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Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by newborn, May 15, 2011.

  1. newborn Member

    So i saw the archivalist thread, and i posted the same thing there, but just so more people will notice and hopefully take advantage of this, i decided i would make my own thread on it. I've decided to try my hand at keeping any important information we may someday need to look at, such as posts and videos. Read below for more

    1. Is there any particular info you want kept safe? I will try and find a good home for it in a folder, ill take requests of something in particular and keep it for a long time, and will even keep things on labelled USB memory sticks if i must.

    2. Also I will also save any posts requested, but you must have a reason for me to do this, i wont save just anything, especially if it looks like something completely irrelevant and from our causes.

    3. AND i could set up an internet search with myself and a few friends if you wish for me to find something you may have once seen and cannot find anymore, but an internet search would only be counted as an attempt and i could not guarantee we would find what you may ask me to search for.

    4.I will save things such as posts on any board, including this one, (all posters will be kept anonymous in my archive and if it is from any boards that show information., no personal data saved whatsoever,) I will save any newspaper articles found and requested to be saved. I will save videos if i am able to download them. I will save basically ANYTHING that helps our cause that i may not have mentioned.

    5. Like i said before i will save any requested info along with info i come cross, but ONLY REQUEST IF IT SEEMS IMPORTANT AND IS RELATIVE TO ANONYMOUS.

    6. Lastly all info i save is for future reference and use to our causes, and if anyone would wish to see something from all the data saved, you need only ask me, and i will either post it as a reply or send it as a message to you if you so wish.

    Its anything to help our causes and I only wish to help in any way I can.

    1. articles, posts and other literary info i gain will be saved as Wordpad documents, on my cp and on a USB memory stick
    2. DO NOT request me to save info irrelevant to the causes
    4. To make a request that i save something, post below or send a message to me. Please include either the full document itself, OR provide a web address (a link) to the page containing the article/post/video/other info.
    5. all info saved will be briefly mentioned by myself in the thread, so others who may be interested can freely ask me to send them the specific info which they have requested to view.

    Questions? please post or message, i will be checking back daily. I advise you message your questions as it is much easier for me to take notice of them, requests can be messaged or posted.
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    Instead of saving in a proprietary format, please consider saving in an open standard format like .odt using AbiWord
  4. Dragononymous Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    92Gb on mine, and there is stuff I didn't download due to deeming it irrelevant.
  6. newborn Member

  7. newborn Member

    for what purpose? memory sticks and word work just fine for me

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