Are religious protests viable?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Ray Murphy, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Ray Murphy Member

    I read recently that a bunch of clerics in Qom have encouraged protestors to continue with what they have been doing, and I've assumed that they want to see if that will work and save them dealing with a very public and permanent split amongst themselves, but is it viable for protestors to completely avoid their mosques until the law is observed by the regime?

    If that was viable, it would be sending continual powerful messages without anyone having to do anything extra. It would also help those who cannot go onto the streets to participate.

    I have no idea what the religious implications could be for Muslims if they did this.
  2. Do you mean completely avoiding all mosques or the mosques where the asshole clerics are giving sermons?

    I cannot give you a definitive answer in regards to the twelver tradition but, in Islam you do not need a mosque to pray and in some traditions at least, you do not need an official "imam" and anyone can really lead prayers. So I expect it is theoretically possible to be avoiding some or even all mosques.

    On the other hand I am not sure about the impact this would have since I expect that:

    1-I suspect a lot of the people in the green movement are secular minded and are not the usual crowds of the mosques.

    2-Those who do go to mosques probably do not like listening to some dude calling them names and saying in very forceful ways that they are wrong, bad people, etc, and therefore prefer to go to mosques where the clerics are at least neutral to the green wave if not friendly.
  3. Ray Murphy Member

    Now that you have clarified a few things, I'd say avoiding all mosques so that:
    (a) The overall impact could be easily seen and there would be fewer arguments or lies about numbers attending.
    (b) The more honest, humane and braver clerics wouldn't be targeted.
    (c) The pro-regime clerics could relate more easily to their "pro-law" colleagues if they were all in the same boat and they all needed to DO something urgently to retain religious power before it become irrelevant (not the religion, which would be absurd, but the religious power).
  4. Well, I am sure the message will be received by those in Iran..As for the (as Bard would have it) political Islam becoming irrelevant, that's just a historical current so it is already too late for that...
  5. Tyranosopher Member

    Nazism was pretty relevant as a political movement, for a while...

    Of course, Nazism got crushed. By sheer violence. Morality: Never underestimate sheer violence, as a solution to serious problems.

    Oh, BTW, Islam got established over the whole Middle East in a few years of sheer violence, in the middle of the Eight century... Persia got crushed, and within a year, the entire Roman army... Soon, after the capture of Catholic Orthodox Jerusalem, Alexandria got to know Arab steel...

    What violence giveth, violence taketh... Violence can be mental too...

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