Are there other similar forums for other groups in need?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Curious, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. I understand, after reading the other thread, that this particular forum is focused on a specific Iranian national group, and that there is a lot of support here for example, for the occupation of Palestine, and possibly for Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond.

    It is only natural that invaders and occupiers will have a different point of view than their victims, however I don't think anyone can argue that those struggling under the tyranny of occupation, defending their homes and families from brutal invaders, will of necessity also be in need of a venue where they can speak freely.

    Will Anonymous also be making forums available for these groups, as part of their commitment to free speech?
  2. anonymous612 Member

    This forum is for the iranian issues. The main wwp site is for the scientology issues. Any other forums that might come up are for their particular issue.

    In a sense, if we stay on target it won't be a problem. Any other forums that may or may not come up as the wwp admins feel the need to make them will sort themselves out when it happens.

    tl;dr iraq does not = iran.
  3. I Ran Hubbard Member


    Oh the great "moralfag" debate. Internet superheroes, what are their powers.
  4. anonymous612 Member

    Did you read the OP, really?
  5. To the OP:

    Short answer: Almost certainly no. Anon is involved here because 1. it's interesting, 2. it's useful, 3. Iran has a long history of censoring the internet, and this is a good chance to slap it around, and 4. this whole thing has a realistic chance of going somewhere.

    A forum about, e.g. Palestine, on the other hand, would basically amount to an endless flamewar between ideologues, no doubt interspersed with denial of service attacks against Israeli websites to assuage the boredom. In short, it would be neither productive nor entertaining.
  6. Commissar Member

    Anonymous does not exist to provide forum support for every cause under the sun. Discussion of activism not related to the Iran situation is outside the scope of this forum. Thread locked.
  7. DrL0Lington Member

    we can only hope op's idea will become a reality
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