Arrowhead - CARF Conflict of Interest - Corruption?

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Jul 17, 2012.

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    Hubbard implemented a policy of infiltrating $cientologists into positions within legitimate organizations, private, public, and governmental, to make things "go right" for $cientology when necessary.

    I believe when addiction was classed as a disease, and oversight/acceditation of rehabs was being discussed by the Feds, NarCONon/$cientology saw the writing on the wall and manged to follow Hubbard's directives and got their man in place with a legitimate organization, in this case Mr. McGregor at CARF, to make things "go right" when the time came. And he obviously did.

    I also believe CARF fell down in checking Mr. McGregor's background and bonafides before putting him in the position they did, but I don't believe CARF itself is corrupt.

    Since CARF has been a long time accreditation agency for occupational and physical rehab facilities, I decided to call a few in my local area and get their opinion of CARF. I talked with six facilities in my area, and all had a good opinion of CARF related to their work with occupational/physical rehab facilities. None had an opinion regarding CARF's ability to accreditate drug rehab facilities, since that's not their area of work, but most were surprised to hear they did.

    So, while I understand the frustration with what's going on with NarCONon, until there is actual evidence to the contrary, I think we need to be careful about implying CARF itself is corrupt. Even if an individual within CARF appears to have had a major conflict of interest involving the facility he was accreditating.

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  7. Anonymous Member

    How is CARF different from some self serving groups that give out some awards or accreditation? Say the Good House Seal is awarded by some for profit company, right? Some companies in the water purification industry got together and form some council and award some quality seals. The chairman's own company produce reverse osmosis system for $99.
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  9. Intelligence Member

    I could not agree more - - I know that CARF does some good work with Accredtiting rehabilitation and care centers other than NN AH. This is WHY I worded the Complaint Article VERY carefully and did NOT infer that CARF itself was corrupt:

    The issue is the infiltration by Scientology and CARF must recognize this and act accordingly or they can expect
    "Hell To Rain Down Upon Them" until they do.

    The Issue:

    I really am not concerned with CARF taking heat over the PR Campaign that is just beginning. I am concerned with Patient safety and well being and if CARF wants to retain the integrity that they now have with other than drug rehabilitation, such as NN AH, they had better get their head out of the sand fast because lives are at risk and I will NOT sit back and do nothing.

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  10. Intelligence Member

    This ^^^ is NOT "Rocket-Science" - - CARF has made it quite clear what is required
    to be Accredited and has similar requirements that the Quebec Certification Committee
    set forth, which NN TR failed over 50% - - AND was shut down for fear of Patient safety.

    I spent many hours reviewing the CARF PDF file Manual before writing Complaint Article.

    The intent and goal is to have NN AH closed before another patient dies.

    Quite frankly, I think the FBI and other State Politicians and Health Authorities in the USA
    should investigate forthwith and hold accountable those who infiltrated CARF.

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    CARF Conflict of Interest - Corruption?

    Also, you'll notice in the Thread Title "CARF Conflict of Interest" and the question mark (?)
    after "Corruption?"

    This ^^^ protects me in any law suit CARF may consider, but if they want a Court battle (which I doubt),
    let's fly at it and see how long they last on the "Debbie Cook" stand under oath - LOL :)

    I may receive a Demand Letter from their Law Firm - as I did from Heenan & Blaikie, threatening
    me with a Civil Law Suit for "Tarnishing Their Client's Reputation", but it will not hold water, considering
    there are countless websites already posting the same text that is contained in my Complaint Article.

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  12. Anonymous Member

    CARF does not prevent FRAUD!

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    CARF sounds like ISO. Anybody can get it, but in reality it means shit. IMO.
  14. BigBeard Member

    I agree CARF may have issues where drug rehabs are concerned, but I try to keep two things in mind:

    1. CARF didn't go looking to become an accreditation agency for drug rehabs, it was basically dumped on them.

    2. They haven't been doing the drug rehab side near as long as the occupational/physical rehab side. So they don't have the same level of expertise and trained personel in place, which I believe is in part how Mr. McGregor managed to integrate himself at the time.

    And in the interest of full disclosure, although I didn't know it at the time, I've been through a CARF accredited occupational/physical rehab program. Unlike NarCONon, this program was very up front about the odds of my regaining full functionality of my leg after an injury to my knee, and their charges were based on an individuals ability to pay. My family didn't have to take out a 2nd mortgage, and max their credit cards out to pay for their services.

    So yes, I am a bit hesitent about tarring and feathering the entire organization because one Cof$ slime ball managed to get on their payroll. It's not like it would be the first time Cof$ has pulled something like this, e.g., Operation Snow White.

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