Are you interested in living in New Zealand and being on Staff at the Ideal Org

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, May 26, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Scientology ads.


    Live in New Zealand

    Name: Deva Khalsa
    Date: 20 May 13
    Phone: 727 447 1776

    Are you interested in living in New Zealand and being on Staff at the Ideal Org. If you are qualified for staff and want to live in New Zealand contact Deva. Staff is now training in Clearwater and returning to the Ideal Org in a breathtakingly beautiful country.


    Totally unrelated WTF


    Looking for a Solid Gray Male Kitten - LA

    Name: Leny
    Date: 12 May 13
    Phone: 818-951-3218

    Looking for a solid gray male kitten who would like to be named "Thumper" and have a great life with me. Thank you.

    Leny 818-397-8011
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Go to a " breathtakingly beautiful country" and mindfuck the inhabitants, for sub-minimal wages.

    Also, found a Solid Gray Male Kitten. It refuses to be named "Thumper". Will accept "Jumper".
  3. Anonymous Member

    Hmmmm . . . time for an OIA to immigration re the cult, me thinks.
  4. anonsoldier Member

    I thought they were undergoing massive growth. You'd think the worlds perpetually fastest growing religion would have an unending supply of people volunteering to help and serve. I guess not. *eyeroll*
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  5. RightOn Member

    I am sure they will gladly change your name once your visa runs out
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Or get you married off to a citizen...
  7. Anonymous Member

    Live in New Zealand? Yes.

    Work for the cult? Uh ....
  8. 655

    Scientology's $16m statement church


    Last updated 10:00 24/11/2013


    John Selkirk
    The former Whitecliffe Art School in Grafton, Auckland. Its owner, the Church of Scientology, has resource consent for it

    The local arm of the The local controversial religion purchased the former Whitecliffe Art College campus in 2007 for $10m borrowed interest-free from the Church of Scientology International. It is the church's only New Zealand property.The Church of Scientology of New Zealand will make a $16 million "statement" restoring and converting a heritage-listed Auckland building into its flagship church.
    The church, which counts actor Tom Cruise among its parishioners, said it's nearing construction on the Grafton site that includes major seismic strengthening and a new fitout.
    Church of Scientology New Zealand head Mike Ferriss told the Sunday Star-Times the cost of the restoration was $16m.
    More than $3.5m had been raised mostly from the church's 5000 local members, Ferriss said, but scientologists around the globe including expat Kiwis would contribute.
    Non-members who wanted to see the building restored had also donated, he said.
    The 2006 census counted 357 Kiwi scientologists; meaning each would need to donate more than $44,000 to reach the $16m target.
    The church's annual accounts for the year ending December 2012 showed donations were down more than $170,000 to $245,253.
    It booked $1.18m from members in advance payments. The church had about $300,000 in the bank and owed its international office more than $8.6m, reporting a $2m deficit.
    The "huge" project is estimated to take around 12 months of construction, Ferriss said.
    New Zealand's top scientologist said the condition of the building when the church purchased it was not good.
    "We will save this building. There's no question about it."
    The Oamaru sandstone facing the building's entranceway and windows is in need of repair.
    Ferriss said internally the major work would be tying joists to the walls to give the building the ability to move laterally in an earthquake. Floors will be overlaid with ply and ceilings may need repairing too, he said.
    Some walls may need additional strengthening, he said.
    The church has resource consent to disseminate the "applied philosophy" of church founder and pulp fiction writer L Ron Hubbard from the site.
    A building consent application is with its head office in the US pending final sign-off and will then be lodged with the Auckland Council, Ferriss said.
    Once complete the 11,000 square metre site will have more than 70 rooms dedicated to spreading Scientology's message.
    The prominent site will have a chapel, library, reception and waiting area, offices for upper management, public display areas, a cafe, courtyard and rooms for the church's one-on-one counselling called auditing.
    The Auckland restoration is part of an international programme by the church to boost its presence with high-profile churches called Ideal Orgs.
    "What we are essentially doing is like the Church of Scientology putting down roots. We have been around for 60 years; this is a statement. This is us. This is where you can find us," Ferriss said.
    When asked if Tom Cruise was likely to come to the opening of the restored church, Ferriss laughed and said: "It doesn't always default to Tom Cruise."
    - © Fairfax NZ New
  9. Anonymous Member

    IT would be hilarious if the scilon that took the position, took it solely for the purpose of blowing, and being as far away from the cult/osa as possible. IF only there was a god of lulz to pray to/make offerings for such a thing to happen.
  10. :DA $16m building in Auckland. Money well spent I'm sure.
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  11. th?id=H.4794666462348933&pid=15.1.jpg th?id=H.4816115511395451&pid=15.1.jpg
    WOG Day.....................................Scientology Ideal Org Staff, Sleep tight..........

    LOL @ if you're qualified for staff, if you'll sign on, you're qualified. Trainees in Clearwater may end up in the RPF, Clearwater instead of beautiful New Zealand working 80-100 hours a week for 50 bux with no benefits sleeping on staff bunks........

    Sadly for Scientology, New Zealand has internet access, an educated wog is brutal for business.
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  12. DeathHamster Member

    Mighty nice of them.
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  13. The local arm of the controversial religion purchased the former Whitecliffe Art College campus in 2007 for $10m borrowed interest-free from the Church of Scientology International.
    Mighty nice of them.
    If they aren't able to pay it all back Bob Duggan will be happy to cover it.
  14. Anonymous Member

    New Zealand has an increasing trend of earthquakes in the last decade or so .....four of which exceeded magnitude 7. Plus that building looks like unreinforced concrete = big pile of rubble when the shaking begins.

    New Zealand
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  15. Anonymous Member

    killjoy :p
  16. Random guy Member

    This is the first time I can remember reading confirmation that the mother cult had to go in and buy an "ideal" building for a local org. This obviously means the locals haven't been able to buy the building through local fund-raising, so mother cult shells out. I believe this is unprecedented.

    A number of posters (including me) has argued for the ideal org program being nothing more than a money-making plot for the cult. When the cult on the other hand goes in and downright buys a building for its local chapter, it is doubtful if they will be able to make much revenue out of it. Is the ideal org program taking precedence over earning? Does Miscavige really believe his own hype of if you build it they will come? Is this a one-off for a peculiar situation down in Kiwi-land, or is this the start of a world-wide trend?
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  17. Good questions RG,

    As you stated there is no way that the Kiwis could ever raise $16m, a lot of dough for 357 people. And indeed there is nobody to fill it and produce revenue for the mother ship. Could he possibly be diversifying his real estate holdings and spreading the cash around the world in case things go bad?

    Who knows what Miscavige's mind is thinking right now, its very possible he believes his own hype, glossy mags and slick videos. He is out of touch with reality surrounded by yes men and brainwashed public fools.

    One thing I do know is that the building will be empty and rotting - earthquake or not
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  18. Random guy Member

    Gulping down scotch all day can't be good for the noggin in the long run. We may see alcohol induced dementia eventually rearing its ugly head (for a parallel cult example, see James Taylor Jr. of the Excusive Brethren,,_Jr._(Exclusive_Brethren) ). Old Liverlipps Hubbard appear to have started believing in his own scam at the end, perhaps Miscavige is starting down that same road.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Everytime I see this thread all I can think of is yes, I would love to see NZ and fuck no, I do not want to be on staph.
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