Article on Scientology forced abortions removed from Catholic Stand website

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  1. Article on Scientology forced abortions removed from Catholic Stand website.

    Victoria Gisondi, the author of the Catholic Stand article "Scientology: The Church of Forced Abortion" reports on Twitter that the story has been removed from Catholic Stand:


    Going to the URL of the original article -- -- confirms the article has been removed.

    The article does, however, continue to appear in Google Cache:


    Ms. Gisondi further reports via Twitter:


    Full response letter:


    As indicated in Gisondi first screenshotted tweet, her article continues to be available.


    Priests for Life: Scientology: The Church of Forced Abortion – by Victoria Gisondi

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Scientology: The Church of Forced Abortion – by Victoria Gisondi

    December 29, 2016

    Fr. Frank


    Victoria Gisondi

    December 29, 2016

    A&E network just aired its fifth episode of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, an eight part documentary exposing the unbelievable institutional abuse of the Church of Scientology. Each episode has featured mind blowing personal accounts by former members of isolation, interrogation, forced captivity, separation from family members, money extortion and fraud. The church’s victims include the cult leader’s own father, Ron Miscavige.

    Perhaps the most mind blowing of all, are the reports of frequent use of coercion and intimidation to force couples to abort their children. The church’s Sea Organization, a high ranking level in the hierarchy of Scientology, depends on the heavy labor of its young members. Interestingly, the majority of these accounts happened to married teens- another strange characteristic of Scientology. Any interruptions to grueling work hours are resented and “discouraged”. Since Miscavige came on board, having children has been banned for Sea Org Members. The church has denied this claim.

    However, married couple Marc and Claire Headley told a different story. When Claire discovered she was pregnant at 19, she was isolated and separated from her husband. “Auditors” interrogated her for hours until they broke her down mentally. According to Headley, this is typical procedure for members of the elite Sea Organization. Children and families only get in the way of the mission of Scientology to “clear the planet”- whatever that means. Uncooperative Scientologists are labeled as “suppressive persons” and cut off from spouses and immediate family forever. Those who escape and are recaptured are assigned to years of hard labor and rationed food.

    There really wasn’t a choice for Claire. Her abortion was scheduled for her and she was back to work the following day. This happened a second time a few years later.
    A broken-hearted Claire tearfully shared her story saying, “Some wounds you can’t heal”. She counted how many women she personally knew who had been mandated to abort and said it was no less than fifty! One woman she knew had six abortions.

    Fed up with the abuse, the Headley’s narrowly escaped from the oppressive church but not before being followed, intimidated, and run off the road on a motorcycle.

    Incredibly, their story is not unique. A Google search for “scientology” and “abortion” will pull many results. In fact, The Tampa Bay Times ran a story in June of 2010 featuring similar accounts. A woman named Laura Dieckman, who testified in a deposition for a court case the Headleys brought against the church of Scientology, felt pressured as well. Laura DeCrescenzo, Sunny Pereira, and Samantha Domingo also claim they were pushed into abortions they didn’t want. The St Petersburg Times alleged more than a dozen more women who were forced into abortion.

    In a 1994 affidavit written by the late Mary Tabayoyon, an ex Scientologist whose son was forced to “disconnect” from her and her husband wrote,
    “I told the Medical Officer (Martine Collins) of my pregnancy. She immediately went into action to arrange for my abortion. She told me, that I would naturally be expected to pay for it myself, since it was considered Out Ethics to get pregnant. (Out Ethics in Scientology simply means your reasoning facilities are no longer thinking in a direction designed to promote Scientology and must be corrected)…A friend of mine, Betty Hardin, who works in the treasury division …told me that she used to transport the pregnant women at the base to Riverside, California for their abortions. For about a year, she transported women almost weekly to the Planned Parenthood Center, in Riverside, so that they could have their abortions and follow up check ups that were needed. She said it just became routine. Pregnant Sea Org members were sent to the Planned Parenthood Center to get their abortions. When they returned to the base they went to Ethics.”

    In yet another report, a documentary* titled Knowledge Report by ex Scientologist Mark Bunker, a security guard Gary Morehead recounted his story. As the head of security in desert compound in California, Morehead had the job of “persuading” girls to abort and he explained the various ways he would accomplish coercion.

    Each new episode of Remini’s docu-series further exposes abuses by the Church of Scientology. As I write this, three more episodes are scheduled to air.

    It sounds far-fetched to think that within our free and developed nation’s borders there exists a “church” of fear and coercion where women are mentally broken until they abort their own children. It sounds like the stuff of communist dictatorships; and some have called David Miscavige a dictator. The only thing worse than a church that is pro choice is a church that gives no choice.

    Mercifully, evil cannot remain hidden very long before light exposes it. Good for Leah Remini for having the courage to break away and expose this evil.

    Read the entire article by Victoria Gisondi:

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *



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  2. Incredulicide Member


    Too bad the bit they quote has the only error by Gisondi in an otherwise accurate article. She writes Laura Dieckman as not the same person as Laura DeCrescenzo.
  3. From Christian Daily

    Leah Remini docu-series reveals forced abortions by Church of Scientology
    Lorraine Caballero 09 January, 2017

    Link -

    Incidentally, Alexa ranks all 3 websites - and and - far higher than in terms of traffic and other analytics.
  4. I realize that it is crappy that CoS bawwing got a tiny publication to take down an article, but the fact that Christian Post decided to cover this means that the story will get to orders of magnitude more Christians than it ever would have with Catholic Stand. Two other Christian publications with much higher traffic covered forced abortions in Scientology reported by Leah's show, and Gisondi's article itself is still available at another Christian website, also with higher traffic than Catholic Stand. Just to put things in better perspective.

    Global rank - 12,783
    US rank - 4,769
    Sites linking in - 11,012
    Global rank - 145,552
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    Sites linking in - 594
    Global rank - 238,083
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    Sites linking in - 1,977
    Global rank - 494,234 (dead last)
    US rank - 175,900 (dead last)
    Sites linking in - 279 (also dead last)
  5. The Internet Member

    Melanie at Catholic Stand might have just said, "No wants Scientology legal attacks! Yikes!" That's what her email says when you read between the lines.

    I think it's lame for Melanie to pretend there's some ethical or spiritual motivation for cutting the article. "Everybody knows about Scientology so STFU" is provable bullshit and just makes Melanie look sketchy.

    Also, Catholics find Catholicism superior to disturbing cults like Scientology. Seems weird a Catholic would pretend otherwise. Is Melanie actually Catholic?
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  6. PJSmith, a representative of Priests for Life, has appeared on ESMB with the following message:


    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    We (Fr. Frank Pavone, Victoria Gisondi and myself) are from Priests for Life, Rachel’s Vineyard and Silent No More. We are pro life workers who recognize the lasting damage abortion has on women, but especially forced abortion. Priests for Life/ Silent No More/ Rachel’s Vineyard are part of an international ministry that offers healing after abortion for men and women through activism and through healing retreats.

    We are interested in offering healing and would like your help on the best way to reach them. If you know someone that needs help, please share the websites or contact me via private message.

    Also, our organizations have a wide enough platform where we could mobilize the public. We also have various access to media outlets and could continue to broadcast and interview victims of Scientology.

    We recognize that not everybody shares our convictions about abortion so we come, not as proselytizers, but as friends offering help and resources for those who choose it. Besides our desire to help any families who been victimized by forced abortions , we also share a commitment to help expose human rights violations and abuses committed by church of Scientology.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  7. On ESMB PJSmith posted a link to her article:

    Scientology: A Culture of Death

    The About and Social Media pages of her website reveal that PJSmith is Patti J. Smith. More information about her is available on her site.

    I'll also note that Victoria Gisondi, the author of the article referred to in the OP here, has also appeared on ESMB.
  8. From PJSmith on ESMB:

    * * * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * * * *

    The Gospel of Life on Radio Maria: FORCED ABORTION AND SCIENTOLOGY. Topic: Two former Scientologists will talk about forced abortion and intimidation inside the cult. Ask questions on the live show at 866-333-6279 (MARY) or email us ahead of time at
    Airing: Tuesday, February 7 at 6 p.m. ET and rebroadcast on Thursday, February 9 at 2 a.m. ET and Monday, February 13 at midnight ET (11 p.m. CT Sunday). Go to to listen online.

    * * * * * END QUOTATION * * * * *
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  9. Claire Headley is on the radio right now talking about forced abortions in Scientology:
  10. PODCAST: Karen de la Carriere and Claire Headley on Scientology and forced abortions.

    Karen is interviewed during the first half of the show. Claire is interviewed during the second half of the show.

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  11. Incredulicide Member

  12. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's another article from The Christian Post, published today:

    What Does Scientology Believe In?

    By Felix N. Codilla III, The Christian Post


    One of the most controversial cults that have emerged in recent times is Scientology. Its name is a misnomer as it suggests that its doctrines are based on scientific principles. Most of its followers have been lured into this idea but a quick glance at its basic teachings would reveal that the movement adheres to pseudoscience.

    It is not difficult to draw this conclusion especially when one discovers that its founder, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, was a science-fiction writer. Most of its doctrine comes from his teachings that have no scientific or historical basis. Hubbard died in 1986 and left the church operation to his assistant, David Miscavige.

    Scientology is the combination of the Latin word "Scio" which means "knowing in the full sense of the word" and the Greek word "logos" meaning "study of." Put together, the movement would mean "knowing how to know." Its beliefs are said to come from "all great religions" as early as 50,000 years ago.

    Scientology teaches about a hierarchy of gods that are more powerful one after the other. Followers believe in Jesus Christ but not His divinity. They recognize a spiritual being called "Thetan," which means "the source of all life or life itself." Its appeal lies on the promise of giving supernatural abilities to its adherents.

    Scientology teaches about "past lives," meaning it teaches reincarnation. This cycle of constant reincarnation goes on until the spirit attains perfection wherein the "aberrations" of the past lives are removed. Once achieved, the spirit graduates to heaven. One means to attain this is a process called "auditing" which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    There have been accusations that Scientology is just a money-making racket. In the financial policy of the church, Hubbard wrote: "MAKE MONEY, MAKE MORE MONEY, MAKE OTHERS PRODUCE SO AS TO MAKE MONEY." Its members are also made to sign "a one-billion-year pledge to symbolize their eternal commitment to the religion."


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