such an unenlightened conversation in years, heck that nutter that shadowed me during the opening last month MIGHT have been smarter than him. The symptoms I noted that made me think he might be a clam? General ignorance struck me first. He just didn't know anything..except that he was an atheist which means he believes he believes in nothing and believes that the culties have the right to believe whatever they want..(wrap your head around that one) and I said "yes I agree, I have no issues with their beliefs".

    He was momentarily stumped then squirted, "but you cover your faces you're cowards" And then I went slow...and tried to explain fairgame and why we cover our faces...and he got that scilon stare know, the "you're so stupid you believe that, you knows it's not true, you must read on the Internet" kind of half grin,half self-satisfied grin....hard to explain..then i was like DUDE, seriously?

    Please rinse and repeat the previous narrative for each of the following subjects:

    Human trafficking (brief explanation of each one, and countless bits on who to find information online)
    the RPF prison camp
    the child labor
    child sex abuse
    the sea org
    monetary crimes
    operation snow white
    Lisa's death
    Debbie Cook
    Paulette Cooper

    each time he did the same..thing...I said "you're a scientologist aren't you?" and he said "Am I?" and I said "If you're not a scientologist you should play one on TV" I said told them that he was standing there laughing at me, all the while hearing the AMAZING hornlove from more informed people...and I am supposed to be the stupid one?

    I told him that any inquisitive person would turn straight way and google ANY of the things I mentioned just to prove me wrong... and I told him he would be so embarrassed at what he found...he didn't google...I dunno...the clam juice is strong in this one..after a while you just get a feel for them. IF he is not a clam...good grief they need to go out and find him as he is already pre clear and could be a "clear" in a week or so...a poster child...for the good scientology does you. A bunch of teen passerbys also passed us on the road and came up to check out the action. More on that later...I hope.

    tl;dr AntiEinstienAthiest believe nothing except that the cult has the right to believe, possible spailon, overall level of Fail? 99. Sad...a hard-of-hearing old fat elvis guy knew the cult was a cult and why...and sugar on top? he said "My granny went to this church for 75 years and she would roll over in her grave if she saw it now." Cudgel liked his sense of humor...I was just like.."ah, Mr. C...I don't think he's trying to be funny."

    SO a HUGE thanks to the cult who was obliging with an Open House sign...which my CULT sign looked so beautiful next to.
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  2. Good work broseph, maybe the guy was a genuine nut-job.... or a mormon. :p
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Pics or it didn't happen.
  4. RightOn Member

  5. Pique Member

    me too...hopefully as entertaining as this report

    yes please
  6. Anonymous Member

    Cudgel will hopefully edit up the video and post it here ;) We are hoping the teens join us for next month!
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  7. Cudgel Member

    Been busy, too damned busy.

    Highlights of raid: Part I

    It was just me and Scary. Busy intersection is busy. Lots of horn love AND the chance to converse with the people as they waited at the traffic light. We need to do something nice [strike]for[/strike] to the cult for choosing such a lulzy spot.


    The car that kept moving in the parking lot: I noticed a black van parking in the lot of the org. When the driver saw us she started just aimlessly moving in the lot. She finally parked and stayed in her car reading something (TWTH, maybe?) after she made a phone call and used her cell to take a picture or two. (Good luck at that distance...)



    We hung around across the street for a while trying not to lose signs in the wind (note to self and others: stiffer signs or something to mount them on for here - it's always been breezy even when we were scouting the site before it opened).


    When we went to the crosswalk to go to the other side (literally, not figuratively) we noticed an "A" frame sign on the other corner


    It was an "Open House" sign! Wonder how they felt about us? Would we have been welcomed inside? According to my OSA BFF Gary from the grand opening, we would have been. I somehow think he was mistaken. Or maybe making a joke...


    Remember the car that kept moving? Well 19 minutes after she parked, she got out and walked into the org. I tried asking a question but got ignored...
    (I had a bit of trouble with the wind, so the big white thing at the beginning is my sign)


    It was shortly after this that our counter-protester arrived. I was shooting a picture of Scary


    when something orange caught the corner of my eye: it was a sign!


    I shot some video of the encounter that Scary began by saying "Honey, do you have any idea what you're doing?", but didn't shoot much as the gentleman was nice and requested that I stop. He didn't say anything about stills...



    He has a sense of humor and was laughing a bit at the thought that he might have been wrong in his assumptions about us. He went away to ponder and research after this.


    End of part 1. I shot video the whole time we were therre and have a shitload more to go through. I think the highlight will be the elderly woman telling me that scientologists are all going to hell because they don't believe in Jesus. At least I think I got it on video... More later (Sunday, maybe, I'll have time to review and edit).
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Nice raid report Cudgel. Excellent raid. <3
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  9. Anonymous Member

    I don't see any April Fools going at this raid of yours. Where was the foolin?
  10. Anonymous Member

    ...That's the April's Fool.
    You were fooled to believing there was going to be some joke here. But no.

  11. Excellent Report & Photos!!! Thank you!!!
  12. Too bad Counter Protester Guy missed the point so badly. It's not like you're trying to dispute their right to believe in Xenu, pseudoscientific stuff like Dianetics, or whatever moonbat Hubbard stuff they want.

    Unfortunately, that kind of misunderstanding is all too common. People call L. Ron a tard, but his faux religion angle worked (and continues to work) like gangbusters. So you sometimes get this knee-jerk "leave them be, they can believe what they want" stuff by people who don't understand what's really going on.

    You guys did well, though. When you have this type of wolf in religious cloaking, all you can do is try to educate to the best of your ability.
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  13. Quentinanon Member

    Real estate prices are cheaper in Florence, KY than in Cincinnati, but I cannot imagine the Kentuckians having any liking for scientology. They would rather see Kentucky Fried Cult.
  14. anon walker Moderator

    We noticed here during raids; the Scilons pull into the parking lot and spend 5 minutes or longer girding their loins or mustering their thetans or jackin it on Teegeeack before exiting their cars to enter the org. Maybe they are hiding their money where the reggs can't find it?

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