Armstrong YouTube take down

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Intelligence Member

    I ONLY want to know the TRUTH, as most of us do. In reviewing many hours of videos yesterday and dox available on the Net, credibility raises it's head to me. In one interview with Nightline, Marty was asked by interviewer "Are you lying now... OR before", concerning DM beating staff. Marty replied "before" (paraphrased) - - - Marty admitted to lying in the past to the Reporter in a very serious allegation of "assaulting" staff. - - Still Digging - - ♥♥♥

    To my knowledge, I have not heard of ANY lies by Gerry Armstrong, nor could I find any evidence online.

    On the other hand, Marty Rathbun is an admitted liar.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Liars hate those who tell the truth, and will smear the truthtellers at every opportunity.
    This is just one example of such.
    Rathbun and Rinder are consummate, trained, and experienced liars.
    Thoess should have done his homework better.
    Gerry has damaged the cult in ways they can NEVER repair, and for this he is to be lauded, regardless of his personal foibles (which do not include lying).

    TL;DR: What David said^
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  3. Intelligence Member

    Marty will blame many others, but NOT take resposibilty himself. He even BLAMED the high alcohol content of the booze that ended him up in jail - - rather than just admit he drank too much, made an ass of himself - - then he scrambled with his nattering in his pathetic Blog, to "HANDLE" and cover his ass.
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  4. Prove it, raid the motherfucker
  5. (wishing Mr. Love going after Mr. Rathbun!!, please please please!!!!)
  6. Anonymous Member

    Whatever you say DM.
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  7. Intelligence Member

    :cool: I think Rathbun is doing a fine job of EXPOSING himself - all by himself :rolleyes:

  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    After we've levelled Scientology proper, but not until. Be patient, Grasshopper.
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  10. Intelligence Member

  11. Clamosaurus Member

    Yes, well, no amount of begging from a Journo would have me take this^ down.

    Should Rinder dead agenting people be allowed to go unfetted?
    How did the film maker think Gerry would react to someone calling him a liar and a kook to be discounted by default?
    Same with Graham?

    *insert On Control and Lying AKA Technique88 Sacrement *
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  12. jensting Member

    What is a joke is OSA's religious belief that if they can only find the way to divide the enemy the COB will be triumphant!

    Little do they realise that we're only programmed by our Marcabian overlords to appear to be disorganised and rife with conflict - in reality, we're like drones of the Borg and have zero divisions. OSA will never find a real conflict between its enemies because there are no individual enemies, they're all the same - like drones.


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  13. jensting Member

    I'm sure Gerry's lawyer knows where to fine Mike. But I see you're a higher authority
    Ehrm, the film make did NOT put this in the documentary, right?

    Should he have not included Mike at all because Mike said something that was stupid? I think that's his choice, not mine, not yours.
  14. Clamosaurus Member

    Shit Jens, far from it. Times have certainly changed with the spoken word and video.
    Mike's the one with the authorehtare. You know better than most that it's open slather on an enemy of hubbard. They'de have a bullet in you as quick as Gerry (and countless others) if they could (or have gotten) get away with it
    And he didn't say what Gerry had couldn't go up, just not before the stated date by the Journo, yes?

    It's pretty hard to gather how another should react. Factoring in all the periphery and history I'm not surprised Gerry reacted the way he did. It's easy to call others mental when it comes to the need to discount a persons account of things by default.
    This^ is what Hubbardites must do

    Mike only has one intention with regard to the subject of Gerry...discredit him at any and every opportunity. One people Google Armstrong's name, M&M know they are royally screwed with cult testimony from decades back
    /chior preach
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  15. JohnnyRUClear Member

    My current browser has opted to stop putting any buttons on these pages, so I have to quote this to agree with it -- which I very much do. This is the most important part of the scene right now where the MRs are concerned. They are massively out ethics (per reality, not per Hubbard!) when it comes to Gerry and other OGs.
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  16. Intelligence Member

    Published on Jun 21, 2012 by Intelligenceplus
    June 21, 2012 - American Judge states Scientology is "Schizophrenic, bizaar, paranoid, harassing, and abuses it's members. Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun admit to lying, then telling the truth - credibility issues abound. The tide appears to be turning with many high ranking cult members speaking out and giving media interviews.

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  17. [IMG]
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  18. Tourniquet Member

    Yums! Do it taste liek Thetans? :p
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  19. Stealth Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

    It is curious that Rathbun and Rinder, pre Internet, in 1984, both played the role of anti-Miscavige pro-Scientology "loyalists," all while being directed by David Miscavige.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Is there an anecdote attached to this tidbit?
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  22. From a declaration Gerry wrote about the Loyalist Op:

    The illegal videos:
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  23. The clusters do.;) Here's Ilse Hruby's most excellent recipe.
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  24. Thanks Anonymous! It makes me happy and glad to hear the site helped.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    More wall of text Gerry ARmstrong butt-hurt. Bored.
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  26. Great job getting that back up on youtube.
    Censorship and coverups are indispensable when it comes to promoting all things Hubbard. I'm very grateful for those who have the intelligence and attention spans necessary to fight all the scientology liars. like that fucking douche Mike Rinder.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Is that the highest tone level you can muster, OSA?
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Bored? Then GTFO!
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  29. muldrake Member

    Frankly, Rinder is partly correct. Gerry Armstrong is a fruitcake. However, he has had serious crimes committed against him by cultists including Rinder himself. Rinder has personally committed felonies against him.

    While I am no fan of Armstrong, Rinder is in no position at all to criticize him. To say that Rinder is, himself a "bit of a fruitcake" would be the understatement of the century. Rinder here exemplifies the problem sane people should have with both Rathbun and Rinder. They continue to belittle and revile the very people against whom they committed horrible crimes for the cult.

    Even as no fan at all of Armstrong, he deserves a whole hell of a lot better than this bullshit from this cultist. At the very least, these shitwads, who spent decades committing crimes against people who did nothing but criticize their cult, owe their victims a goddamn apology and to tell the truth about what crimes they committed against them.

    There are few people who have been attacked as viciously or criminally as Armstrong was by this putrid cult. Rinder is in no position to attack his victim, again, as he criminally attacked him in the past.
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  30. you're a fruitcake. ;)

    Armstrong is honest. That's what matters.

    rathbum and rinder never overcame the dishonesty and greed that goes with hubbard.
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  31. Tourniquet Member

    Rinder has shown little if any "ethics change". He's still covering his own ass, just not from Miscavige anymore.
    Unrepentant asshole.
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  32. DeathHamster Member

    At least the video is just Rinder's casual opinion while he was concentrating on driving. Every asshole has an opinion.

    More douchebaggious* is that the MRs seemed to want to organize Indies to not cooperate, with at least one person, that also had contact with Armstrong, unless their minor butthurt was soothed. That sort of thing is eventually going to cause friction, sparks and heat.

    * Perfectly cromulent word.
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  33. It still amazes me that Rinder & Rathbun justify their continuous derision and criticism against Armstrong by claiming Armstrong is a 'sell out'. But.....didn't Debbie Cook also 'sell out'? Why does she escape their petty ad hominem attacks when she barely fought the fight and took a fishy Caribbean deal?
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  34. Tourniquet Member

    I'll take this one:

    Rinder and Rathbun are ex CMO, die-hard pro-Hubbard.

    Gerry revealed what a true douche Hubbard was to the world, including the "Admissions".
    Debbie revealed what a true douche Miscavige is to the world, including the $1B in the bank.
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  35. This may be true, but they'll never state it publicly and it is just one more layer of their obvious hypocrisy.
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  36. DeathHamster Member

    If Gerry is fruitcakey, a lot of the blame has to be the decades of pressure that Scientology Inc has put him under: Endless court cases, deception ops, surveillance, physical attacks... And Mike Rinder was in charge of much of that. Fuck you Mike, take some personal responsibility!
    (Actually I have to laugh at the baaaawing about Fair Game from the MRs. It's damned fluffy stuff compared to what other people have endured. Hell, CoS held a mock funeral procession down the main street of Nan McLean's home town. Suck it in wimps.)

    (Come to think of it, Rinder was baawing about interference with his employment. Yeah? Well that happened to me too ... while you were in charge of OSA, Mike, pal. My sympathy meter is pegged in the negative.)
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Both Rinder and Rathbun are way overdue for a good skull-fucking.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Good, we've just about worn-out the skull of L. Ron Hubbard.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Dear Muldrake, kindly GTFO with that shit.

    I know what a moonbat ex-member looks and sounds like. Hell, I could start a collection of pics of such moonbats that I’ve met personally. At the Dublin Offlines conference I got to meet Gerry in person and we had long discussions over a number days during his time over here. You can certainly tell the guy has been royally put through the ringer, and that’s understandable, but never once did I get the fruitcake vibe from him – and when you consider that the dude was highly exhausted some of the times we talked that says something.

    In my experience moonbats and fruitcakes just cannot keep up conversation for any length of time before the nuttiness slips through. Not once in the whole time Gerry was here was there any sign of fruitcakeness.

    TL;DR: Gerry isn’t a fruitcake.
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  40. DeathHamster Member


    And that...

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