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  1. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Argentina

    I created a new thread especially for him.

    We should begin researching because in March we have the chance to expose him in the news, if this donation is aired.


    Hice un nuevo thread para hablar sobre este Scion.

    Tenemos que empezar a investigarlo porque en marzo, si llega a salir en diarios o en la tele lo de la donación, vamos a tener una super oportunidad para desenmascararlo y tratar de que los periodistas se interesen por este tema acá.

    Es una buena oportunidad para que Anonymous en Argentina se de a conocer y para que se empiece a difundir en nuestro país quienes son realmente estos gringos que, para la "gente del pueblo" son personas inofensivas y con glamour porque viene de Hollywood y de USA, y acá eso a la gente le encanta y compra, sin importar que hay adentro del envase.
  2. tendervittles Member

    Re: Argentina

    I think it's actually called "911 Program Fund Inc."

  3. tendervittles Member

    Re: Argentina

    Don't forget, I have a ton of research about Hittman on this page:

    At the bottom of that page are some Spanish-language links to articles exposing Hittman El Cienciologo, Hittman Seria Fraude, etc.. They are from a site called, emergency personnel, who were also outraged about Hittman.

  4. Re: Argentina

  5. Hartman5555 Member

    Re: Argentina

    Narconon has hundreds of un-named web site links for drug rehab in which they ask for your contact info which you submit or they give a phone number. They are being very sneaky. Is this happening in Argentina? Scientology will be seeking Any new country where it can get non-tax status, but will go in under cover.
  6. Shinythings Member

    Re: Argentina

    Thanks for the translations, but they do not read very well in Spanish. I think this might work better:

    La Cienciología Mata

    Lisa McPherson





    Sabía Usted que la secta de la Cienciología (Scientology) utiliza las "pruebas gratuitas de estrés" para presioinarte a comprar el libro "Dianética" de L. Ron Hubbard y gastar miles de dolares en "cursos" en sus locales?

    (El poco científico cuestionario de la "prueba de personalidad" está hecho para que nunca obtengas buenos resultados)


    En Español: *

    En Ingles: * * *

    Este ha sido un anuncio de servicio público por Anonymous
    El conocimiento es libre


    Cuando fué la última vez que llamaste a tu familia para decirle "te quiero"?

    Ahora, imagina que es la última vez que puedes... porque tu IGLESIA así lo quiere.

    Es asi

    Por que las familias no hablan sobre esto?
    Qué es la "política de desconección?
    Que más ignoramos?
    Pregúntale a la Cienciología?

    Informate en


    Tenemos muchos rostros, es uno de ellos el tuyo?

    15 DE MARZO


    11 AM

  7. 33755 Member

    Re: Argentina

    Argentina Anons:

    You should look at these bookselling numbers about Argentina:

    It's clear that Corporate Scientology is making a LOT of efforts to expand fast in Latin America - including Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina.

    Scientology considers that bookselling is the preliminary to Scientology (or Dianetics) expanding in an area. Bookselling comes BEFORE their other expansion. So whenever you see bookselling events occuring, then know that Scientology has PLANS for expansion there.
  8. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Argentina

    Thanks for your advice 33755. (Gracias por el dato 33755)
    I will look further into it. (Voy a investigar más sobre eso)

    I also wanted to share a new vid uploaded in youtube (También quería compartir un video nuevo que subí a youtube)

    [ame=]YouTube - Scientology en Argentina[/ame]

    ENJOY (Disfruten)
  9. Petete Member

    Re: Argentina

    We need to focus to fight the CO$ here, the other cults are much more known than them. They are not only a little office here, they are also running Narconon in San Isidro (just google Narconon Argentina) and they are located in at least one more state (that I cant remember now nor find because their location finder its not working right now, lol, but I think it was Misiones). They are officially accepted as a religion by our goverment. They are not massivelly famous here, but they are not weak at all, and sadly, they are becoming bigger and stronger. And they have an extra card to play and seduce people: Hollywood Stars. What if they start getting some of our “celebrities” as members? Please, lets dont underestimate this cult... lets get rid of our stupid Argentinian proud that only makes us ignorants

    It was a beautiful surprise to coming here tonight after some time and finding the whole site translated to spanish, and an argentinian thread! Im glad to see other argies who knows this cult and its dangers. I tried to find argentinian anon activity before only getting to some forums in non anon related websites, with only one or two guys trying to start something, and a lot of stupid people saying “why we should care? their victims are crazy stupids...”, etc. Maybe cloaked scilons, but anyway, only a few anons. And even here, its great to see more argentinian anons, but I think (maybe im wrong) that we are still really a small bunch.

    That takes me to another subject: Sweet Lizzy, I watched your youtube video about Scientology in argentina, and I was disgusted to see so many people in that building, “raw meat”, potential new members or maybe members already, much more than the argentinian anons I found so far here and in other forums. That makes me wonder: Its really a good idea to protest the next march 15? What if we are only a very few (less than 10 for example, bear in mind that some maybe will be unable to make it that day or something, shit happens) agaisnt many more of them, even less than the poor innocent guys they offer a free personality/stress test and all that shit? One more thing to keep in mind: If we get some media coverage and we are evidently in numeric dissadvantage we will look ridiculous in our first “big” public try.

    Im not saying dont do it, im just saying that we are in obvious disadvantage, we are not organized, and sadly, in this very thread, I found something very “argentinian”: Some people are fighting between each other even before starting something... Thats why the left wing side political parties never last here, thats why we suffer political corruption domination here. And we, argentinians in general, use to think that we are smart asses, that we know more than everyone, that we can shit higher than where our asses are placed... and as a direct result of that we never get to be the country that most of us delusionally think we are.

    But I wont commit our most famous sin (to critizise without proposing anything), and I will humbly propose an idea that came to my mind yesterday: We can start not only giving flyiers, but making stickers and placing them in street lights poles, buildings, bus stops, etc. And something else, a little bigger. We can make what we call “pasacalles”, huge kinda flags tied high but visible from a side of the street to the other, to expose them in big without risk (because the ppl that makes them places them by themselves, and in fact I think I found people willing to do it, anonymously :D). Just Imagine: “Watch out parents! Dangerous cult here. Scientology destroys lives and disconnect families”, etc.

    Of course we can contact the media, all the different tv channels, radio stations, journalist that we can. At least a few will listen to us if we give them detailed (and I said “detailed”) info about the cult. And a few journalists will be better than a few of us, exposing ourselves and risking our identities before even knowing for sure how many we are.

    Congratulations to all of you, Argentinians and worldwide Anonymous, for the work, effort and commitment. You really inspired me since the beginning of 2008 and since then I`ve been researching about this bastard cult and getting lots of info, for what I thank you enourmously.

    And last but not least: My english is so good or bad as you can see, but my spanish its really good, so please feel free to send me whatever needs to be translated to spanish, Ill do it with huge delight my friends.

    PS: Lizzy sweetty, would you do me a lovely favour? Please tell me where can I get a V/Fawkes mask (by PM, just in case these bastards attacks the sellers place or something). Or if you ordered outside the country, via internet or something, please tell me where. TY!

    PS 2:: Send me the stuff needing spanish translation by PM in case I cant log in here very often and I miss something (ill try to stay up to date anyway as best as I can).

    PS 3: We can go and paint their walls at night, just “Sect”, “Cult” or “Scammers”, something short and fast to avoid getting arrested or something.

    Start shivering Scientologists, Anonymous is here to stay, and dismantle you fucking bastards.

  10. Petete Member

    Re: Argentina

    And now the previous post translated to spanish for the non english speaker fellas:
    Ahora la traduccion al español de mi anterior post para los amigos no anglo parlantes:

    Necesitamos concentrarnos en luchar contra la cienciologia en argentina, las otras sectas son mucho mas conocidas que ellos aquí. Ellos no son “solo una pequeña oficina”, tambien estan implmentando Narconon en San Isidro (busquen “Narconon Argentina” en Google) y estan en al menos una provincia (que no recuerdo ahora ni puedo encontrar ya que su buscador de locaciones no esta funcionando en este momento, jua, pero creo que era en Misiones). Estan oficialmente aceptados como religión por nuestro gobierno. No seran masivamente famosos aquí, pero no son para nada debiles, y lamentablemente se estan volviendo mas grandes y fuertes. Y tienen una carta extra para jugar y seducir gente: Estrellas de Hollywood. ¿Qué pasaria si empiezan a enganchar algunas de nuestras “celebridades” como miembros? Por favor, no subestimemos a esta secta… deshagámonos de nuestro estupido orgullo argentino que solo nos hace ignorantes.

    Fue una hermosa sorpresa entrar aquí esta noche después de algun tiempo y encontrar el sitio completamente traducido al español, y con un thread argentino! Estoy complacido de ver otros argies (o argentos si prefieren) que saben de esta secta y sus peligros. Trate de encontrar actividad de anonymous argentinos anteriormente solo llegando a algunos foros en websites no relacionados con anonymous, con solo uno o dos muchachos tratando de empezar algo, y un monton de gente estupida diciendo “¿Por qué deberiamos preocuparnos? Sus victimas son locos estupidos…”, etc. Quizas scilons disfrazados, pero de todas formas, solo unos pocos anons. E incluso aquí, es grandioso ver mas anons argentinos, pero pienso (quizas erróneamente), que somos solo una pequeña tribu.

    Eso me lleva a otro tema: Dulce Lizzy, vi tu video en youtube sobre cienciologia en argentina, y me asqueo ver tanta gente en ese edificio, lo que ellos llaman “raw meat”, potenciales nuevos miembros o quizas ya miembros, muchos mas que los anons que encontre hasta ahora aquí y en otros foros. Eso hace que me pregunte: ¿Es realmente una buena idea protestar el proximo 15 de marzo? ¿Qué pasaria si somos solo unos pocos (menos de 10 por ejemplo, tene en mente que quizas algunos no puedan concurrir ese dia o algo asi, cosas que pasan) contra muchos mas de ellos, incluso menos que los pobres inocentes a quienes les ofrecen un test de personalidad/stress gratuito y toda esa mierda? Una cosa mas para tener en mente: Si logramos cierta cobertura mediatica y estamos en evidente desventaja numerica luciremos ridiculos en nuestro primer “gran” intento.

    No estoy diciendo que no lo hagamos, solo digo que estamos en obvia desventaja, no estamos organizados, y tristemente, en este mismo thread, encontre algo muy “argentino”: Alguna gente esta empezando a pelear entre ellos aun antes de empezar algo… Por eso es que los partidos politicos de izquierda de aca nunca duran, por eso es que sufrimos la dominacion de la corrupción de nuestra clase politica. Y nosotros, los argentinos en general, solemos pensar que somos tan listos, que sabemos mas que todos, que podemos cagar mas alto que donde tenemos el culo… y como directo resultado de ello nunca llegamos a ser el pais que delirantemente creemos ser.

    Pero no voy a cometer nuestro mas famoso pecado (criticar sin proponer nada), y humildemente propondre una idea que vino a mi mente anoche: Podemos empezar no solo repartiendo volantes, sino haciendo autoadhesivos y poniendolos en postes de luz, edificios, paradas de colectivos, etc. Y algo mas, un poquito mas grande. Podemos hacer lo que llamamos “pasacalles”, esas especies de banderas gigantes atadas altas pero visibles de un lado a otro de la calle, para exponerlos sin riesgo (ya que la gente que los fabrica se encarga de colocarlos, y de hecho encontre gente dispuesta a hacerlo, anónimamente :D ). Solo imaginen “¡Cuidado padres! Secta peligrosa aquí. Cienciologia destruye vidas y separa familias”, etc.

    Por supuesto podemos contactar a los medios, todos los diferentes canales de tv, estaciones de radio y periodistas que podamos. Al menos unos pocos nos escucharan si les damos información detallada (y dije “detallada”) sobre la secta. Y unos pocos periodistas seran mejor que unos pocos de nosotros, exponiendonos y arriesgando nuestras identidades antes de saber seguro cuantos somos.

    Felicitaciones a todos ustedes, Argentinos y Anonimos del mundo, por el trabajo, esfuerzo, dedicacion y compromiso. Realmente me inspiraron desde principios del 2008 y desde entonces he investigado sobre esta secta bastarda y obteniendo montones de información, lo cual les agradezco enormemente.

    Y terminando: Mi ingles es tan bueno o malo como pueden ver, pero mi español es realmente bueno, asi que por favor sientanse libres de mandarme lo que sea que necesite ser traducido al español, lo hare con enorme placer amigos mios.

    PD: Lizzy dulce, ¿me harias un adorable favor? Por favor decime donde puedo conseguir una mascara de V/Fawkes (por mensaje privado en caso de que esos bastardos ataquen el lugar de venta o algo). O si la pediste afuera por Internet o algo, por favor decime donde. ¡Gracias!

    PD 2: Mandenme el material que necesite traducción por mensaje privado en caso de que no me entre al sitio muy seguido y me pierda algo. (tratare de estar actualizado lo mejor que pueda de todas formas).

    PD 3: Podemos pintar sus paredes de noche, solo “Secta” o “Estafadores”, algo corto y rapido para evitar ser arrestados o algo.

    Empiecen a temblar Cienciologos, Anonymous esta aquí para quedarse, y desmantelarlos putos bastardos.

  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Argentina

    Numbers shouldn't be a concern - even a few Anons can be incredibly effective.

    I don't think you should vandalise their walls with paint - maybe chalk the pavement instead?
  12. 33755 Member

    Re: Argentina

    I have a friend who lives in Provincia de Salta and I watch the Argentina threads so I can alert my friend to any activity in that area. He says that just a few Anonymous can be very effective against Scientology because people in Buenos Aires can be mean - very mean - and can run those bastards out of town.

    Go Anon de Argentina!!!!!
  13. Petete Member

    Re: Argentina

    Is less Vandalism painting their pavement? Ok, lets do that instead then, is ok for me
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Argentina

    Hope to see some more Argentinean action!

    Don't forget to take pictures + video and share it with us!

  15. Math Member

    Re: Argentina

    Forzaaaaaa hermanos
    Chalk the streets isn't a crime, water can solve the whole problem
    But you can't chalk the pavement without permission of the house's owner

    Another idea is using Ca(OH)2 (Calcium hydroxide) to paint the street, but the paint will remain for several days
  16. none given Member

    Re: Argentina

    Good luck and Xenu speed Argentina Anons.

    And yeah, one anon can close down an org.
  17. Drunk Member

    Re: Argentina

    No estoy en Argentina, pero cuenten conmigo. Estare borracho pero ayudare en lo que pueda. ;)

    Los Anon Hispanos estamos unidos. ;)
  18. Petete Member

    Re: Argentina

    Cmon people... So far as I know we dont even have a date set yet for the protest and the time is near... It would be cool if all the argentinian anons show some more activity here these days... Dont fall asleep.

    Vamos gente... Por lo que se no tenemos ni una fecha definida todavia para la protesta y el momento esta cerca... Estaria bueno si los anons argentinos mostraran un poco mas de actividad estos dias... no se duerman.
  19. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Argentina

    I think that almost everyone here understands English, so maybe we can just write in English so that those who doesn't speak Spanish can read. And if anyone would like to have something trasnlated, we do it. Just a thought.

    I think we shoud definitively get ready for the protest.
    Most people are thinking about 14 th, some other about 13 (taking into account it will be Friday 13).

    I think that it is better to do it on a Saturday afternoon because there will be a lot of people around the area, since I believe the universities there are open, and most people don't work, so they will be around, shopping or whatever... they will be leisurely walking around and if you have nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon and you go and take a stroll... then it's likely that you will want to know what a group of crazy people are doing dancing, and jumping and saying that whatever is inside that building is a CULT.

    Now... truly... if THAT is not epic I don't know what is.
    Argentina's flags... soccer fans can bring their "camisetas"... come on... let's rock it on the 14th!!!

    Bring cameras!!!!!
    And cake.

    Podríamos reemplazar las tortas por alfajores no?
    Lo hacemos a lo criollo.

    ANONYMOUS ARGENTINA le va a mostrar al mundo cómo hacemos la cosas los porteños CARAJO!!!!

    Si alguien conoce una murga que quiera venir a tocar de onda, los traen!
    Es una orden!!

    Ahí sí que la rompemos... una murga, consigamos una murga!!!

  20. Shinythings Member

    Re: Argentina

    Posting now in possible epic thread!

    Make it happen Argentina Anons!
  21. Math Member

    Re: Argentina

    It will be epic cause this will be the first big Anon protest in Latin America
    I'm planning some stuff in my university, I'll be putting posters and dropping flyers to my friends the whole week.
    It's very hard to do it alone, but it isn't impossible, so that's my motivation

    I hope everybody on 14th FEV rock with us!
  22. Anonymous Member

  23. Petete Member

    Re: Argentina

    It will be, my friend, indeed. I started designing the first of a series of flyiers today, and with lizzy we planned many things last night. Btw, last year, before contacting any argentinian anons, I talked with some catholic activist group (wich name i wont give for obvious reasons), to alert them about the scilons and their beliefs about Jesus being a pedophile, the false religious memory implants and that, and they went crazy. Im planning to call them tomorrow with more and new info, to try to recruit them or at least to gathering forces for the next or future protests. And believe me, If they come, they will be many, and they are kinda hardcore fanatics, so they will be like the cavalry for us. I hope to make it. Wish me luck, and keep sharing ideas, you are the bearers of the flame we follow, you are our example and inspiration. Thank you for all your moral support.

    Sera epico, amigo, asi sera. Hoy empece a diseñar el primero de una serie de volantes, y con Lizzy planeamos muchas cosas anoche. Por cierto, el año pasado, antes de entrar en contacto con anons argentinos, hable con cierto grupo activista catolico (cuyo nombre no dare por obvias razones) para alertarlos sobre las creencias scientologas de que Jesus era un pedofilo, los implantes de falsos recuerdos religiosos y eso, y se volvieron locos. Estoy planeando hablarles mañana con mas y nueva informacion para tratar de reclutarlos o al menos juntar fuerzas para la proxima o futuras protestas. Y creeme, si vienen, seran muchos, y son algo asi como fanaticos extremos, asi que seran como la caballeria para nosotros. Espero conseguirlo. Deseenme suerte. Y sigan compartiendo ideas, que ustedes son los portadores de la llama que nosotros seguimos, son nuestro ejemplo e inspiracion. Gracias por todo su apoyo moral
  24. Petete Member

  25. Petete Member

    Re: Argentina

    I PMd all of the guys from the old thread, but most of them are inactive since last year... Maybe some of you can do the same in other forums? It would be cool to get some help with that, they seemed to be passionate, and they can help us increasing our numbers...
    Someone please try to contact them, I saw zambanon in other forums. I will go back to the flyiers for now

    Mande mensajes privados a todos los del viejo thread, pero la mayoria esta inactivo desde el año pasado... Quizas alguno de ustedes puede hacer lo mismo en otros foros? Seria copado tener algo de ayuda con eso, ellos parecian apasionados y pueden ayudarnos a aumentar nuestro numero...
    Alguien por favor trate de contactarlos, vi a Zambanon en otros foros. Volvere a los volantes por ahora
  26. Lizzy0lizzard Member

  27. Ramona Member

    Re: Argentina

  28. Petete Member

    Re: Argentina

    Sos Argentina Ramona? ¿Venis a la protesta?
  29. Math Member

    Re: Argentina

    Nice Words Petete, I wish to our brothers in Argentina the best of luck
    I've tried to talk with other anons from brazil but nobody answered...

    Well, I know Argentina got CQC, the TV show, we got in Brazil too. I dont know in Argentina but here there's a place on CQC to protest about social problems.Well, can you imagine the impact if CQC or any other TV show/station could broadcast the protest against Scientology on Anonymous side??

    I know, the time's short for it, but it would an EPIC EPIC epic win!

    PS: I'm pretty sure more activists groups will join our side against scientology, specially catholics, 80+% of latin america is catholic.

    Buena suerte hermanos, siempre habrá una mano aquí para ayudarles
  30. LachendeMann Member

    Re: Argentina

    Sorry, there is no more CQC here :(

    People, let me inform you that the police is very present in the area, it would be, at least tricky to paint that fu%ing walls. Difficult, but "doable" :p

    i´ve the stencils already, lizzy knows

    Gente es jodido pintar la fachada, la policia esta muy presente en la zona, (no por ellos en particular) cuesta trabajo encontrar una ventana de tiempo en la que no pasen patrulleros, tambien suele haber un policia en sta Fe,...lo cual no os preocupa ya sabemos que no se puede mover de ahí.

    Es dificil pero realizable, necesitamos algunos haciendo de campana. el sabado si quieren lo hablamos yo voy con gente y ya tenemos estudiada la cosa (tal vez sobre-estudiada je je)
  31. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Argentina

    Super, sigamos los detalles por MP o por mails así no develamos nuestros movimientos demasiado.

    Let's move over to PM and mails so we don't alert Scilons about our intentions and so on.

    Si nos juntamos en la plaza a las 15 hs antes de movernos podemos ver qué estrategias usar según la situación. Me parece que no es una buena idea dar demasiados detalles acá.

    Let's gather at the park and discuss about the strategy according to the situation. I don't think it's a good idea to givo too many details here.

    Good job LachendeMann
  32. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Argentina

  33. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Argentina

    One more thing, please let all be very careful about police and stuff.
    We know they are not very "gentle" here and they will kick our asses if they wish to do it and take us to jail just for the fun of it.
    Police here is known to trample over our rights and any excuse is good for them.


    Una cosa más, por favor todos los que vayan tengan mucho cuidado con la policía y figuras de autoridad.
    Sabemos que no son personas muy gentiles y que nos van a sacar a patadas en el orto si quieren y hasta llevarnos a alguna comisaria sólo para hacernos pasar un mal rato.
    Sabemos que acá la policía no respeta ningún derecho de nadie y buscan cualquier excusa para abusarse.
    No se las demos.

  34. Drunk Member

    Re: Argentina

    Argentina todos los hispanos contamos con ustedes. !!
  35. LachendeMann Member

    Re: Argentina

    jeje petete wants to bring some catholics in.

    ....mmmm nice, Ok! I will do my best to make them feel most wellcome

    You don´t mess with catholics!

    [SPOILER] Alexander01.jpg?t=1236801137.jpg [/SPOILER]

  36. Petete Member

    Re: Argentina

    Ty Math for your support, CQC didnt started its new season here yet, and it will have some changes, so not sure about that section. But its a good idea. Im planning to call some media if I confirm some numbers of ppl going, but the time its short as you said, anyway, we are just starting, so we can do it next time.
    Lizzy, It wasnt at 14 hs? Anyway, ill be there, and I think with some people... Im on it.
    Lachendemann, I like you and your ideas:D
    Cya all soon!
  37. Petete Member

    Re: Argentina

    Hey everybody, I tried to reach Lizzy all day yesterday without luck, because since the beginning of the argentinian threads we agreed to meet at 14 hs (2 PM) but she posted 15 hs now (3 PM). Now she emailed me asking me to decide and fix it...
    All I can do is to say "Lets vote", thinking that it will be bad that some ppl will arrive 2pm to ayacucho and others at 3 pm to the park to start the arrangements...
    We could avoid this with a lil bit more of chat, less unnecesary hurry and more time, thats my opinion...
    Lets hope everything is gonna be alright, but yeah, im kinda frustrated and angry... enturbulated?

    Hola a todos. Trate de ubicar a Lizzy todo el dia de ayer sin suerte, porque desde el comienzo de los threads argentinos acordamos juntarnos a las 14 hs (2 PM), pero ella posteo 15 hs ahora (2 PM). Ahora ella me maileo pidiendome decidir y arreglarlo.
    Todo lo que puedo hacer es decir "votemos", pensando que seria malo que alguna gente llegue a las 2 pm a Ayacucho y otros a las 3 pm a la plaza para empezar a hacer los preparativos...
    Pudimos haber evitado esto con un poco mas de charla, menos apuro innecesario y mas tiempo, esa es mi opinion...
    Esperemos que todo vaya a salir bien, pero si, digamos que estoy frustrado y enojado... ¿Enturbulado?
  38. Petete Member

    Re: Argentina

    I vote 14 hs (2 PM) in Ayacucho 1050 as we planned since weeks ago to avoid more inconveniences, confusions and troubles. Now you shout your vote ladies and gentlemen.

    Yo voto 14 hs (2 PM) en Ayacucho 1050 como planeamos desde hace semanas, para evitar mas inconvenientes, confusiones y problemas. Ahora ustedes griten su voto damas y caballeros
  39. LachendeMann Member

    Re: Argentina

    ok 14 hs, but in plaza Hussey please!!!, DO NOT GO TO FU%&G CHURCH DIRECTLY!

    LET´S GET ALL TOGETHER IN PLAZA HUSSEY (You will recognize each other easily, trust me)




    COnfien que se van a reconocer facilmente unos a los otros (y no enfrente de los Scions!! por favor!)
  40. Petete Member

    Re: Argentina

    Alrighty, its a deal. Ill go with a friend that I introduced to the cause, 200 pages of info to give away to the public, a sign (If I finish it), and a beautiful surprise that I will tell you about tomorrow to avoid making OSA`s work easier before time :D

    We are gonna Party hard!

    Esta bien, es un trato. Ire con un amigo al que introduje a la causa, 200 paginas de informacion para dar al publico, un cartel (si lo termino), y una hermosa sorpresa de la cual les contare mañana para evitar hacerles el trabajo facil a los de la OSA de antemano :D

    ¡Vamos a celebrar duro!
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