Arnaud Palisson vindicated by Scientology's fraud conviction in France

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by mnql1, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. mnql1 Member

    Arnaud Palisson, a police officer who monitored cults for France's domestic intelligence agency, obtained a Doctor of Law degree in 2002 and the subject of his doctoral thesis was how the Church of Scientology violates the law. After the thesis was posted on the internet, Scientology and its lawyers complained to the French government, and Palisson's superiors eventually ordered him to remove the thesis or face reassignment. Palisson refused to take the thesis offline and he later relocated to Canada, where he currently lives.

    In a February 7, 2012 blog post, Arnaud Palisson writes that the Paris court of appeal's February 2 decision confirming Scientology's organized fraud conviction vindicates the stand he took ten years ago. Here is a translation:

    10 ans après, ma thèse sur la Scientologie est confirmée par la Cour d’appel de Paris
    ou La revanche du paria du renseignement sur la haute administration française

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  2. mnql1 Member

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  3. Awesome report, mnql1! Thank you!

    Wow! What a lesson, about staying-on-target!!!
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  4. Intelligence Member

    I read his Thesis some time ago - - it's AWESONE!!!

    Hope to use it in Canada?

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  5. Intelligence Member

    Thanks mnql1 - - this is a beautiful thing, especially in the hands of our Canadian Government
    agencies now investigating our Cases.

    Thank you so much for this :)

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  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. Intelligence Member

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  8. Intelligence Member

  9. mnql1 Member

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  10. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Nice. Seems to be 2002, not 1982.
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  11. Intelligence Member

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  12. Oh yeah!
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  13. Stealth Member

    Bastards!!! Time to begin "Revoking" their COS <***Vomit-Puke***> Tax Exemptions and Charitable Status, huh'? Their "Game" is so outdated and stuck/frozen in Rons <***Vomit-Puke***> "Pinks N' Grays" delusions,
    that they live and operate in a "Space-Opera" Odyssey of no return to reality.
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  14. Stealth Member

    [IMG] acsajo.gif
  15. grebe Member

  16. Albion Member

    He published a book (in French) which is a more digestible version of
    the thesis: 264 pages instead of a 700-page thesis.

    Copies of Grande Enquête sur la Scientologie: Une secte hors la loi
    (Favre, Paris, 2003) appear to be rare at the moment and selling at
    a premium.

    A search at produced one available for 140 euros. There are
    three for sale at between 58 qnd 75 dollars.
    So if you read French, snap them up now.

    Given that he showed the way to go for a successful prosecution of the movement,
    perhaps now might be a good time for a reprint.

    Jonny Jacobsen

    PS I mention the Palission affair in passing in my review of Emmanuel
    Fansten's book on Scientology, here.
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  17. unex Member

    Hope Arnaud's thesis gets translated into English, it should be interesting reading. PLUS - it could get plastered all around the Internet! :)
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  18. Anonymous Member

    What's the best English translation of that book title?
  19. mnql1 Member

    Arnaud Palisson's book has not yet been translated, but a non-official translation of the original French title (Grande enquête sur la Scientologie: une secte hors la loi) might be something like "A Comprehensive Investigation into Scientology: An Outlaw Cult".
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  20. anon4eva Member

    Me too, I actually did an awesome power point presentation for the Eastern Psychological Association, and got a lot of factual information from that delicately written thesis...wish I could find it!!
  21. mnql1 Member

    In Paris on May 2, 2012, Scientology issued a press release alleging that former police officer Arnaud Palisson gave a training seminar in 2002 that biased the judges who investigated the organized fraud case for which Scientology's conviction was upheld by the Paris court of appeal on February 2, 2012. The press release was published on the day Scientologists held a demonstration outside the National Magistrates School. The remarks about Arnaud Palisson drew upon a blog article he posted on February 7, 2012. Arnaud Palisson commented on Scientology's May 2 press release on May 8, 2012. Here is an unofficial translation:

    Un vice de procédure via ce blogue ? L’Église de scientologie parisienne aura vraiment tout essayé…
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  22. mnql1 Member

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  23. mnql1 Member

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  24. Anonymous Member

    what a bunch of morons
    they try so hard but their ship is drowning ......
    in 2022
    "do you remember scientology ?"
  25. Anonymous Member

    What a great man! Let's invite Arnaud Palisson to the Dublin megaraid!
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  26. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ This!
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  27. anon walker Moderator

    The lies never stop. Scientologists are quite used to having their lies taken at face value by trusting people. It's about friggin time people start tearing apart their assertions and nailing the results to the internet's door.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Arnaud Palisson is on facebook if anyone wants to contact him directly
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  29. pedrofcuk Member

    I have sent Arnaud an invitation to Dublin.
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  30. They'll be remembered as a footnote when historians come to write about the evolution of Internet Activism.

    It's worked pretty well for us so far...
  31. jensting Member

    Don't be so hard on French OSA. They know full well that their press releases are bogus and will not be taken seriously by anyone.

    However, the real audience is David Miscavige. After he comes up with the brilliant idea, it's up to French OSA to write press release. After that, if anything bad happens to the cult in France, it's the fault of French OSA. If anything bad fails to happen it's to the credit of the COB.

    Simple, really.

    Best Regards

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  32. pedrofcuk Member

    Hi Pete,
    Thanks for this invitation and your interest in my works.
    Unfortunately, I don't have the opportunity to travel abroad for the coming months.
    So sorry. It would have been interesting.

    I spent a few weeks in Dublin almost thirty years ago. I really enjoyed the city.

    Kind Regards.

    Arnaud Palisson
  33. Anonymous Member

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  34. Albion Member

    Just posted a report on Scientology's attack on Palisson
    and his riposte. In the final section, I take the opportunity
    to report on on something that came up during the appeal trial
    but which I didn't have time to cover at the time: a curious attempt
    by Scientology to rewrite the history books in the Cordero affair,
    with a press release that perhaps reveals more than they intended.
    Jonny Jacobsen
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  35. Random guy Member

    Thank you for reporting this in a readable form (and in a language I can read :( )

    Whatever happened to the loose-fingered magistrate Marie-Paul Moracchini? I would believe missing key case-papers in several would have been detrimental to his job prospects?
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  36. Albion Member

    Her job prospects... (I know, these double-barreled first names are confusing).

    Moracchini was cleared of any wrongdoing by her professional body: I mentioned it
    in note 14 but perhaps it should be more prominent. A number of her fellow magistrates
    and lawyers spoke up in her defence, saying she was extremely dedicated, doing twice
    the work of some of her colleother magistrates. The Conseil supérieur de la magistrature
    (CSM) acknowledged this in its ruling. I didn't want to focus too much on
    Moracchini as it seems to me that the problem with this case was down to
    other factors -- though not everyone takes that view.

    While Moracchini took a very sceptical view of the cases filed against Scientology,
    going so far as to order psychiatric tests on some of the plaintiffs, that was her right,
    however misguided critics of the movement might find it.

    I can't help thinking that part of the row over Moracchini had to do with broader
    political battles going on over reform of the justice system: the independence of
    the investigating magistrate in France has been under attack for years now and
    these magistrates are rightly jealousof their ability to be able to handle a case
    without fear or favour.

    Moracchini's fierce reaction to criticism from the then justice minister Elisabeth Guigou,
    was a reaction not just to the attack on her professional reputation, but a rejection of
    what she saw as political meddling: quite understandable in that broader context. I think
    the independence of these investigating magistrates has to be defended whether or not one
    agrees with the line taken by individual magistrates in individual cases.

    But there remains the question of what happened to those missing files...
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  37. Albion Member

    Anon4eva: only just noticed your posting. Check the first footnote to my latest post and you'll find two separate links to Palisson's thesis there.
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  38. Albion Member

    Update: on reflection, since this is quite a long piece, I've split it into two,
    more manageable articles.
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  39. jensting Member

    And jolly awesome they are too.

    Best Regards


    PS: There' - still - something the matter with the link between the articles and the notes. In other articles they point to files on C:\, in this article they cause my computer to attempt to log in to blogspot which is not what I had in mind at that point. Sigh.
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  40. Albion Member

    Sorry: I'll sit down at some point to try to work out how to
    get the footnotes to function properly, but for the moment,
    I'm afraid you'll just have to scroll down.
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