Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by da5id, May 27, 2010.

  1. A Mass Noun Member

    Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    Hi, I'm a graphic designer, mainly photoshop and illustration. I'm not really experienced with anything to do with web design but I'm a decent designer. So if you want any illustrations or things photoshop'd I'll be happy to help!
  2. Resolution Member

    Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    Sadly I only work in print.
  3. agf Member

    Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    I would offer, but I'm a hack at best in any of the categories...

    though I would be happy to lend a hand if you saw a need.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    Solid proffessional graphic designer 11+ years exp for both digital and print. UI experience, web design, branding. MS certified sharepoint designer. Graphic and Illustration degree. Currently employed by one if the biggest corporations in Europe as brand and graphic design SME. Not in the job for money though, I do what I do for a living out of a profound need to be creative, some call it a gift, I find it a curse at times. If you need help for free and the project is interesting enough I may be interested. No promises but I am worth asking.


  5. LegionODD Member

    Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    i have good experience creating digital media for print or web use. it's pretty much what i'm going to be doing for the majority of my life. :p
  6. mlmao Member

    Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    I have sent you a PM
  7. ML08180 Member

    Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    That list sounds exactly like the class blueprint for my computer apps class that starts in a few weeks, perhaps I can be of further use in web development and some programming. I can do some graphic stuff, but not much beyond the ordinary skills. I'm willing to do attempt anything that would be helpful though.
  8. Vaera Member

    Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    I am web/UI designer (with BA in visual design) with 5 years of university training and 2 years of industry experience and I'm very much interested in aiding with the website layouts, structure, organization and alike. I have experience with both information-heavy systems and simple, elegant presentations. I also design mobile and desktop applications.

    There :)
  9. Vaera Member

    Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    Hello! I'm a web/UI designer with 5 years of university training (have BA in visual communications) and 2 years of industry experience. I have experience tackling complex informational systems and translating them into good looking, legible web systems. I'm able to cover any project sections that are concerned with art direction, information architecture and content organization and management, whether it is a desktop app, mobile app or classic website.

    I am more then happy to help.
  10. Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    I meet the following criteria.

    [STRIKE]Experience with vBulletin product creation[/STRIKE]
    Experience with vBulletin theme creation
    [STRIKE]Solid Experience with PHP or Python (django)[/STRIKE]
    [STRIKE]Solid Experience with javascript and APIs such as jQuery or YUI[/STRIKE]
    [STRIKE]Solid Experience with creating AJAX driven projects[/STRIKE]
    [STRIKE]Solid mySQL database tuning and schema creation[/STRIKE]
    Experience with Page Design and Layout, Graphic Design, or UI Creation

    My services are here if needed.
  11. Brian1454 Member

    Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    webdeveloper in education :)
  12. Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    LOL...I just barfed reading this.. It takes me back to my good ol' days of being a student..grrr:mad: lol
  13. anonymouskull Member

    Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    I do vbulletin forums all the time I can help design and skins, you can form a team with people who know them and other media.
  14. Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    I am a creative person - writer, artist and cartoonist. If I can help I will. GAC
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    I have experience in php, mysql, HTML, CSS, and javascript (and C++ and about to learn Java if you ever need those although they were not on the list) and I have played around with JQuery and Ajax but no really relevant experience.
    I can write it all from scratch, although I am much better at stealing other people's codes and editing to my liking, or taking a base and building it up from there. I've mostly worked with making registration and login systems and forums with random generic content for sites for fire depts and churches. My business site is located below.
    I have no formal education in any of it yet, completely self-taught. But I've been working at it for almost 7 years now and consider myself to between mediocre and professional, and willing to help with anything I can.

  16. Weasel Queen Member

    Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    I am a graphic designer for a living but don't mind doing some volunteer stuff as time permits. BTW Annonymous / WWP Graphics are awesome - top notch!

    I have strong skills with Illustrator, InDesign and I am pretty mean with Photoshop. I can make stuff you'd swear was real!

    Sadly, I have next to no web skills. I build a portfolio site for myself, but that is it really. Looking to start messin' with 3d stuff soon.
  17. Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    Post Redacted. Disregard.
  18. delslo89 Member

    Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    IT network administration, experience with mysql. also some web dev and some programming languages.
  19. moarxenu Member

    Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    Shoopers are always needed. Show us what you can do.
  20. Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    i know how to write in html with some admittedly shaky knowledge of basic javascript, name prompts, loops, arrays, etc.if ur lookin for a quick but pretty nice website design look into wordpress, that might be near to what you are looking for.
  21. ThePlexian Member

    Re: Are you a web dev or graphic designer?

    Yes, I am a graphic designer based in the Netherlands.

    I also run my own company so my schedule is hard to predict.

    Would like to help out (can do anything from icons to posters, from simple 3D (complex takes up too much time for me) to flash banners, from logos to virtual builds (think Second Life)).

    I registered today and am new here ... if this is serious then I'll provide admins only and only upon special request with a better email which I'll be checking more often.

    edit : I have to take this back since one of the two posts I made on this forum INCLUDING THIS ONE got deleted? Or I'm just vvery, vvery drunk. We'll see.
  22. ThePlexian Member

    Ok :) Admins were so kind to take the time to answer me and I now fully support my previous statements ... I'm willing, able and available ^_^
  23. droolo Member

    I'm a humble designer noticing a shift and recognizing an opportunity for change. I am a novice in the digital world, but looking to appropriate the world of digital "hacking" and manifest it to the grid we all physically walk. I am in the process of a project that requires the perspective and insight of a experienced digital activists. Sounds odd perhaps, but more can be explained.
  24. Santor Member

    Hello fellas.

    I'm neither a web dev nor a graphic designer (no, don't delete this post already), but I'm french.

    At first, it can sounds like a problem (did you lol ?), but if you want I can help translating the whole website to french. The most people can use this website, the best it will be, don't you think so ?

    MP me, I'll be proud to help.
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  25. Zak McKracken Member

    Whole website?
    You mean real-time translation of all the forums?
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  26. Santor Member

    No, no ! It would need an army of translators.
    (hmmm, interesting idea for the think tank)

    No, I was thinking on translating the website with the informations and stuff. And maybe an additional link to the french forum.
    That's what I meant.
  27. Zak McKracken Member

    Which website did you have in mind?
  28. Santor Member

    Simply and all the other pages within the website but the forum. It would be cool, I'm sure we could also ask for a german and a spanish (etc) to help on this, to have many languages, allowing everyone wanting to join us our point of view, in their language.
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  29. AnonyRabbit Member

    If someone is needed with C/C++/C#/PHP/JavaScript/AJAX/MySQL skills, feel free to drop me a message.
  30. AdarFainstein Member

    A Web Desinger.. Black Hat Hacker.. Graphic Desinger.. And A Programmer :)
  31. Anonymous Member

    TRL and COMV skills, none better. Call me.
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  32. Gobic Member

    Hey so I can do some nice looking graphics using ( dont laugh) paint. They are pixely and such but look quite nice, you could run a theme using that. I will be glad to help in any way I can :)
  33. moarxenu Member

    Grafix or GTFO!!!
  34. Anonymous Member

    Yes, PM me.
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  35. pimpyoda55 Member

    I'm a grafic designer awe
  36. f0xhound Member

    i am currently studying php and java and have some experience with web design as well as creating android mobile applications and willing to help for FREE!
  37. IAnoniem Member

    yes, webdev and graphics, willing to help for free, but won't be able to work tomorrow > occupyamsterdam :)
  38. Anon Levx Member

    Im a Web Dev i know Html and Javascript like a second language
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  39. Decode Member

    I know it's been 2 years since this thread was started, but I'm a very experienced graphics designer and vBulletin designer if I can be of any help :/ my website is, concentrated mostly on vBulletin.
    The main theme you'll see there when you go to the site is my best so far...hoping to do a little better though :D
    Hope I can be of some help :)

  40. Well I´m a freetime SP. I usually surpress religious people. Poor :-(

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