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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Xaarin Rybak, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Xaarin Rybak Member

    Must obey Admin...

    Okay, so I of course am still working on that book, but to pass the time, I thought I'd do something rather entertaining.(goes in character)

    Being that I am a former Galactic Confederacy Admiral and a current Marcabian Admiral(and sing that all Anons are really just Marcabian/GC Loyalist troopers unaware of their true selves, I have decided to inform the Anons of WWP through a question and answer thread.

    Things are simple. You ask me a question about the Galactic Confeseracy, the Marcab Confederacy, or any other galactic power mentioned in Elron's space opera stories, and I will tell you more about that(read: what Hubbard never told anyone).

    Shall we begin?
  2. Anonymous Member

    Best of luck with your Q & A.

    I would contribute if I could, but I have never read any of that stuff.

    I've only read The scientology Scriptures, which are now known by many to be pure Science Fiction (and very mediocre Sci-Fi, too).
  3. Sonichu Moderator

    Just when was the confederacy established? Any interesting stories from that?
  4. Xaarin Rybak Member

    Well... If you have any questions about a certain part of said scripture, eg. "Incident II", I would gladly be willing to elaborate on that.

    For example, the reason no radiation from the event exists now is because the nuclear weapons utilized were fusion bombs with a microfission igniter. The microfission igniter produced a lot of lingering radiation in the atmosphere of Teegeeack for several thousand years before dissipating. As such, there is no trace of the event occurring.
  5. Anonymous Member

    I want to know three things: Will there be sex, drugs and rock and roll?
  6. Anonymous Member

    I don't think this is a "will be" scenario. It's a "was" scenario. Once upon a time, 75,000,000 years ago...etc.
  7. Xaarin Rybak Member

    Response to Sonichu: good question.

    The Galactic Confederacy was established approximately 80 trillion years ago, far before I was born. Supposedly, the formation of a rudimentary government between the 21 star systems making up the Galactic Confederacy was the result of an Invader Force(the 2nd, I believe) attempting to conquer their sector of space. Utilizing crude yet efficient weapons such as nuclear-electric rocket-powered spacecraft, railguns, and fission bombs, the 21 planets succeeded in forcing the Invader Force back from this sector of space. These systems would eventually sign the Nevulon Treaty, laying a firm foundation for the Galactic Confederacy's government. The separation of legislative Nd executive branches, along with the churches and the military, would last up until my father's grand conspiracy.
  8. Xaarin Rybak Member

    Response to the silly Anon: No, yes(to a degree), and yes. Prostitution and whatnot were persecuted in the Galactic Confederacy prior to the takeover, and even afterwards, it was not supported. Drugs were there in minute quantities(mind-controlling medication required very small doses to be effective), and as for rock and roll: there was something similar to that, yes, though I was not a fan like some people. I heard after the cessation of hostilities that the loyal officer Mish was a rock and roll fan.
  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. Internetzin Member

    OP Are you okay in there?
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Should we tap on the glass covering what I assume is his brain?
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  12. Sonichu Moderator

    "Fascinating, Admiral."

    As we all know, Psychiatrists are a huge importance in Glorious Marcabia! Is there any interesting story with their rise to power?
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  13. Xaarin Rybak Member

    The primary reason for large levels of psychiatry is primarily the result of Xenu loyalists contributing to the original layout of the Marcab Confederacy. With a large amount of mental disorders existing in the general population, and with the Confederate Remnant lead by the Loyal Officers still in existence performing genetic experiments with stem cells from aborted embryos, it seemed only reasonable to treat their problems with psychiatry. As Scientologists feel that mellowing a person's brain with auditing is the answer, and since psychiatry is the complete opposite of brainwashing, they seek to destroy it.
  14. CarterUSP Member

    How many space planes (that resemble DC8s) were used during Incident 2? How many frozen beings were loaded in each one?
  15. Sonichu Moderator

    It seems to me then, that the story of the wall of fire and Xenu's coup, is almost like a smear story told by the OTs. In that case would you say you agree that Psychiatry is the preferred method of dealing with mental problems in the Confederacy?

    If that is true, does that mean that the Scientologists are in actuality breakaways from the confederacy and possibly even rebels? Such a relationship between the Sea Org and the the confederacy would be quite interesting. (if true, of course)
  16. Xaarin Rybak Member

    @Carter: Quick math. 178,000,000,000 people per planet x 75 planets x 200lbs average per person frozen in alcohol/glycol / 275,000lb gross carrying weight for a DC-8 style space plane = 9,709,090,910 planes. 275,000/200 = 1375 per plane, stacked neatly in rows inside the space planes.

    @Sonichu: Indeed it is, but as for Incident II being a smear story, that part is indeed true. Xenu did indeed commit mass genocide on Teegeeack. It's just that they don't want to focus on the terrible atrocities they themselves committed. As far as them being breakaways: yes. The Loyal Officers committed a revolt against the government they themselves elected to power. As the Sea Org, and thus, Scientology, is directly descended from the Loyal Officers and their post-revolt philosophy, they indeed have broken away from the legitimate Galactic Confederacy, though technically the Confederacy does not exist anymore.
  17. Random guy Member

    What's it called now then? Is it still a political unit, or has it descended into barbary as Lord Xeny foresaw what the rebels attacked?
  18. Anonymous Member

    Obscene dog incident, please. Dianetics is dog-shit, but WTF did LRH hope to achieve.
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  19. RightOn Member

    L Ron once said he was almost run over by a locomotive on the Van Allen Belt...
    what saved him? the tech?
  20. Xaarin Rybak Member

    @Random: The Galactic Confederacy slowly dissolved after the Loyal Officers took over due to an invasion of their space by the Maw Confederation. As such, the various star systems slowly broke apart into individually governed systems of 2-3 systems per power. The closest thing to the Galactic Confederacy as existed back then would be the Marcab Confederacy, founded by Xenu Loyalists. The closest thing to the Loyal Officer-held Confederacy is the Galactic Alliance Remnant, currently encompassing the spread-out star systems of Polaris, Regulus, and Sirius, with Coltice as its capital.

    @Anon: Obscene Dog Incident was well before the formulation of the Galactic Confederacy. I believe it was during the Arslychian era.

    @RightOn: Likely a shift in the radiation's intensity, or perhaps a drunk stunt pilot.
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  21. DodoTheLaser Member

    Is Xenu still trapped in the hole/mountain?
  22. Xaarin Rybak Member

    @Dodo: Nobody knows where the mountain is anymore, unfortunately, thus, we have no clue if he's there or not. It is possible he died and his soul inhabited another body, but I doubt it.
  23. DodoTheLaser Member

    Makes sense. Just like the rest of the story. Thanks.
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  24. Xaarin Rybak Member

    Anything to help the other Confederates out. GLORY MARCABIA!
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  25. Sonichu Moderator

    Glory Marcabia!

    So the incident is true, but as you say, psychiatrists of the old confederacy wielded considerable power. I guess what I'm asking is: How "right" was Xenu? We know he was overthrown by the Loyal Officers, (Modern Day Sea Org). But were they overthrowing Xenu for their own reasons, or had Xenu actually violated Confederate Law?

    As you respond later that the Loyalists are a different group, did they end up leading the confederacy for the rest of it's life until it was dissolved?

    I only ask because I enjoy the ironic idea of the loyalists leading the confederacy until it was dissolved, and they had to scatter. SPs always win!!
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  26. Posting in an Epic, Lulzy Thread! :)
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  27. DodoTheLaser Member

    Commodore is back as Admiral! I knew it will happen one day! GLORY MARCABIA!

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  28. Xaarin Rybak Member

    The answer to your question is a bit of both. Yes, he violated Confederate law, but the Loyal Officers/Sea Org wanted him gone as well for their own reasons.

    Indeed, the loyalists left the Galactic Confederacy, but I'll go more into that in the book. How ironic that the last truly elected Galactic Confederacy personnel were forced out by the people who would reform(and ultimately, shatter) the GC.
  29. anonamus Member

    Please, Let me answer that: The rail crossing's warning bell when the barrier went down saved the lucky mr. Hubbard.
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  30. Clusterdux Member

    The Confederacy obviously had ships capable of faster-then-light travel.
    Our Wog scientists say that being able to pull off FTL implies one can also time travel and have access to unlimited energy.
    I was wondering why there would be any need for any sort of conflict if such technology is available. If something doesn't suit you, why not create your own inhabitable planet anywhere you like and live like a god, right?

    Are our scientists covering up the truth about space travel or did lord Xenu somehow make it impossible to use this awesome technology to it's full potential?
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  31. Xaarin Rybak Member

    @Cluster: Contrary to popular belief, time travel and unlimited energy are not required for FTL travel. Confederate ships(and most starships in the universe) utilize a sort of dimensional drive to allow for FTL travel. This dimensional drive requires a lot of energy, but does not require an infinite power source. All that is required for FTL travel is a dimensional drive powerful enough to significantly distort space-time around the starship enough that a hole in the universe is created. The starship then travels until it opens another hole at where it wants to stop at. Certain areas of space(called nodes) have less gravitational force then the rest of the system, and allow a starship to travel a longer distance using less energy. A starship theoretically can travel to anywhere in a system from anywhere in another system, but the energy requirements are too great.

    As for scientists covering up the truth: I doubt they even know about this. My guess is that the guys at Area 51 have never managed to reverse-engineer a dimensional drive.
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  32. Ωmega Member

    Some say the correct translation is "Lunatic Officers".
    Others say its "Lunatic Officer Loyalists" or "LOL" for short.
    Which is correct?

    I think its "Lunatic Officer Loyalists" but Im no master in Semiotics.
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  33. Xaarin Rybak Member

    The correct translation is indeed Loyal Officers, but meh...

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  34. Ωmega Member

    I was referring to the rontards group. Is that what MARCAB is?
    This stuff is so confusing I'll just wait for the movie to come out. :eek:
  35. Xaarin Rybak Member

    The Marcabians are Anons/Xenu Loyalists. The Loyal Officers(read: Lunatic Officer Loyalists) are the Sea Org/Scientologists.
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  36. Archer Member

    Gay roleplay thread in my wwp?
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  37. Ωmega Member

    Sounds like the next "Nobel Prize for Literature" in the making :cool:
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  38. Mediocre? You're being generous. I've written better, and mine completely and utterly sucked. Knowing my limitations as a writer, I now dream of having the money to pay for the film rights to a book and pay a screenwriter to adapt it, then take that film to Park City, UT, for Sundance. I don't expect to see that happen any time soon.
  39. Did you say gay role play?

  40. Xaarin Rybak Member

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