Argentina, Buenos Aires Post-Game Report May 14 2011

Discussion in 'Rest of the World' started by Petete, May 22, 2011.

  1. Petete Member

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  2. Anonymous Member I have something else to view apart from watching the paint dry here!

    Good job as always, Tango Anons
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  3. Petete Member

    Thank you. You can see moar videos on our channels that are still not posted here but soon will be. Feel free to have the pleasure to enjoy our epicness
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  4. Petete Member

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  5. EeveyFawkes Member

    :)You rock love <hugs/> :cool:

    Your videos are great and informational

    I know I always tell you how great your videos are but I do not know if you realize <3

    By translating all the videos you do you reach so many people and touch the lives of so many in so many ways informing and detailing to the masses both here in Argentina, and all around the world and I do not think I can ever truly explain to you how much that means to me and I am sure to the rest of the world.

    I love you.
    My hero and my love

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  6. Petete Member

    Thank you sweetness, and welcome back to WWP. As you can see, I fight to win. And if someone mess with you, first I defeat them on the interwebz, and then, I destroy them in real life.
    You are not only my love, you are the best Anon who ever joined my cell. You worked more and better in a few months than others (who are now enemies by their own choice) in years (well, less than a year, lol).
    Don't worry, there will be no fat crazy slut or alcoholic piece of shit who will survive the wrong choice of messing with you.
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  7. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Get a room.
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  8. Petete Member

    We are in one :D
    And btw, for you my Eevey
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  9. EeveyFawkes Member

    No, love, THANK YOU!
    Really, thank you for all that you do
    and thank you for welcoming me back and for fighting to unban me and of course winning
    because after all
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  10. EeveyFawkes Member

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  11. Petete Member

    And thank you again Ersatz for unbanning Eevey, who was banned by some piece of shit mod. It's great to see decent mods in this pit of trolls and OSA plants
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Stop having sex in the threads already. You're like Miranda and Tangerine over OCMB!
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  13. EeveyFawkes Member

    aww <3
    kisses kisses and more kisses <3
    thank you love
    love this song <3
    YOU are my WINGS
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  14. Ersatz Global Moderator

    I was totally thinking the same thing.
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  15. Petete Member

    If you enter our room don't blame me for cumming all over you :p
    Btw, I spit over Miranda's banned rotten ugly dead body. I hope the bitch is enjoying swallowing her own shit.
    Freedom of speech, rite? Or some piece of shit mod is gonna threaten or ban me for using my beloved freedom of speech speaking my mind about piece of shit mods?
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  16. EeveyFawkes Member

    Yes, thank you Ersatz
    this is just for you

    Thank you ^_^
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  17. Petete Member

    Ersatz, now you should try to unban The Angry Gay Pope, so WWP will be again a 100 % decent anti-Scientology site, instead of a snake pit where you are one of the few exceptions between alcoholic trolls and fat whores who think they are mod goddesses (poor loosers)
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  18. Petete Member

    You should also try to unban Tory Magoo, but she supports too many pieces of shit who deserves to die (Freezoners) for my taste
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  19. EeveyFawkes Member

    agreed :)
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  20. Anonymous Member

    tranquilo, chicos y chicas... drink some maté and chill out!
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Petete Member

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