Are we even safe anymore while using any technology?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by antiusansa, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. antiusansa Member

    I don't feel safe anymore using human technology, call me paranoid, but the governments have made every effort to spy on honest citizens, I need some opinion regarding OS, at the moment i'm using windows 7, but i hate microsoft and i don't think it's safe as well, even with it not being updated any longer.
    Is Linux safer? i've heard that some version of linux was developed by the nsa, what are we to do in terms of privacy if every os is vulnerable to the shitty nsa?

    even intel and amd chips have backdoors, the world is screwed.
  2. Random guy Member

    ...or you can go join the Amish.
  3. antiusansa Member

    i'll try linux guys, i've heard it's a lot safer
  4. Random guy Member

    Linux is free and worth every penny!

    If you really want privacy for some things, do them offline.
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  5. bevbritt Member

    Nobody and nothing's safe any more. Not even my spreadsheet of this week's meal plan.
  6. DeathHamster Member

    A subversive group. I hear they're on the no-fly list.
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  7. Is that your own name you're using Ray?
  8. There's people in here could teach you a thing or two about internet security and then some.
    You really are trying to teach your granny to suck eggs sonny.
  9. Big question is were you born dumb or do you practice regularly?

  10. Never click on what?

    Fuck off.
  11. Do you think my toaster is spying on me and if so will unplugging it solve the problem?

    Does my washing machine report back to the CIA or to the manufacturer of detergent or both?

    OMG what a dilemma what am I going to do with all this unsafe technology in my home .OMG OMG OMG * runs around looking for tinfoil *
  12. Oh my fucking god we're being spied on!

    We're being spied on!
    Spies !


  13. Where is my tinfoil hat and spy repellent spray?





    We're all doomed.

  15. Looking to start a anonymous group in hawthorne california. Are main focus will be protesting against the cia!!!

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