Are there any protests in the uk?

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Anonymous, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I was just wondering if there are any up coming protests in the uk?
    If so what are they about?, when are they? and where in the uk are they?
  2. RightOn Member

    I miss Stewie!
  3. ToolCruise Member

    Not sure bud, but would be interested to know myself what's planned. :)
  4. ToolCruise Member

  5. rhianne Member

    im from coventry uk we are already setting up protests and pushing common law, very interested in setting up masked protests in the uk
  6. Anonymous Member

    Freeman nutjobs not welcome tyvm.
  7. rhianne Member

    im not your typical freeman nutjob although ive met a few im an anti gov anti brutality peace lover with the balls to stand up to those who choose to intimidate judgementally
  8. Anonymous Member

    Most of the time you lot bang on about being anti gov anti everything when you really have no idea what you are talking about. You say you are anti gov, but you don't say why. It's because you don't have a clue .
  9. Anonymous Member

    Sorry, but your posts are suggesting otherwise. You can go back to pretending the law isn't real and let the grown ups try to fix the broken shit.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Sounds like somebody gloryhunting .
  11. Anonymous Member

    Not you, rhianne
  12. leon24xxx Member

    I'm from cov as well. Let me know if you get any news about planned protests.
  13. Anonymous Member

    My beef is pretty simple to understand.

    Delusion nutters spread their delusion to others, and every-so-often someone in a desperate situation (whether that be financial troubles or legal difficulties) tries Freeman crap in court – the inevitable result being to land that deluded soul with even more financial troubles and legal difficulties. An already bad situation made worse, and for what? For some made-up shit spread by some deluded fuckers???

    What's even worse is the conmen who do trust scams and the like, representing pure unadulterated exploitation of the most financially vulnerable in our society.

    While these wankstains posts their conspiracy shit on the interwebs they never seem to recognise that this shit has cost a lot of folks very dearly indeed, whether that be increased debt or getting fucked in court over their attempts to enact this nonsense.
  14. rhianne Member

    you need to chill out, link with good people and spread the peace dude, hatred discrimination and misunderstanding are what has got the world in this shitty mess, accept the fact that by listening and understanding eachother, and accepting that we each have something special to offer to this movement, is the only way forward to the new world we came here to create, much love x
  15. rhianne Member

    the law was created to control us not for our benefit either, the world has been invaded by the roman empire and they have taken every basic human right away from us, common law means we create communities and rule ourselves it al matters how many of us there are thats all, im not pretending the law doesnt exist im just saying that most laws shouldnt exist and there is no reason why we cant link together and stand against the things that we have always tolerated, whether using common law in large groups or just protesting in groups it all boils down to the same thing we are getting fucked over anyway from every direction, so we have to try our best using whatever we can to get our voices heard. thanks for letting us know your thoughts
  16. Anonymous Member

    I have little intention of chilling out until you and your nutjob kind stop promoting bullshit that is causing people to get hurt. YOU are promoting GARBAGE that is causing HURT to people. It's that simple, and no amount of waxing lyrical on your part can gloss over that fact.

    If you and your nutjob kind want to break the law then at least call it what it really is, whether that be an act of civil disobedience, an abdication of social responsibility or just some scumbag who broke the law but does not want to face the consequences that entails.
    No, that's not what common law means – and it hasn't meant that since it was first introduced in the 12th century. Common law means that the legal system is precedent based, with future judiciary decisions incorporating those of the past. What's particularly sad about this is that it only takes a 5 minute Google search to cure oneself of this type of ignorance, but nutjobs like yourself seem to have an allergy to researching or fact checking.

    No what could possibly go wrong with giving inaccurate made-up shitty legal advice to someone in a desperate situation? Gee, I wonder.
    This is where you and your nutjobs need to be called out on your bullshit. The above quotation is neither how you and your fellow nutjobs operate, nor does it bear any relation to the entire body of Freeman pseudo-legal crap. Of course you already know this, but being factual has never been a quality shared by you and your kind.

    If you and your fellow nutjobs opposed a given then law then stating so, and conducting a campaign in favour of its repeal/reform, would seem to be the desired course of action. But that's not what you and your nutjobs do. Rather you and your nutjobs promote that such laws either don't exist or don't apply to those who 'do not consent'. This is commonplace in both Freeman promotional and the deluded utterances of those poor souls who try this shit in court.

    And that is the supreme deception at the heart of Freeman crap. On the one hand its deluded supporters claim it is a revolutionary set of ideas aimed at protection people and their rights, but in implementation it is an arrogant selfish greedy attempt to get away with breaking the laws, to get away from accepting social/personal responsibility for one's choices, to borrow money and not to pay it back, to try taking the benefits of society (eg: dole/welfare) when it suits and avoid paying back when it doesn't (trying to get out of fines owed), etc. etc.

    So no, I have little intention of chilling out while deluded nutjobs spread dangerous advice that is hurting others, no matter how much they try dressing up their deception as being a righteous cause.

    Freeman shit isn't new, and sadly quite a trail of broken people have been left fucked over in its wake. I give you one of the saddest examples, of a man who has thrown his life away because he made the misjudgement of assuming your kind where not full of shit:

    Now go fuck yourself and peddle your delusional harmful crap, poorly disguised as a human rights crusade, somewhere else.
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  17. goodtymes Member

    I am new to this app.. is it possible for someone to tell me how to post a new thing?
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. anonymasses Member

    December 8th 2013 masked march on parliament about bedroom tax. Benefit cuts nhs cuts and overall way government is being run for corporate interests[. Meet westminster tube station 11am march on parliament
  20. Anonymous Member

    Anyone know of any activities around the OPSafewinter? Am Based in London and would love to help out if any plans are being made?
  21. Anonymous Member

    1. Open Google.
    2. Type "homeless charity london" and press enter. This will bring up the websites of various charities involved in homelessness in the London area.
    3. Search through the results to find a charity located near you.
    4. Pop round to the charity located near you. WARNING! THIS STEP INVOLVES ENTERING THE REAL WORLD! PLEASE USE CAUTION!
    5. Ask one of the workers, volunteers and/or staff the following question: "Hi, I'd like to help out over the winter. What can I do to help?"
    6. The staff member may be freaked out due to you being so pale after living so long in your mum's basement. But, on the slight possibility they are not freaked out, said staff member will furnish with the information you need to participate in the charity's work.
    7. Follow the instructions the staff member has given you.
    8. ??????

    I'm embarrassed that the above needed to be typed, and I weep for the lack of initiative on display here.
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  22. rhianne Member

    protest in coventry 11 dec against not being allowed to grow cannabis for medical use not for selling, get in touch if interested
  23. Anonymous Member

    I used to think that it should be legal but then I watched this video.
    I know it seems kinda jokey but it does highlight some very good points.
  24. rhianne Member

    i have researched huge benefits medically, minimum side effects smoking weed doent mean your going to turn into that guy lol, i dont condone drug dealing but have full faith in its healing abilities
  25. bANONg Member

    found it funny........... it does make the point of taxes but they can't tax it as it's used for medicinal stuff in uk i think, supposed to be good for your eyes, possibly due to the red-eye meaning more oxygen to eyes via blood vessels :confused: but im no optician think they did research involving amsterdam and eye tests
  26. Anonymous Member

    Faith is what people have in things that don't exist!

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