ASHO Leaks - Letters to ARC broken people

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by booski, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. booski Member

    A collection of Letters from ASHO trying to claw back members.

    It paints a grim picture.

    Zip file attached.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    These are unfuckingbelieveable.
    For the second time today, I am like wtf?
    Seriously creepy ass shit.
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  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    I lol'd. Enjoy.
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  5. booski Member

    Yeah super creepy that one!

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  6. wolfbane Member

    Whoa... 12 years offlines, 15 years offlines, mention of David Mayo!!!

    "WTF" does not do these letters justice. "Epic fucking desperation is epic" puts a small dent in what I'm struggling with.
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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. amaX Member

    It's hard to keep up with all the winning lulz gushing out of the imploding cult. Creepy and delicious.
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  9. mongrel Member

    The language in these seems a bit "off" from the usual scilon demands to continue the scam. Ronbots never admit that they might even possibly be wrong. So even asking the question "what's wrong with scientology" sounds like it's a fraud. Now, from time to time, scilons do mention prominent critics. But those mentions are never ever made unless it is immediately followed by squirrel, apostate, or something similar.

    tl'dr; smells like bullshit to me, but I could be wrong
  10. Anonymous Member

    Someone in another of the leaks threads says this is likely from "the firedragon?" Tampon spai?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Booski, are you Firedragon? Just askin
  12. booski Member

    Big Neg on that I am not the Firedragon.
  13. sallysock Member

  14. Anonymous Member

    Hmmmm . . . a Scilon letter to a disaffected Scilon asking about David Mayo . . . . very odd. Not sure if legit, but would to believe it. About the only thing I can think of which might make sense is if the person being contacted left in the 1980s and was known to, or suspected of, being in contact with the then Abilty Centre. Too tenuous?
  15. The Internet Member

  16. DeathHamster Member

    Charles obviously never heard of "i before e, except after c", or a spelling checker. (Using Clear Certainty, he probably jammed "recieved" into the checker's word list.)
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  17. Anonymous Member

    I agree - I call shenaningans.
  18. Anonymous Member

    I agree - I call shenanigans.
  19. anoninoob Member

    as I predicted though, as more and more people blow, the pool of qualified talent will shrink and it will be evidence in the quality of dissemination.

    Failing cult is failing.
  20. Anonymous Member

    I think you are missing the self-selection that went on here. The cult likely sends hundreds of letters like these, and the sample presented were only chosen because they were ‘interesting’. So over the course of hundreds of letters I can accept that there may be at least a few folks in there who went AAC back in the day, and that such would make its way into a letter like this. My $0.02.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    After following Firedragon's DRAMA over at ESMB and that German blog, and watching her YouTubes, I don't think she faked any evidence. She's a nutbag, but I just don't think she made this stuff up. I wondered how long it would take her dox to surface.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Maybe an all hands after hours special deal, write 20 letters before you can go home.
    The letters look to me like someone trying to find the right 'tone' on the tone scale for their communication.
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  23. ExBSO Member

    Just to call out the bullshit that is going on here. This is what a real ARC Break letter looks like:

    Hi Brent,

    How are you? I don't know that we ever met in person, but I am writing this to get out of Non-Existence with you as the new Field Control Secretary of Buffalo over Division 6C! I replaced June Dold, who has been promoted to the TTC and is training at Flag for Golden Age of Tech Phase II!
    Per HCO PL 26 Feb 1991 THE ORGANIZATION OF THE PUBLIC DIVISIONS, LRH states the purpose of Division 6C as follows:

    "Division 6C controls the field by running all kinds of groups and FSMs, staging events, handling PR and caring for the many aspects of keeping a field active and interested." -LRH

    I am here to ensure you are interested and active as a Scientologist, and I am excited to be working with you to help create a new civilization! One thing I need and want from you is to let me know you are an active Scientologist each week by no later than Wednesday night so I can report your activity on my "Active Scientologists" statistic. Being active means applying anything from the Scientology Volunteer Minister Handbook (such as study tech, assists, surveys per the Public Relations section of the book, an admin scale per the Targets & Goals section of the book, etc.) or being an active member of a field group or mission licensed to deliver tech from the 4th dynamic campaigns, Dianetics, etc. I don't have a cell phone that I use regularly, so the fastest way to let me know of your activity each week is by e-mail or calling into the org (716-856-3910).

    Another thing that's very much needed and wanted is to select people into the org for services and become an active FSM. It helps the individual to find the solutions to his difficulties, and it helps to expand the field and Scientology.

    Last, it is needed and wanted to everyone keep supporting the IAS by donating and increasing IAS statuses. The IAS is what keeps Scientology here, and we are the verge of turning this entire planet around for the good!

    Please let me know what is needed and wanted from me and I'll be glad to make it happen within the realm of my post. It's a pleasure to be getting out of Non-E with you and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Tiffany Scott, FCS Buffalo
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  24. ExBSO Member

    So if Buffalo is sending out letters like this, the you can believe that ASHO is not sending out that trash that she posted!
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  25. wolfbane Member

    Ohhh. My. Gawd. :eek:

    /SALUTE ExBSO for setting the record straight.

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  26. ExBSO Member

    This is now playing in my office...
  27. Anonymous Member

    I wrote hundreds of letters like those referenced, Not once did I write more than 4 lines or 1 paragraph. It may not have been a proper ARCX letter, but it was what was ordered. I don't remember any references, so shoot me. Verbal tech all the way.

    BTW, writing those letters was sheer torture. It was not something any of us liked doing.

    BSO's letter may be a 'proper' one, but I never wrote one like that, Ever, and I wrote well over 100 letters from Central Files while on staff.
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  28. ExBSO Member

    I just find it very odd that Buffalo is following the Tech but ASHO is not? I have HUNDREDS of letters from buffalo that are many paragraphs down to a two lines, but NEVER NEVER NEVER would they be anything but positive. The letters posted here are not what you would use to bring someone back up to 2.9-3.3

  29. ExBSO Member

    Here is another example...

    Dear Brent,
    I am concerned for you and not sure what is happening. I never heard back on the personality test and have not seen one returned here. Please let me know.
    Lynn Carrie
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  30. ExBSO Member

    Hi Brent,
    Boy, you are one hard person to get in touch with! I wanted to know about the promo that I sent you some months ago. How did it go? Do you need more? I would really like some feedback from you.
    I also wanted to invite you to the Buffalo Org for the LRH Birthday event on Sat March 24th at 6pm. The weather has been perfect for Winter, so maybe you could take a drive here for the event. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Gail Daitz
    FSM I/C
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  31. anonamus Member

    View attachment 207283

    David Miscavige: -30.0 Can't hide.
    L. Ron Hubbard: -40.0 Total failure.
    Anons: 20.0 Action.

    Nice chart ElRon, finally sth. useful from you.
  32. rickybobby Member

    Again, to back the point that these were selected leaks. I don't find it difficult to believe that the quality of these letters varies wildly based on who is doing the writing and under what circumstances, and that she chose the worst of the lot to photograph with her tampon-cam.

    However, I am a "never-in", so I certainly can't claim to be knowledgeable on the topic of ARC Break letters.
  33. ExBSO Member

    True, but she is full of shit IMO
  34. rickybobby Member

    Oh, please don't think anything I have said means I think she is in any way a stable individual.
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  35. ExBSO Member

    Ok,lol. Because then I would be worried about your stability too! lol
  36. Anonymous Member

    I could see both sides of it. In Buffalo there are fewer members, older and probably better educated staff and more time to write voluminous letters. At ASHO, there are more letters to write, less time to do it in, and a staff of uneducated second-gen some of whom might not even be out of their teens. Faced with say, pumping out 100 letters in a short period of time after having been up for 24 hours and fed only rice and beans, I'm sure one would go short and sweet.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    PS: Any exes receive any letters like this in the wild that we can compare?
  38. booski Member

    Having examined the other material this person provided I have no reason to doubt the authenticity . These are actually small fry compared to the wealth of other data. Some of which could turn out to be quite useful I can't elaborate on that, however the details of almost every public Scientology in LA would be an accurate statement for a start.

    Some will doubt they have a right to but me personally I have no reason to doubt it.
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  39. Anonymous Member

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